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Publication numberUS832789 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 9, 1906
Filing dateJan 11, 1906
Priority dateJan 11, 1906
Publication numberUS 832789 A, US 832789A, US-A-832789, US832789 A, US832789A
InventorsLee C Harding
Original AssigneeMelvin L Harding, Lee C Harding
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US 832789 A
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No. 832,789. PATENTED OCT. 9, 1906.

. L. c. HARDING.




9X 6 woe:

. w? lattmmq PATENTED OCT. 9






Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Oct. 9, 1906.

To an whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, LEE 0. HARDING, a citizen of the United States, residing at Mannington, in the county of Marion and State of West Virginia, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Dinner-Pails, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to an improved dinner-pail which is provided with a stove attachment by the use of which a warm meal can be easily and uickly prepared.

The object of t e invention is to design a pail of this character which is provided with all the necessary utensils for simple cooking operations and in which all the separate parts are so shaped as to pack closely together when not in use.

One of the essential features of the invention resides in the fact that the lamp-stove which is employed is located on the outside of the pail and all danger of the food becoming tainted by the liquid fuel employed is thus eliminated.

For a full description of the invention and the merits thereof and also to acquire a knowledge of the details of construction of the means for eflecting the result reference is to be had to the following description and accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1 is a vertical sectional view through the pail. Fig. 2 is a top plan view of the pail. Fig. 3 is a vertical sectional view showing the members as separated.

Corresponding and like parts are referred to in the following description and indicated in all the views of the drawings by the same reference characters.

The numeral 1 designates the body of the pail, which may be formed of any suitable material and -is shown as being approximately elliptical in shape. This pail is provided with a handle 2, of the usual construction, which is employed in carrying it from place to place. A tray 3 for the reception of the solid food, and which is somewhat shallower than the body 1 of the pail, is employed. This tray is provided around its upper edge with an outwardly projecting shoulder 4, which is adapted to engage with the to of the pail 1 when in normal position. A sha low pan 5 closes the mouth of the tray 3 and is provided around its periphery with a shoulder 6, which rests upon the upper edge of the tray 3. The cover7 to the pail is formed around its edges with downwardly-extend ing flanges 8, which fit around the outer portion of the mouth of the pail 1. The upper side of the cover 7 is provided with two concentric flanges 8 and 9, of approximately the same height. The lamp-stove 10, which is of the conventional construction, fits closely within the inner concentric flange 8, while the receptacle 11, which is shown as in the form of a cup, fits closely around the outer concentric flange 9. The stove 10, which is shown in the drawings, is of that type which is usually employed in connection with alcohol and is provided with a covering 12, which fits closely over the burner to prevent evaporation of the liquid. A supporting-frame 13 is employed in connection with the stove and comprises, essentially, an upper and a lower frame, which are spaced from each other and connected by transverse members. This frame 13 fits around the burner on the stove 10 and prevents the utensil from smothering the flame.

In the application of the device the solid food is preferably placed in the tray 3 and coffee or other beverage in the bottom of the pail 1. In order to prevent the coffee from spilling, the tray 3 is made so as to-fit closely within the pail 1, and the two are made so as to taper toward the bottom, as shown in the drawings. When the cover 7 is removed from the pail and the cup 11 taken away from the stove, the latter is left free for use, and the contents of the pail can be heated by resting the pail upon the rack 13, or the pan 5 maybe employed for frying. Owing to the fact that the stove is secured to the cover 7, the latter forms a large base, which tends to prevent the device from overturning. When the separate articles are packed, it will be apparent that all the space Within the pail is utilized to the fullest possible eX- tent, and that since the lamp 10 is on the exterior'thereof the food is not liable to become tainted by the combustible fluid em ployed.

Having thus described the invention, what is claimed as new is 1. In a device of the character described, the combination of a pail, a cover for the pail, an annular flange projecting outwardly from the top of the cover, a lamp fitting removably within the annular flange and being held in position thereby, a second annular flange concentric with the first-mentioned annular flange and projecting from the top of the pail, a receptable fitting removably over the second-mentioned annular flange and forming a cover for the lamp when the latter is not in use, and a supporting-frame resting upon the lamp and also protected by the receptacle, the said supporting-frame being adapted to hold the receptacle spaced from the lamp and the second-mentioned annular flange When the receptacle is being heated, thereby preventing the second-mentioned annular flange from being blackened by the flame of the lamp and imparting an undesirable taste to the contents of the receptacle.

2. In a device of the character described, the combination of a pail, a cover for the pail, a pair of concentric annular flanges having approximately the same height and projecting outwardly from the top of the cover, a lamp fitting removably within the inner annular flange and being held in position thereby, a receptacle fitting remov'ably over the outer annular flange and having a depth somewhat greater than the height of the flanges, and a supporting-frame resting upon the lamp and adapted to hold the receptacle in a spaced position with relation to the lamp and outer annular flange when being heated, thereby preventing the outer annular flange from being blackened by the flame of the lamp and imparting an undesirable taste to the contents of the receptacle, the said receptacle forming a cover for the lamp and supportingframe when the latter are not in use.

In testimony whereof I afliX my signature in presence of two Witnesses.


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