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Publication numberUS82956 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 13, 1868
Publication numberUS 82956 A, US 82956A, US-A-82956, US82956 A, US82956A
InventorsA. Ives
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Improvement in expansive bits for wood-boring
US 82956 A
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Laim Patent No. 82,956, dem 00mm 13, 186s;

The Schedule referred to in these Lettere Patent and making part of the same.

Be it known that 1, W. A. IvEs, of New Haven, in the State of Connecticut, have invented anew and improved Mode of Constructing the Expansive Bit and Auger, and the following is a description thereof.

The improvement consists in the manner of constructing, as well as 'seeming and holding firmly in position, the adjustable cutter in the stock.

This is done by the groove B in the stock A, which receives the upper edge of the cutter C, and is Aheld irmly, and forced back therein, by means of a wedgingscrew, a, in the slot bin the cutter C. To seciue the cutter more rmly in any desirable position, I insert a set-screw up on the back of the stock A, which passes' through and upon the edge of the cutter C;

The cutter being held entirely by its upper edge and slot, admits of such an arrangement of its lower and cutting-edge as to do away with the necessity of any cutters upon the stock, the wood from the centre being all removed by the cutter'O, and all delivered .upon the front, by which a very great expense in the construction of the expansive bit is saved.

I claim the mode of holding in place the adjustable cutter C by its upper edge, by means of the groove B, the wedging-screw a, and slot I) in the cutter C, and set-screw (l, constructed and arranged substantially in the manner as above speciiied.v

I also claim the adjustable cutter, when constructed in such a manner as that all the Wood is removed Without the necessity of the'ordinary xed central cutters upon the stock, substantially as set forth.

v W. A. IVES. Witnesses:

EDWARD H. To'WNsEND, E. J. Ives.

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Cooperative ClassificationB23B51/05