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Publication numberUS832897 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 9, 1906
Filing dateAug 12, 1903
Priority dateAug 12, 1903
Publication numberUS 832897 A, US 832897A, US-A-832897, US832897 A, US832897A
InventorsJohn C Duner
Original AssigneeJohn C Duner
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US 832897 A
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No. 882,897.y PATENTED OCT. 9, 1906. J. C. DUNER.




832,897. PATENTED OCT. 9, 1906.




FZ7/(Wy. 2.


PATENTED UGT. 9, 1906.





N0`. 832,897. PATENTBD 00T. 9, 1906.v



unirsi) sierras PATENT onirica WA'TEFPCLOSET.

Specification` of Letters Patent.

Patented Oct. 9, 1906.

Application tiled August l2, 1903. Serial No. 169,203.

,To 1U 1/-7/ om, .may erinnern:

Be it known that l, J ons CiiAnLEs DUNER,

a citizen ol" the United Stat-es, residing atV Chicago, in the State of Illinois, have invent- 5 ed certain new and useful lniprovenients in Water-Closets, ot 'which the following is a specification'.

y' My invention relates particularly to the hoppers or bowls of Water closets and the means for dumping and flushing the same. In the forni illustrated, the construction and operation is best adapted to-use in railway trains and like positions, but the invention is as 4applicable to any other style oicloset. The objects of vthe invention are, to provide a water closet which-Will -be sanitary, the "parts of which mayr be easily taken apart and cleaned, inspected, and repaired to provide a convenient 'flushing attachment, reversible and easily removable from the rest oil the arp! paratus; to provide. simultaneous dumping and flushing devices which are very economical inthe use of wat-er and are adapted to keep the parts thoroughly clean to provide against freezing oiA the water that stands in 'control for the llushing va ve, andy to genen ally improve the structure and operation of water closets.

The above objects, together with other advantages which will hereinafter appear, I attain by means of the structure illustrated in Figure lis a central 'vertical section through the seat and bowl and parts ol' the mounting .of the device, on line (l) iu Figure 2;

`Figure .2 is a.vertical central sectiontaken .,atrigl'it angles to that of Figure 1 and along the line marked (E) tlurreiu; .Figure is a plan view and partial section o" `the howl and the valve apparatus coned thereto;` -Y .il igure 4 is a detailed side elevationot the connection oithe operating handle with the p the bottom of the bowl; to provide a superiorv iferred forin in the accompanying draw- Whole device is supported upon the casing 6 which is provided withsuitable ilanges to rest upon the lloor and `with an opening 7 at the bottom to register with ther opening through the` tloor. Resting upon the top ring of' this casing 6 is the bowl 12 which conveniently may be made integral with a seat ring 30, and supported upon the top of this ring is an attached plate 8 which carries all of the parts of the valve. structure and also the pivot stud 11 upon which are attached the wooden seat 9 and the cover 10, as usual,

The bottoni opening 13 of the bowl 12 is closed by means of a dumping pan 14 which may conveniently be formed with double walls` of copper and packed with felt 15, in order that the cold air freni below, in winter time, may not freeze the water standing in the pan 14. This dumping pan is supported upon the shaft 16 and normally held. up in closed position so thatthe lovverend 13 of the bowl dips into the water therein, the Weight of the pan being .counterbalaneed by the weight 22 attached upon the outside end of the shaft 16, as will he seen from Figure 2.

lTheopposite end of the shaft 16, outside of the casing 6, is provided with a crank 17, to which is pivoted the link 18, carried by a lever 2() having an extended arin and handle 19 and which is itsel removably attached to the shalt 21 for operating` the valve. link 1S is provided with an extra hole 23 for bolt 32 supporting handle 19, so that the pan 14 may be leit standing open in case it is desired to use .the device as a dry hopper and dispense with the use ofthe dumping pan.

T he plate t5 fixed upon the top oi the bowl ring extends backward and carries upon it all the apparatus for the flushing valve. The

i Water supply pipe 24 may be brought up out-A side and behind the casing 6 and opens into the valve chamber 25, which is supported trein the plate 8 by ineans` of the depending lug 26 and the lateral nozzle engaving pipe 27 which leads into the pipe 28. This latter is arranged around thev inside of the bowl underneath the over-hanging ring 30 and liesin an annular groove in thebowl, as shown in the left of' Figure .1. It ends intlie nozzle .29 in `order to give the Water a atory inotion in the groove and the bowl W en the lushing takes place; The rear end has a wedge forni to spread the stream oi' Water (Figure tl.)

The opening into'the valve chamber from' pipe 24 is controlled hy valve 33t/which is 'hired upon a spindle 32 provided -with a loose The .' crenlr lever pivoted 'casing 6 or the bowl.

longer 34 J'fixed thereon and' having a oosely fitting cu'v disk which allows the water' to pass be .ind it, but confines the water `in the casing on the return movement,

- forcing escape tln'fmgh theoutlet 35. lt is normally pressed back by cbil spring 33. The valve stem 32 is rovided with an adiustablesleeve 38 whim extends through the rear of the casing 25 ,and there engages, through the agency of the sleeve 45 held in place by the screw 39, the arm 4U ofthe bell at 41 and which has the heed of its erin Ll2 engaging the slot 44 in the caro. t3 lined upon the shalt 21. The shaft 21 is supported by means of the llanges 29 preferably made integral with the bowl and serving'as the supports for the plate 8 as be- `fore described.

The casing 25 has a small bleed passage 35 :from the rear ol" the plunger 34 leading into the open pipe 27, and controlled by mee-ns of a choke screw 35. This is for the/purpose of allowing 'the plunger 341 to return gradually to its rearward position through the effort or the spring 33, after the handle has been released, in order that the flow oi water may be continued and cease gradually, and the bowl close gradually.

lt will be observed that the parts of thea flushing valve and the handle as well as the interior pipe 28 which is attached to the valve casing by the short pipe 27 and a coup ling nut, rest loosely upon the su porting Consequent y when the bowl is lifted out of place it) may carry with it the lushing apparatus and leave the casing 6 open for cleaning' or inspection and the pan lfialso free from any connection with the other parts except its supportupon the shaft 16.

From the above description, will be evident: normally the an 14 stands in horizontal position and is lied up `to its rim with water so' that the nozzle 13 of the howl 12 dips therein and. forms an effectual seal against gases or cold air from below. Wien the handle 19 is pulled up to dump the pan 1.4, it will be seen that by the same motion the cani Afil-actuates the bell crank 40 and thrusts the sleeve 38 of the valve spindle inward so as to o en the valve 31 and allow, the Water to 'flow reely from pipe 24 throu h pipe 27 and out through the nozzle 29 in the owl givingl it a gyratory motion in the groove underneath the overhanging seat ring 30 of the said bowl.- 'This will continue the operation until the bowl is closed, the water being kept up by the centrifugal force, till the pan c os es, and will then flow down over the whole surface, the stream bein spread by the rear end of the pipe 28. lllpon the release of the handle, it returns to lts horizontal position by reason of the counterweight 22y on the far Side of the shaft 16 and the valve is gradually returned to place by the has passed by the ,is there flushing .released or not. which the handlebsr 19 senses 33, the water in the meanwhile which henger 34 to the 'rear, es caping gradually t rough the small o ening 35, which may oi course be 4contro -ed to make 'the time or rate of return of the valve plunger 34' as slowly as desired by'rneans of a regulating screw 36. As the pan `rises up graduali while the water is still running, it y thoroughly cleansed before it cornes into its horizontal position, and theren tore only the last of' the water left after the remains in the new thoroughly cleansed pan. The valve and pen acting si.d multeneously the pan reaches its normal position before the centrifugal force of the 8o water is exhausted and 's therefore in pesition to receive the remaining clean water when it finally drops down, flowing on all sides of the bowl.

"in thernodication shown in Figure apparatus is the seme as in Figure 1 exec t for the attachment of thehandle with tne y1 dumping pan. lt is desirable thaty the' pan and valve at once return 'to their normal sitions alter dumping and lor this purpose the handle 19 is pivoted on a seperate pin 5() and the shaft/21 carries the operating arm e9 connected with link 18 directly and with the handle 19 by means of the spring catch 51, pivoted at 52, andnpressed into position to engage the end of the bar 49 lg a spring 53. The catch has a stop 57 behin it, so that es the. handle 19 is raised, the angle changing. the catch 51 will eforced-ont of engagement and let the bar 4 and link i8 fell again reroe turning the pan, and the valve actuated by 7 shaft 21, to position, 4whether 'the handle he This results in an economy spring the of water. In Figure. 7 l' show another modification. ieg-,

is operated by the seat, through the agency ofthe link'54 which engages the pin 56 bymeans of the slot 55.. Otherwise thestructure is the same es in Fivure 6; and the operation will be evident, no y this structure it will be seen that' l atf tain a thorough flushing of'the bowl with s. minimum amount of` Water, requiring less than a third hat is usual in such cases,and the water being introduced in a gyratory mor 'i 5 tion, adds tothe efficiency of the same'l in cleaning the bowl. In returning to normal. A* position all the movable arts, it will be observed, are actuated in t 1e direction of motion of they 'lve itself and ter, so that il will be assured of eventually r seating and of returning all parts to normal. position. The shuttin olf of the water-is thus automatic and is oubl sure b :means of the water fessure itsel as wel as the spring 33 an the counter-Weight 22.A It will be seen that the position of the'handlelQ is easily reversible by simply looeeningathe set screws 46 (see Figure 4) and 48`('see Figa# ure 2) and removing the Cotter-p inJIT-(eee 13o the incoming wa'- :zc`

reinserted at the opposite side.

illustrated its use, what l claim and desire to.

secure. b v Letters Patent is the following:l

1. In a water. closet the combination with v a bowl and means `for flushing the same, of a dumping pan embracingthe outlet of said bowl and provided with a double hotton'i containing an insulating packing Vbetween the two layers ofthe bottom, substantially` as,

and for the purpose described.

2. .ln a water closet, the combination of a supporting casing 6, a detachable upper bowl 12 therein, a cover plate on. the upper bowl, and operating means comprising means for operating the dumping pan, a llushing device and means for operating the flushing device, all mounted upon the cover plate andA remov able from the supporting casing 6 with the bowl l2.

3. ln a 'water closet the combination with a bowl and a dumping pan and means for 'flushing said pan, of a casing andvalve for admitting the flushing water having means for gradually closing the valve Vand continuing to inject water into thebowl after the valve has closed, substantially as described.

4. In a waterv closet a flushing valve ce'nsistingrof a casing and a stein having a valve fixed thereon, and an auxiliary plunger mounted upon said stem and spring-pressed in the casing and having a loose cup valve to admit and confine the waterbehind the same, so that as the valve first closes thc plunger continues its piovement to inject water from the casing into the cylinder, substantially. as described. 'l'

5. ln a water closet the combination with howl and a d niping pan, of a valve for introducing watel in the valve casing to continue the-injection ci water after the valve is closed, and a coni- Ymon handle to operate the pan and to manipulate the valve, substantiall;T as and for the purposes set forth.

ln a water closet a flushing valve coniprising a easing having inlet and outlet passages, a puppet valve opening against the inflow of water therein, and a loose auxiliary cup plunger upon the valve stem and a spring toniove it in the casing, and a bleed passage in the casing behind said plunger through which the water `is caused to llow as the valve `is closed, b v the pressure of the plunger, substantially as described.

to flush the bowl and means 'a puppet valve opening against the incomlng stream of water, an auxiliary `plunger upon the stem of the valve and spring-pressed to push it through the casing, a looselv lit-- rting cup valve on the plunger and a regu lable bleed passage for escape ot the water behind said plunger, and means for adjusting the throw of the val re'plunger in operating the valve, substantially as described.

8. ln a water closet the combination with a supporting casing 6 ot' a removable upper howl 12 therein, a handle operating the dumping pan, a flushing valve, and means for operating the flushing valve, all carried 'upon a, portion ofthe howl and removable substantially as described.

. 9. ln a water closet the combination vi-ith a bowl and a dumping pan, of a Bushing valve, and a handle operating both the dumping pan and the llushing valve, means to return the pan and the valve to normal position, and an auriliarv plunger en the valve stem provided with means lor causing the water to continue to How as the valve is closed, to flush the pan after it is returned to normal position, substantially as described.

10. ln a water closet the combination with g 5 a bowl and dumping pan, of a shalt attached to said pan for dumping the saine, a lever arm and link vfor operating the shaft, means upon said ,latter shaft for reciprocating the flushing valve of the bowl, and means upon, ion

the flushing valve and spindle for regulating the flow of the valve, and closing of the pan.,

and automatic means to continue the mater llow after the operating means i released and the pan is closed, subst:initiallyr descrbei'l. io5

11. ln. awater closet the combination with.

a pivoted dumping pan 1"and a handle and connections for operating it, of a ilushing valve forming an immediate inlet Jfrom the feed-pipeto the pan actuated by means et iro the handle for dumping the pan, and an esycapement hook on the' handle engaging part of the dumpingmechanism,wherebv the link is dropped automaticallyT at a redeterinined; point as the handle is raise( so that the -1 15 valve may be held open after the pan is closed. i

-12. In a water closet a 'lushing val ve therelor comprising a casing having a puppet valve opening toward the inllowing stream of i 2o water, a separate chamber ofthe val ve casing ha ving a regulable bleed passage leading therefrom, a loose plunger mounted on the stem ofthe valve and provided vi ith a spring to press it into said separate chamber, wherei z5 bfi the flow of water to said bleed passage is independent of the movement of the valve; substantially as described.

13. In a water. closet the combination'with a bowl lhaving a cirumfcrential groo ve for a 13o streem of Water anni n dumping pen and flushing valve, of en injeoting pipe emptying' into the bowl-groeve at the side distant from the valve end having n. squirt nozzie, and means in the flnshingvelve for continuing the HOW of Wat/er through the squirt nozzle :after the valve is closed land the pon returned to pleee.

14. In n wete-r closet the combination with a bowl and a dumping pan and ineens for returning the dumping pan to normal position, of a nozzle in the bowl adapted to introduce a stream in gyratory direction aroundvsaid bowl7 and a fiusliing valve .including a. easing havingr an inlet valve therein and an enxilf Lary piston on the valve stein with e spring for pressing it into the valve casing, and en eseapernent for llquld behind said piston to the nozzle-:whereby the flow of Wet-er through semen the nozzle into tine bowl is continued after zothe velve is elosed, substantially as and for the purpose described.

15. In e Water closet the combination of a. bowl he ving e eireumferentinl groove aroundAV a top portion ndfipted to receive e g'ylntory z 5 stream of Water, and aninjecton pipe lying therein and having a squirt nozzle et the end adapted to direct 'the stream of Water to flow in gymtory direction in seid groove and to be kept u by a. centrifugal force, vsnbstsin- 3o tially es ascribed.

In testimony whereof I lieve hereunder signed my name in the presenee of then tivo

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