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Publication numberUS831722 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 25, 1906
Filing dateJun 20, 1905
Priority dateJun 20, 1905
Publication numberUS 831722 A, US 831722A, US-A-831722, US831722 A, US831722A
InventorsHenry J Holmes
Original AssigneeHenry J Holmes
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Flushing attachment for sinks.
US 831722 A
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ail \Q E212 flaw,



Specification of Letters Patent. I

Patented Sept. 25, 1906.

Application filed June 20, 1905. Serial No. 266,093.

-To aZZ whom it may concern: Y

tems to make and use the same.

invention relates to flushing attachments for sinks; and its object is to provide means whereby water can be directed into the outlet-pipe of the sink at a'point below the trap, so as tol thoroughly cleanse said pipe an prevent c ogging.

A further object is to provide means wherebyin the event of the pipe freezing hot water can be directed-'thereinto.

With the above and other objects in View the invention consists of a branch pipe'located upon the ordinary outlet-pipe at a point between the trap and the sewer, and this branch pipe has a valve-inlet opening which is normally closed. A hose or other like tubular device is adapted to be connected to the inlet end of the branch ipe and to be secured to either the hot or co d water faucet located adjacent the outlet-pipe. After the pi c has been connected to the faucet and to t e branch pipe the valve insaid branch pipe can be opened and water directed into the outlet-pipe at a point below the trap.

The invention also consists in further novel construction and combination of parts, hereinafter more fully described and claimed.

In the accompanying drawing I have shown the preferred form of my invention.

Said drawing illustrates a sink provided with my improved attachment and showing a hose in position between a faucet and the branch of the outlet-pipe and ready to be secured to both.

Referring to the drawing by numerals of reference, 1 is a sink having an outlet-pipe 2, provided with a trap 3 of the usual construction, and this outlet-pipe has a valve 4, where by communication between the sink and sewer may be cut ofi during the operation of flushing the pipe. A branch pipe 5 extends from the outlet-pipe at a point below the valve 4 and has a valve 6 near its end ,which normally closes said branch pipe. A screwthreaded extension 7 is located upon the end of pipe 5 and is adapted to be engaged by one end of a hose 8. The other end of the hose may be secured to either one of a air of faucets 9, disposed above the sink. t will be noticed that the branch pipe 5 extends u ward from the outlet pipe at an acute ang e, so that water enterin the outlet-pipe through said branch pi e wil not be hindered thereby, but the ful force thereof will be directed into the outlet-pipe at a point below the trap.

It will be understood that valve 4 is nor- Water will therefore pass. from the sink through the outlet-pipe 2 and trap 3 into the sewer. If it is desired to clean the ipe, the hose 8 is connected to one of the aucets 9 and then to the threaded extension 7. Valve 6 is then opened and the faucet 9 turned on through the hose 8 into the pipes 5 and 2. In order to prevent the water from backing into the. sink through the trap 3, the valve 4 is turned so as to out off communication. Hose 8 can be'connected to the cold-water faucet for ordinary flushing purposes; but if the pipe is frozen it is best to connect the hose to the hot-water faucet. When the flushing attachment is not in use, the hose 8 can be removed, and the ordinary uses of the sink will not be interfered with.

The valve 6 serves to effectually prevent the escape of any noxious gases from'the pipe 5, and as the outlet-pipe can be thoroug y cleansed whenever desired the same is rendered more lasting and will 'not become clogged. v

While I have shown and describedthe at tachment as used in connection with sinks, it

will be understood that it can be employed a wherever traps are utilized.

It is deemed important that the hose 8 be connected with the waste-pipe at a point below the valve 4, so that all sediment and 't from the sink be discharged into the outetr pipe at a,'point below said valve, so that all liability of inju 'to the valve be avoided.

Having thus ully described my invention,

what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

.1. The combination with a Water-receptacle and a faucet for supplying water thereto;

of a trap extending from the receptacle, an

outlet-pipe constituting a continuation of the trap, a valve disposed within the outlet-pipe and below the trap for closing communication between the trapand outlet-pipe, a

branch pipe disposed at an acute angle to and the extension and extending upward frointhe outlet-pipe and below the trap and below saidvalve, a screwthreaded extension upon the end tube, and means upon sion and thefaucet respectively.

2. The combination with a "Water-receptacle and aJ-faucet-for supplying waterthereto,

of-ano 1it1et-pipe from said receptacle prowithatra and with a downward-extensionf from sai trap, a valve in said down- Ward {extension ;beyond'-the 'traip, a branch extending laterally and upward 'tensionbelow-the valvertherein and conthe endsofthe tube for'detachabl; engaging the threaded exten-- om said exstructed to direct thewater into the outlet- ;pipe at an acute angle with full f orce unimpeded, avalve at the upper end of said branch rbelowrthe valve'inthe outlet-pipe for nora screw-threaded exmally closing the same, tension on the upper end of said branch 'above the valve, and a flexible tube having means at 01) osite' ends for detachably engaging said t eaded extension and faucet respectively for conveying the water from the faucet in-tdthe oiitlet-pipe below its valve.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence. of

two subscribing witnesses.

HENRY J. HOLMES. Witnesses: I 4 1 RIQHARJD Roonnonn, HARRY 'B.'UDREL.

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