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Publication numberUS830182 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 4, 1906
Filing dateAug 9, 1905
Priority dateAug 9, 1905
Publication numberUS 830182 A, US 830182A, US-A-830182, US830182 A, US830182A
InventorsSoren Robertson Skov
Original AssigneeSoren Robertson Skov
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US 830182 A
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PATENTED SEPT. 4:, 1906.




B f J (ad/Kw To all whom it may concern;

PATENT ent ies.


Specification of Letters Patent.

latented. Sept. 4; 1906.

Appl ic at ion filed August 9', 1905. Serial No. 273.370.

Be it known that I, SOREN Rommrsox SKOV, a citizen of the United States, -residing at Cleveland, in the county of Cuyahoga and State of Ohio, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Milk-Cans; and I do i declare that the following is a'full, clear, and exact description of the invention; which will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

My Invention relates'to improvements 1n milk-cans, and the invention consists in a milk-can provided with a separate and removable top portion. l

I As milk-cans are ordinarily 'madefthefy are made with'closed ends, exceptthat the top has a comparatively narrow neck in itscenter and top throughwhich the canisfilled and emptied and through which also the can has to be ihterniilly cleaned. Now it is wellknown that milk-cans as' such require the most diligent care at the best to'keep them sweet and to avoid'unhealthy conditions This is so universally true that in some places such cans are not [permitted to be reused without having been perfectly sterilized to f revent or destroy possible disease-germs his precaution may be profitably employed with cans of every sort and 'make, and whether for mere washing or for sterilizing the can the present invention is designed to,

- a side view, partly in sectional elevation, of a can provided with my improvements; and Fig. 2 is a vertical scctionrulf elevation of the top of the body andthe top of the can separated and a section of rubber gasket between them.

As thus shown the body B and thetop or cover C are two separate and distinct parts ada )tcd to work together with a ring-shaped rubber gasket G between them. To this end the said body has a concave channel b about its top, forming a seat for said gasket, and cover C has an outer con vex seat 0 about its side above its edge rclntivclv as shown, so as to leave a distinct closing portion 2 beneath said scat adapted to lit snugly within the top of the can-body and make a substantially close joint. To these ends the can-body is provided with a ring 3 about its top, having seat I) therein, and cover (I has a ring 4'abont its bottom portion having the convex and overhanging seating portion c and which rings, respectively, are shown herein as riveted- Thus also the can v permanently in position. and the cover are given permanent and rigid outlines ada ted to lit each other and not liable to be rent out of shape by handling.

it the foregoing features are clcarlyshown flaring or funnel-shaped mouth 6. Bcncath these the said top is prcl'crnblr dome shape. These parts thus constructed and cquipped and having the gasket (1 bctwccn them are designed'to be secured together during the use of the canand not to be scpnrnl li until the can has been returned for cleansing. The

remainder of the mechanism thcrci'orc rc-' latcs to the holding ol'said parts togcthcr and com i rises chiellyiivc dill'crcnt ])tl1t.'+\'lZ a brac 'ct 7 on'thecovcr and a brackct S on thc body beneath bracket 7, a link J to conncct said brackets, a carrier H) for said link, and a lock 12, aduptedto hold tho carrieraud'link in engaged position on the can. i show several of these mechanisms iii-Fig. l and niay use three or nuirc,'us shall be found ncccs Both brackets are permanently secured to the cover and body,rcspcctivcly, over rings 2 and 3, and link S) is permanently looped in lower-ln'acluits 8 and pivoted-in carrier l0, and loop 13 therefor in brackct 8 is p1n'poscl oblong, so as to provide for inorc or lcssplny up anddowi'i for said link. This is required to adjllst the partsto dill'crcnt thickncsscs of gasket and possibly to inccl. othcr condil ions. For this reason 1 placc a sci-screw I4 in bracket 8 over said loop orslot is to nll'oril more or less adjustincnt for said link. The upper bracket has a ronndcd soul 14 and a lip or 111,315 at its front with a lhn top and link-carrier 1.0, which opcrutcs measurably as a cam-lever and has a rounded cud adapted tobc turncd into mt 14 over point or lip 15, Fig. but the right. to cngiigc it in working osition. as anears ut the loft of Fi l.

'lhis'turning rearward oi the said carrier or lever 10 upon its scat cuuscs an upward pull on thc link because said link is pivoted to the carrier some distance above its lowcr cod, and the link is purposely so shortened. that considerable tension is exerted as the parts come to fastening position. This also throws the pull of link 9 inward past its engagement with the lower bracket, so that there is no natural tendency for it to come loose. However, I provide a lock 12 therefor and for the bracket having the form somewhat of a button adapted to rotate on its pivot and engage its end upon the point 15. This makes the engagement of the parts perfectly secure, and the cans can be handled as ordinarily without any danger of their cc ming open; but the cover or top also is easily removed, and it takes only a moment to release the engaging mechanism and lift off the cover. Thus there is the freest access to the interior of the can to cleanse the same and to expose it to the sun for drying, and'thus the labor of caring for cans is very materially diminished with greatly-improved conditions over the oldfashioned can. 7

While I have minutely described the mechanism for engaging the top temporarily with the bodyof the can, it is to be understood that any equivalent means for accomplishing this object may be used without departing from the spirit of the invention.

What I claim is- 1 1. The can-body having brackets outside at its top, and the cover having corresponding lateral projections above its seating por tion, in combination With coupling-links pivoted in said brackets and carriers for said links pivotally supported in the top thereof and adapted to be engaged over said lateral projections, and rotatable locks supported on said carriers and adapted to lock said carriers and links in engaged position.

2. The can-body and brackets outside at the top thereof, in combination withthe cancover, links and carriers therefor to lock said parts together, and set-screws in said brackets adapted to bear on said links and fix the working position thereof, said brackets having slotsin which said links are engaged and adapted to be adjusted. I

3. The can-body and the cover,in combination with links pivotally engagedwith said body, carriers for said links on the upper ends thereof, lateral projections at the bottom of said cover over which said carriers are 4 engaged in looking position, locks for said carriers pivoted. thereonand adapted to be rotated and'engage on said lateral projec tions and hold the links in engaged position, opposed channels in the top of the can and the bottom of the cover, respectively, and a flexible gasket therein to sea the can.

In testimony whereof I sign this specifieation in the presence of two witnesses.



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