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Publication numberUS830532 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 11, 1906
Filing dateDec 15, 1905
Priority dateDec 15, 1905
Publication numberUS 830532 A, US 830532A, US-A-830532, US830532 A, US830532A
InventorsJames Rozee
Original AssigneeJames Rozee
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Convertible table.
US 830532 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

PATENTED SEPT. 11, 1906.





PATENTED SEPT. 11, 1906.




.27km/026232? Jam Eg j Unirnn 2srA'rlazs' PATENT omen.,

i JMEs Rozen.

on YAaMoUTH, Nova` sco'rm, CANADA.

.- lczoN'vlslrrIBLla TABLE'. i

provision of a work-table so 4constructed that it may with ease and facility be transformed for use as a work-table, alap-board, askirtfitting appliance or measure, and an invalid l or. bedl table.'

To the end stated the invention consists in 'a convertible or transformable article constructed and having `the features and adaptability hereinafter described, reference belng had to the accompanying drawings to illustrate the same.

That which is regarded as'new will be set forth in the clauses of claimfappended to the description.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is 'a perspectiveof the article with its component parts adjusted to constitute a sewin table. Fig. 2`is. a side View, the. arts a justed to serve as a lap-board an as indicated in dotted lines, as a skirt-fittin appliance suited for short or childrens s 'rts. Fig. 3 isa perspective of the article adjusted to constitute a skirt-.litting appliance suitable for the fitting of long or adults skirts. Fig.

4 is a perspective of the article with the parts disposed to constitute an invalid or bed table, and Fig.'5 is a detail section illustrating the connection of the table-top or platform.

elementof the article with the supporting-legs therefor.

' In the said drawings, the reference-numeral 1 designates the table-top or platform element 'f of the article, which is brad and relatively thm and has a smooth flat continuous surface intended and adapted to efiiciently support work when adjusted as a sewing-table or lap-board, or writing materials or meal service when used as abed-table. The surface of the 'table-top or platform may be and as shown preferably is provided with a rule and scale At the corners the table-top or platform 1s rovided with perforations 3, in alinement with which beneath and secured to the vtable are sleeves 4, and combined therewith are binding devices, shown as thumb or set screws 5.

The tabletop-supporting elements consist Specification of Letters` Patent. i i Application llod December 15,1905. Serial NQTZBLQZ-BQ table slipping ratented Sept. 11, 1906.

of'pairsof legs 6, the-members of each air being connected by spreader or brace rails 7, imparting stability'and'rigidity to"the table. The supporting-legs 6 are shaped at one end 6'* to correspond with the shape of the sleeves 4 and the perforations 3 an are freely adtev justable in or through and removable from sa1d sockets and perforations, to the end that they maybe associated with the table-top 1, as 1n Fig." 1 to provide a sewing orptlierrork table having a continuous or unbroken worksupporting surface, or the legs may be adjusted with their ends passed upwardly through the table-top, resulting in a lowering of the latter to provide a lap-board, Fig. 2, in which use the legs beneath the tabletop afford a means against which the limbs vof theworker' may be pressed to prevent the u on the lap, and the pro- 'ected ends 6a. ofp

etwe'en which the work, as'. dress material, maybe disposed and by which such A work is prevented from slip ing or changing position, an occurrencewhic is exceedingly troublesome and annoying to a seamstress. In each of the adjustments described the transformation is maintained byhapplyin the binding devices 5, which bind upon an firmly unite the table-top and supportinglegs in adjusted position.

the legs constitute guards With the parts in the relation shown in full lines fin Fig. 2 the table maybe reversed, as shown in Fig. 3, in which position the part 1 constitutes a platform or guide to facilitate the accurate fitting of skirts of adults to hang with a predetermined clearance from the ground. To permit accuracy of adjustment in this use of the article, the legs are graduated by scales 8 to the end that so muchof the ends 6a, Fig. 3, of the le s may be projected through the-tabletop t at the surface of the latter will standv at the desired elevation from ,the ground. In use the individual being tted ,Will stand with the skirt over- IOO hanging the platform 1, and the skirt may with ease and facility be fitted` to the exact length desired.

In use in fitting a childs skirt in respect to length the part 1 may be adjusted to theposition shown, for' instance, in dotted lines in` Fig. 2, and the hem of the garment'made to meet the surface of the sald part 1. This convertibility of the article is of great utility i in fitting one who is particular as to the hang and length of the skirt.

The legs are entirely removable from the perforations 3 and sleeves and maybe eninto an inva id or bed table, the egs entering inthe table-top from opposite sides, one pair restlng upon the Hoor of the room and the ends 6` of the4 other pair upon the bed. By

adjustment of the legs through the table-top 1nv opposite directions the latter may be raised or lowered to suit the hei ht of the bed secured to the lower face of said top at each from the floor or the comfort an convenience 4 of thel invalid. The braces or sl readers of the reversed pair of'legs serve in t is instance as a rack for the support of towels, napkins, or other linen, and the continuous flat tabletop as a safe support yfor food and china or forwriting materials, &c. A drawer 9 for containing utensils, such as needles, thimbles, pins, and other sewing tools or appurten ances, is fitted to move in guides 10 beneath the table-top, as shown.

- By my invention I provide a table of new construction, possessing capacities of adjustment and transformation which lit it for use, to accomplish purposes for which heretofore a number of separate articles or devices were necessary and which possesses, furthermore, the merit of simplicity of construction and adjustment and econom of manufacture.

Having thus describe my invention,what

I claim as'A new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is,- J

The herein-described newV article of manufacture adapted to be converted for use as a work-holder, lap-board, a skirt-fitting appliance and an invalid or bed table, consisting of a tableftop having a continuous unbroken surface, and provided atveach corner with an o ening, the openings at each end of the table-top being in tranverse alinement,. sleeves corner thereof and arranged in alinement with said openings, a vertical and adjustable leg extending through each of said openings and sleeves, means or bracing and connect- ,ing together each pair of legs arranged at each end of the table thereb causing when a leg is adjusted the vertica adjustment of a pair of legs, said means'further constituting a stop for limiting the vertical movement of the'legs, and set-screws extending through each of the sleeves, and engaging the legs for securing them in adjusted position. A

In testimony whereof I ave hereunto set my hand in presence of two'subscribing witnesses.


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