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Publication numberUS832461 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 2, 1906
Filing dateJan 24, 1903
Priority dateJan 24, 1903
Publication numberUS 832461 A, US 832461A, US-A-832461, US832461 A, US832461A
InventorsEmanuel W Dunn
Original AssigneeEmanuel W Dunn
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US 832461 A
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" PMT-.NTM om?. 2, w06.




N. W. DUNN. l




- mistiche Talvll'vwhomjto'n/cty concern: L l v y *Be'fit known thatnIfEMANUEL W. DUNN, a cilt'izen of the United States, residing at San `se,-"''county of SantaClara, Stateof Cahier-. ma, have invented an Im iovementin Oil- Burners'g'andl hereby dec areV the following bola full', clear, and exact description lot the sa: 'ein l j. V I i i 1\[v"finvention `relates to an apparatus for i j th'e preparation yand burning .of vapors and s'fesproduced by the union or' steam,..oil, `d`a1`r;-and it consists 1n a mechanism the details-.of which will be more fully explained by reference to the accompanying drawings,

Figure 1 is a side. elevation of`my invenii 'Fig 2 isa' plane view of the same. Fi 23 shows the oil-tankand pipe connection' the tank being shown insection. Fig. A section showing my valve arrangement construction. K

tis I'the object ofymy invention to provide alfr'a'pp'aratus for the burning of' gases generamixture of oil, steam, and air, eansvforgenerating steam within the said apparatus, means for mixing steam when generated with oil andv injecting thepsteamy 'andioilvapor intotheapparatus with an adi mixture of air for-v Ithe combustion of the edyvapo'r'fs, andl means fordelivering and ningsaidvapor in proper relation with heatin'g-ooils'ot the apparatus and the ""Xpf the 'same'. u y l rs'fshown in the accompanying, drawings, thefapparatus isdesignedforusein the iire-I box' of a stove, range, or furnace, and such a e-boX is here shown as substantially reclfietnguiefsi1siepe. wenn misere-'box is a `coil.composed of pipe A, havingits direc'- ','gltioln changed. so that it extends around `the ,sides 4within the space which is occupied by the. coil, a suiiicient number of turns being made for the purpose of generating steam .ff-from water which is admitted into the upper end of the coil.' The lower end of thecoil is o carried outside .of the fire-box and is again bent to.Y return into the fire-box, forming an- '..jotlier series ot `coils below the irst named.

Suitable connections yare made with this eX- terior portion, so that the jet .of steam returning will vact. as an injector, and'wi-ll draw; voil through a connecting. pipe, or passage,4 and l2 also air; frequiredgnd the YaPOrS thusr'e- ,turned into. the ilower coil are more highly,

\ i sisiiheatedfend discharge 111112.04111@ ilower;inert .Ofi

the lire-box.

RUEIL WQ'ILD; O irgsiiir JosALiroRNIA. A t] j@E EMJ'IRNEFI-` Y vshown at. y periphery subdivided and marked sothat the j orner.

Patented Oct. 2, 1906.

- downward inclination suiiicient to promote K The supply of`water and oil is `derived y Afrom the source under a substantially 'equal the flow of 'water beioreit is converted into steam. The'coils 'are kept separate from` each other by means of rings or other suitable devices, as at 2, and are clamped and held firmly together by standards 3 with clamping-bolts, by which they are secured. `The water is deliveredintothe upper ,end of the c oil A by means of a needle or other suit-A able valve, as shown at 4, the opening of said valve being controlled by a hand-wheel, as Thishand-wheel may have its number of turns can'be easily'regulated, and

a suitable stop, as at 6, may serve to re late the amount of opening of the valve. T 's having been determined upon trial, only so much water is admitted into the upper end of the pipe as can be converted into steam while it is iiowing down to the pointwhere the pipe temporarily leaves the fire-box.

In order to start the apparatus when cold, I haveshown-a y lower part of the e-boX, the floor of which may be covered Awith'asbestos or other'suitablefmaterial, sothat oil may be first admittedv through the pipe 18, and being ignited within the lire-box a sufficient heat 'will be produced to heat'up the pipes to the oint -.where the water admitted into the coil beQconverted into steam, and this oil after being ignited will soon raise thete'mper'ature tov a suiiicient degree and` bring all parts of within the Jr'urnace asfwi e sufficient to oonvert the water into steam. The pipe thenA passes outside of the furnace, as shown, malo' ing a turn by means of couplings and elbows,

asat'? and 8, and the pipe then returnsagain into the fire-box` and below the coils of the Lpipe A. This lower portion of the coil may f, The oil-supply arriving through ,a valve 9a is delivered around the steam-nozzle .9, and by kthe heatand injection action of thev steam. through this nozzletheoilis converted into a 1cpripe 18 opening into the coils of the'ipe A maybe made willv IOC los


spray and vapor and is injected through a Sel nozzle 9b into the lowerportion A of the coill within the stove. Air may also be admitted 4to unite with the oil andstea'm thus injected through a controlling-cock, as shown at 10. l

' Below the coil A is a shallow box or cham ber 13, and within this is a inal coil of ipe le, with which the lower end of the coi Al maybe connected. The top orlccgver late istering with these cones, sothat the 'mixed' gases reaching these openings may be dis'- chargedup thrbughy the cones and into contact with. the'lcoils A above. A certain amount ofv draft is created by this blast ofgases through the nozzle, and this draws in a fresh supply of air through openings 16,v which are made in the sides of the chamber 413, as shown. Bythis process of mixin the steam, oil, and air and superheating t em they are discharged in to the fire-box, andthe combustion is so perfect and intense that no smoke, soot, or odor is perceptible; and all parts of the stove, range, furnace, or boiler to which it is applied are heated'to any desired degree. The combustion is so perfect that meats may be broiled without any odor or taint appearing.

In some cases it 'may be desirable to lemploy an. interior metal box or casting 22, which forms an inclosure for the space occupied by the rire-box. and within the coil. When this box 4is employed, holes 23 may be made around its sides forv the escape of the heat and vgases into the space around the box and within which the coils are located. Vhen this box is employed,l it will not be necessary to connect the mixerA with the coillll in the lower box, and the lower end of this pipe may terminate so as to discharge the mixed gases directly into there-box either with or without the box 22.

ylf'the surplus ofthe gas is greater than is necessary for heating the coils and supplying the lrequired la'me within the fire-box, this surplus may be conveyed away throu h a pipe, as at'24; means of a pipe 24, with a T, having a pipe 35, Vthrough which any residual unvaporizing: substances within the pipes may be discharged, and by means of a connection, as at 34,' the surplu'sgases in ay be delivered t0 any point for use or storage. An opening is made in' the bottom of the chamber 13, and from this a dischargeipe 20 leads, so that' any unvaporized surp u's will be discharged ,through this pipe. opening 19 in the plate 12, which covers the chamber. 13,' any'T gases not otherwise `escaping from the coil orcharnb'er 13 may bedelivered u into the Ytire-box.

The oil) for-the supply of the 4apparatus is 5 contained in a tank 25. The 'bottom of this This pipe is connecter byA By means of the central tank is connected with a pipeA 26,- through which water' is su plied to the tank and from which also t e supply to the coil A' through the valve 4 is derived. The oil is introduced through any suitable filling pipe, as at 32.y A float 33, guided by rods, is movable line beneath the oil-discharge pipe. This float is sufficiently 'buoyant to rise and fall with the water, but will sink vin the oil.

The up er part of the float servesto close the oil-out et, so that when the waterhas reached a point where the oil is nearly exhausted the opening willbe closed to prevent' any water passing out through the oil-pipe 30. 3`1is av ventp'ipe through which air' and gases may escape. The connection of" this "tank with tliew'ater and'oil supply insures a balancedv I pressure in the feeding of the two to lthe ap! paratus, andr thepressure from below causes the water to followI thev oil as fast asthe latter' 85 is' withdrawn, and thus prevent accumula'e tion of dangprous gases in the tank.

Haying t 'us Adescribed my invention, what l claim, and'dsire to secureby Letters Pat# @huls- 1l An oil-burnin' apparatus comprising fa fire box', a vertic'a ly disposed spiral tube* i passing'tlierethrou h, a' water-inl t at sub)- stantially the hig est point ofl the tube whereby the water may beconve-rtedinto steam as it passes through the'tibe; said' tube having'an intermediate portion 'exten'ded to one sideand oil`and air inlets'in'fsaid extension for 'supplying oil and air at oints intermediate between thehighest and cwest parts of said tube.

2. An oilburning apparatus comprising the-combination with a fire-box, of a verti cally-disposed coil iitting within'the fire-box,

a valve-controlled watereinlet' connecting with substantiallythe 'highest point of the coil whereby the 1water is converted into' steam as it asses through the coil," a second coil with W 'ich' thev lower end of the virstnamed coil connects, said second coil having openings throughl which thecontained gases are delivered to a series of burners; said firstnamed coil having lan extension of an intermediate portion carried outside the fire-box,

and valve-controlled oi'l and fair'in'lets inthe extension, and'injectors in said extension through which thel oil and air are admitted to mingle with the steam in said first-named coil and to be finally conveyed through the' said coil havingl an'extension of the middle' portion'to a point outside the furnace, said extension provided with valve-'controlled oi'l' -13o @einer 'and air inlets and" `injectors for the oil and air into the path of the steamv generatedinthe coil; 'said commingled steam; oil and fair passingthrough thelower 'pa-rtlof" the coil land again'subjected tothe heat ofthe 4ire-boxor'urnacef, a plateor diaphragm be-v cones and the second-name create an updraft therethrough. v x 5 4:.4 nan apparatus `of hecharacterfde# scribed 4the"combination with a tire-box vor furnace, 4voi vertically-disposed coils itting Within the fire-box or furnace having a 4or- 'tio'n' intermediate betweenthe to and otac tom extended to pass outside of t e fire-box andI againl returned therein, a valve controlled water-supply connecting with the uper lend of the "coil, successive valve-con'- trolled oil and air inlets connecting with the 2,55 intermediate exterior'portion of the ipefby means 'of injectors, a diaphraginor urner.

plate forming the bottom of therire-lung` lila-vl ing hollow cones projecting upwardlyfromv lits surface, achamberormed beneath said ,3c diaphragm, vsaid chamber 'being' providedy ".ceiver for the mixed gases, and means .for

Wit air-inlet o enings. y 15.] In an oil-hurner .apparatus the combination with a lire-box orurnace, of a vertically-disposed coilitting within the fire-box or furnace; a`-valve4controlled water-inlet,

lconnectingl With'substantially the highe t' n point'of t e portionv carried'outside the :fireoxA or furnace;valve-oontrolledioil and air inlets and 4o means in'said, extension lfor injecting the ycil and air into the path of the steam wherebythe commingled products gases areA conducted thrugh the lower portionof the coil and reheatedga plate or dia hragm below 15 the coil and forming the to o an underlying chambered box; a secon' coil, located in said chamber of the box and connectin with the lower portion'o the flrstvnamed coi said box having air-admission openings and said 5o plate or diaphragm having u war ly-extending hollow cones, and sai second-named coilhaving ojcning discharging in line With vsaid. cones W erebyv the products are discharged through the cones and ignitedwithin the lire-box; a pipe leading'from the second-named coil to a point outside Vthe firebox or furnace, and provided with a draw-off or the residue collected from the coils; a connection to withdraw gases at, the highest 6o point for immediate use or`f0r storage; and a connection with the bottom of the box to carryofi' any residue collected therein;

6. In an apparatus of the character described 'the combination with a lrefbox or furnace, of a primary coil fitting the recoil, said coil havin its midd eving mainandfsecondary chambers and a tition Sb etufreen 'said chambers, a', 'coil'. 'the secondary'chamberjsaidmainjco h and saidv secondary coil having;di'sch openings", means fory admittingwater and oi -stantially the'liigllest point of the lower coil an intermediate portion extended "h 'tally' to; one side,y of l"the or and air intothe primary coih'burner-cone 'in linewith the coil, andmeans ,l consisting of angincombustib el a Sorbent-l coatingl for the bottom of the:fu'fe'-box,i 'and l contro f ed' 'oil-supply' jet i connected *'to'" the extended` portion'of the priinaryfcoil land 8c adapted to' discharge upon saidlcoating 7. InV an oil-burning apparatus, the cor bination of a fre-box primary and secondary coils connected one with. the other said primary coil connecting withra Water-supply 8.5"

and having amiddleportion extended out` Wardly to' one side of the main portion thereof, said extended portion provided with valve-controlled oil Y.and yair inlets and injector devices whereby the admixture of 9o .the oil -and air with the steam generated in the coil occurs at a point intermediate of the ends of the primary coil and the binmingled roducts are reheated in passing through the.l owerI part of said coil; a supplemental reir-"'95 discharging the inflamable mixture for ignition. 8.` Ali apparatus for the manuactureand `combustion of hydrocarbon as, consisting of 4`aff-hollow vertically-dispose coil, means for 'Vadmittin 1 and regulatlnga supply of Water at the highest point to be converted into steam,`means including a lateral extension of-a middle portion of the coil and va1vecon trolled oil and air inlets and injectondevices therein for admitt' U oil and air into the coi.' to meet the previous y-formed steam, whereby the subsequent heating of the mixture; j converts it into a fixed gas, and means forl discharging and burning said gas. 9. In an apparatus or the manufacture and combustion of hydrocarbon gas, .a box, hollow vertically-disposedcoils super-l posed therein, having their contiguous endsv connected exterior to the lire-box, a source` ofwater-supply connected vwith substantially the highest point of the upper coil,.a source of oil-supply and connection With suband a connection between the source of Water-sup ly and the source of oil-'supply whereb `t e oil and Water feed are subjectedv to a su stantially equal pi essure.

' 10. In an oil-burning ap aratus a vertically-disposed coil, a fire-sox or `furnace within which it is located, controlled means yfor introducing a combustible fluid and air into the coil, a second coil located in the lirebox above the first-namedgcoil and connected 15o iro.

exteriorly with the inlet end of the i'irst coil having a controlled Weterf'in'let passage at the upper,l end, @combustible iiuld-containingtank, a pipev connecting. its upper part with the inlet of the first coi a pipe through Whicnweterpgssesfand inde endent conneet/ions between said ipefan the bottom of''he'tank, and with t e inlet of the upper co1.` f

.11. Ail oil-burning apparatus comprising vertically#disposed. superposed'spiral tubes, a WaterLinlet at substantiall the highest point. of the upper tube, e re-box within .vhich the tubes arecontained, extensions of the contiguous endsof the tubes and ai connection exterior to the iire-box, a jet through -v which steam from the first tube is discharged into the second tube; a tankfrorn Which oil is delivered to the second tube, a, Watersupply pipe7 and independent connections therefrom vto the oil-tank and to the Waterinlet of the up er tube.

In witness w ereof I have hereunto setmy hand. y l EMANUEL W. DUNN.



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