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Publication numberUS834070 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 23, 1906
Filing dateOct 16, 1905
Priority dateOct 16, 1905
Publication numberUS 834070 A, US 834070A, US-A-834070, US834070 A, US834070A
InventorsJohn E Nutter
Original AssigneeJohn E Nutter
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US 834070 A
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' PATBNTBD' 00T. 23, 1906.



P CTL ATTORNEYS 1un- Nomus Parnu col, wnnmnran. n c.




To all whom it may concorre:

Be it known that I, JOHN E. NUTTER, a

l citizen-vofv the United States, anda resident .cially to rockingechairs; and one of the principal objects thereof is to provide a chair of thiskind of an embodiment to overcome numerous disadvantages and objections encountered inthe use of many otherstructures of the kind hitherto devised.

A furtherobject is to vprovide a structure of the character specified which is simple inv its embodiment andcomparatively inexpensive to manufacture, besides being effectivev and reliable for its purposes and possessing the capacity for long and repeated service.

The above and additional objects are attained by means substantially such as are illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a part-sectional side elevation of my improved rocking-chair on the line 1 1 of Fig; 2, the upper part of the back of the chair being broken off; and Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional view on the line 2 2 of Fi 1.

Before proceeding with a more detaile description it may be stated that in the form of 4 my improvements herein shown I employ a base for my improved locking-chair of special construction, Working upon which are specially-constructed rockers, between wchih and the seat of the chair are disposed special cushioning devices for the seat, vand while I have herein represented my improvements in a certain preferred form it will be understood that I'do not limit myself thereto in precise detail, since immaterial changes there-l in may be made coming within the scope of my invention.

Reference being had to the drawings by the designating characters thereon, 1 represents my improved rockin -chair in entirety,

the same comprising para lel base members 2, disposed a suitable distance` apart and preferably provided at the ends thereof with feet 3 for supporting said members a suitable height from the floor. These base members y Specification of Letters Patent.

.Application filed October 16, 1905. ySerial No. 282,981.

Patented Oct. 23, 1906.

l are preferably provided on the upper surfaces thereof with wear-plates 4, upon which are mounted the rockers 5, ywhich are herein shown as being substantially semicircular in form and which may be constructed of any suitable material. The-curved edges of said rockers are provided with inturnediianges 6, constituting the operative members of the i rockers, and which flanges are directly seated upon the, said wear-plates 4." The upper i or straight edges of the rockers, which are normally horizontally disposed, are also pro-k vided with inturned flanges or members 7, preferably of equal width with the said flanges or members 6, and the rockers are formed with corresponding sets of reversely-disposed arcuate slots 8, through each of which extends a headed pin or bolt 9, which is supportedin suitable alining openings therefor in the 11p-,-

base members 2 ofthe structure in any suit-y able way, as by means of bolts 14 and nuts 15 thereon. It will thus be seen that when mction is imparted to the rockers 5 in the ordinary way the same will be evenly guidedin their movements upon the wear-plates 4, and attention is called to thev fact that the base members2 are preferably connected together by suitable brace-rods 16, extending between the same at or near the ends thereof. Secured to the upper surfaces of the flanges 7 of the rockers by means of bolts 17 and nuts 18 thereon are strips,19 of any suitable material, (preferably wood the upper surfaces of which are flat and on which are suitable springs 20, which are secured in place in any suitable way, as by means of the same bolts 17 and nuts 18 by which -the said strips 19 are secured to the said flanges or members 7 of the rockers. i A

-The springs 20 are preferably herein shown as of bowed form with the ends thereof free .or disconnected from each other, as lat 21 in Fig. 1, the end portions of each of the said springs being secured to the under side of one of the side members 22 of the seat 23 of the roo chair, said seat being herein shown as constructed of said side members 22 and intersecting front and rear members 24 and 25, respectively. The seat may be provided with any suitable form of cushion 26, if desired, a similar cushion 27 being provided for the back 28 of the chair also, if desired, and side arms 29 may be employed extending toward the front edge of the seat from the said back 28 and supported in position by suitable ornamental posts 30. The seat 24 is further mounted at the rear thereof upon the in.- wardly extending upper end portions 31 of duplicate reverselydisposed transverse springs 32, the lower end portions of which are preferably seated in notches therefor in the upper surfaces of the hereinbefore-mentioned strips 19 flushly with such surfaces and secured in place by the rearmost sets of the hereinbefore-mentioned bolts 17 and nuts 18 employed for securing in place the hereinbefore-Inentioned springs 20, while the said upper end portions of the springs 32 are secured to the under side of the member 25 of the seat 23 by means of screws 33 or in any other suitable way.

To furnish ri idity to the structure above the base thereof, it is preferable also to connect the rockers together by means other than such as have been already referred to, and, as shown herein, the strips 19 are connected together by any desired number of transversely-extending rods 34, it being apparent that in this way the parts will all be held in the desired relationship to each other 4 for enabling the rocking-chair to be used for all the ordinary purposes of such a structure. The movable portions of the structure are easy working and practically noiseless in operation, while they are capable of being readily taken apart for any purpose desired and again put together. The structureis also comparatively light, yet strong and stable for its purposes, all of which, it is thought, will be i fully understood from the foregoing description.

Having thus described my invention, I

cured to the side members adjacent to the center thereof, bolts traversing the upper ends of the plates and the arcuate slots, and a seat connected with the rockers.

2. A rocking-chair comprising a base, composed of separated side members having flat upper faces, rockers comprising substantially semicircular plates having flanged peripheries, the curved edges of the rockers resting upon the side members, each of said rockers being provided with a pair of oppositely-arranged arcuate slots, oppositely-arranged pairs of plates secured to the side lnembers adjacent to the centers thereof, bolts traversing the upper ends of the plates and the arcuate slots, and a seat connected with the rockers.

3. A rocking-chair comprising a base composed of separated side members having flat upper faces, rockers comprising substantially semicircular plates having flanged peripheries, the curved edges of the rockers resting upon the side members, a seat connected with the rockers, side plates secured to the respective side members of the base and a connection between the side plates and the rockers whereby to permit the movement of the rockers upon the side members of the base.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.




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