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Publication numberUS832628 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 9, 1906
Filing dateNov 3, 1905
Priority dateNov 3, 1905
Publication numberUS 832628 A, US 832628A, US-A-832628, US832628 A, US832628A
InventorsWilliam Edwin Schreffler
Original AssigneeWilliam Edwin Schreffler
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Carrier attachment for tool-chests.
US 832628 A
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N0. 832,628. PATBNTED OCT. 9, 1906.



' WWI/E06 fw W w- Norms PETER; ca, wnsumcrou u c UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.

CARRIER ATTACHMENT FOR TOOL-CHESTS- Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Oct. 9, 1906.

Application filed November 3, 1905. Serial No, 285,721.

To all whom it may concern: 1 Be it known that I, WILLIAM EDWIN SCHREFFLER, a citizen of the United States, residing at Kansas City, in the county of Jackson and State of Missouri, have invented new and useful Improvements in OarrierAttachments for Tool-Chests, of which the following is a specification.

This invention is a carrier attachment for tool-chests and the like, and has for its object to provide means whereby the chest can be conveniently and easily carried about.

The invention comprises a pair of wheels which are mounted on the chest in such a manner that they can be slid out of the way when not in use. A tongue is also provided, which is foldable over the top of the chest.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a side elevation of the invention, and Fig. 2 is an end View thereof. Fig. 3 is a horizontal sectional view on the line 3 3 of Fig. 1.

Referring specifically to the drawings, 10 denotes a tool-chest of ordinary construction. Secured to the sides of the chest are plates 11, provided with vertically-extending undercut slots 12, forming guideways in which blocks 13 are slidably mounted, said blocks carrying axle-spindles 14 for the wheels 15.

In use the blocks are slid downwardly in the guideways until the wheels touch the ground, as shown in Fig. 1. When the carrier is not in use, the blocks are slid upwardly to bring the wheels above the bottom of the chest, as shown by dotted lines in Fig. 1. In the latter position the wheels are out of the way, so that the chest can be carried on a street-car and also conveniently shi ped. A suitable locking device is provided or securing the blocks in the guideways. The looking device comprises a pin 17, carried at one end of a spring-pressed lever 18, which is ivoted to cheeks 19, extending from the b ock 13. The block has a hole through which the pin extends into one of a number of holes in the plate 11.

A tongue for hauling or pushing the chest is indicated at 20. This is hinged, as at 21, to fold over the top of the chest, as shown by dotted lines in Fig. 1. A hook or other suitable device 22 is provided for holding the tongue in operative position.

The attachment herein described is simple and can be readily applied to the ordinary tool-chest without altering its construction,

and by its use a heavily-loaded chest can be conveniently and easily carried.

Having thus described my invention, what is claimed as new, and desired to be secured by Letters Patent, is-

The combination with a box, of apertured plates secured to the sides thereof, said plates having vertically-extending undercut slots forming guideways, apertured blocks slidable up and down in said guideways and carrying axle-spindles, spring-pressed pins carried by the blocks, and extensible through the apertures therein and into one of the apertures in the aforesaid plates for adjustably securing the blocks in the guideways, and wheels mounted on the aforesaid spindles.

, In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.




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