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Publication numberUS830994 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 11, 1906
Filing dateFeb 27, 1906
Priority dateFeb 27, 1906
Publication numberUS 830994 A, US 830994A, US-A-830994, US830994 A, US830994A
InventorsJohn J Hatin
Original AssigneeJohn J Hatin
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US 830994 A
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PATENTED SEPT. 11, 1906.

Allorney J. J. HATIN.





Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Sept. 11, 1906.

Application filed February 27, 1906. Serial No. 303.274.

To all whmn it may concern:

Be it known that 1, JOHN J. HATIN, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at St. Albans, in the county of Franklin and State of Vermont, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Bag-Holders, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to bag-holders, and has for one of its objects the providing of novel means for holding a bag while the same is being filled, novel means being provided for pivoting one ofthe bag-holding members with relation to a stationary member and for automatically withdrawing the movable member from its operative position when the bag is removed therefrom.

A still further object of this invention is to provide a novel buffer whereby the movable member is arrested without undue vibration when a predetermined position has been at tained, it being also the object of the invention to provide means for adjusting the actuating device of the member in order that the tension of a spring which forms a part of the actuating device may be varied to suit particuiar requirements.

Finally, an object of this invention is to produce a device of the character noted which will possess advantages in points of simplicity, efficiency, and durability, proving at the same time comparatively inexpensive to produce and maintain.

WVith the foregoing and other objects in view the invention consists in the details of construction and in the arrangement and,

combination of parts to be hereinafter more fully set forth and claimed.

In describing the invention in detail reference will be had to the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification, wherein like characters denote corresponding parts in both the views, in which Figure 1 is a view in perspective of a bagholding device embodying the invention. Fig. 2 is a detail view showing a slightlymodified construction.

In the drawings, A denotes a suitable base having an anchoring-plate B, with a screwthreaded aperture designed to receive the hollow post C, with a collar D at its upper end provided with a threaded aperture (1 to receive the thumb-screw E. A shank F is slidable in the post and is held at different positions by the engagement of the said setscrew E. The shank has a curved end, which terminates in diverging arms G, pro- 1 vided with tangs or points g, adapted to penetrate the material of a bag applied to the diverging arms for the purpose of retaining the said bag thereon. The foregoing elementsviz., the post, shank, arms, and parts thereofconstitute one member of a bag-holding device which is stationary except for the verticaladjustment afforded by reason of the movable shank.

The coacting bag-holding member comprises in its construction a hollow post H, having its lower end threaded in a boss I of the bar or tube J, which member J is trunnioned in bearings K, secured to the base. The upper end of the post H is provided with a set-screw L for holding the shank M of the arms N at different adjustments corresponding to that of the shank F. Another setscrew 0 may be threaded in the post H near the top thereof, and attached to it is one end of a spring P, which spring has its opposite end secured to a rod The rod is threaded at its outer end, and a thumb-nut is run thereon to adjust the said rod with relation to the post R, which has an eye 7, in which the rod freely works. The said post is suitably anchored to the base, and according to the position of the thumb-nut, which bears against the post, the tension of the spring is regulated.

' It might in certain instances be desirable to omit the set-screw L and utilize instead the set-screw O in the dual capacity of an anchorage for the spring and a retainer for the shank.

The post R has a branch S, which forms a brace, the said branch extending at an angle to the post for a portion of its length and being then bent to lie parallel and in contact with the base, to which it is secured through the medium of a screw T. branch is bent upwardly toward the post H and forms a yielding buller s to engage the said post as it is drawn back through the action of the spring.

In the modification the post and many of the parts are dispensed with, and instead thereof I utilize a combined spring and buffer formed of a single piece of metal, the spring member X being approximately C-shaped and having a connection from its end a; to a movable post H, the said spring serving to move the post in the same way as the spring heretofore described. The buffer Y, which is an integral portion of the spring, assumes the same position and performs the same The end of the I I claim as new, and desire to secure by Let- 'member, a pivoted member ooacting there are mounted, a post anchored on the base, a

anchored to the base for bracing the post and function as the member s, heretofore described. By slotting the spring where it is secured to the base by the screw Z the movement permitted the post may be changed to suit the operator.

Having fully described my invention, what ters Patent, is-

1. In a bag-holding device, a stationary rod movable through the post, means for adjusting the rod therein, a spring connecting the rod and the movable member, a branch an extension thereof forming a buffer to ar rest the moving member of the bag-holder.

3. In a bagholder, a suitable base, hollow posts thereon, one of said posts being pivotally connected to the base, shanks with arms adjustable in the hollow posts, a post with an apertured end secured to the base, a threaded rod in the aperture of the post, a spring connecting the rod and the movable hollow post, a branch for bracing the apertured post, means for securing the branch to the base, and a buffer formed by an extension of the branch adapted to arrest the movable hollow post. 1

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature, in the presence of two witnesses, this 23d day of February, 1906.





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