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Publication numberUS834228 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 23, 1906
Filing dateJan 22, 1906
Priority dateJan 22, 1906
Publication numberUS 834228 A, US 834228A, US-A-834228, US834228 A, US834228A
InventorsVirgil W Blanchard
Original AssigneeVirgil W Blanchard
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Gas heating apparatus.
US 834228 A
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vine-inw. BLANCHARD, or NEW YORK. N. Y.v


No. 834,228.4 A

Specification of Letters Patent.

patented occ. 23, i906.

Application flied January Z2, 1906. VSerial No. 297,270. I

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, VIRGIL 'W. BLANCHARD, of New York, in the county of New York and State of New York, 'haveinv'ented certain new and useful Im rovements in' Gras Heating Apparatus; an I hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, which form part of this specification.

This invention is an improvement in gas heating rapparatus particularly designed for use in Connection with gas-stoves of the kind illustrated in my application for gas heatingstoves, Serial No. 297,241, filed January 22, 1906; and this invention relates to the construction of the outer case of such stoves, and is designed to improve thel extraneous appearance of the case and at the same time rovide for lateral dissemination of the heat 1n a most advantageous manner all around the periphery of the stove, while protecting the heating-fines thereof from any sudden chilling or deflection' of the heated gases by extraneous drafts in the apartment in which the stove is located. 1

The invention will be fully understood from the following description of the device illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is avertical sectional view through a complete gas heating-stove having my imrovement applied thereto. Fig. 2 is an enarged front view of one of theventilating plates, and Fig. 3 is a vertical section thereof. In the drawings, F designates a burner into which gaseous mixtures are supplied from tubes C, which discharge into a hood E on the lower end of the burner. This burner is susended within a cylinder H, mounted on a ase-plate I', sup orted on a cylinder I mounted on a suita le base. (Not shown.)

The cylinder H is surrounded by a second cylinder J, the top of which is closed by a plate J so that the products of combustion escaping from the burner are caused to descend between the cylinders H and J into the space between lthe cylinder J and the inclosing casing K, which is supported upon the baselate I and extends above the plate J and may have its upper end closed by the plate K provided with an opening 7c (provided with a valve k6) for the escape of some of the products of combustion above the plate J The parts C, E F, H, and J are preferably constructed substantially as shown and described inrny application above referred to,

struction of the outer casing and 'more par ticularly to the heat-esca e outlets from said casing, which I will now escribe.

In the side of the casing K are large openings k, which are covered by plates k2, of reticulated or perforated metal, each of which sheets is secured in position around an opening by means of a metal frame L, having lateral projecting lugs l, by which it can be fastened to the casing by rivets or bolts l', as shown. The frame L corresponds in contour with the opening in the casing and has an inwardly-proj ecting flange L/ adapted to clamp the edges of the reticulated plate k2, against the side walls of the casing, as shown more clearly in Fig. 8.

The casing K should be provided with openings k on all sides, and as each opening is covered by reticulated plates k2 there can be at no point a violent' outrush of heated air from the side of the casing, but the heated air will b e diffused uniformly through the apertures in the plates k2 all around the side walls of the casing, and thus distributed in the most efficient manner around the stove, and such lateral diffusion of the hot air is greatly more advantageous for heating purposes than having it discharged entirely through the top of the casing through the valved apertures k therein; but even if some of the gases be allowed to escape from the upper part of the casing a large quantity ofthe hot gases nevertheless will escape through the perforated plates k2. These plates and their frames, furthermore, imp art a very ornamental appearance to the casing, and the plates are cheaper and more serviceable than mica or glass, which, moreover, would be useless for the purposes of these plates k2, be-

cause mica or glass would not permit the passage and diffusion of the gases through the openings 7c which is the object of the present invention. The perforated or reticulated plates k2, used as a substitute for mica and glass with the advantageous results above s ecied, I consider an important feature of t e invention, and I do not wish to restrict myself to the particular form of the casing shown in the drawings.

Having thus described my invention, what I therefore claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent thereon, is-

las the present invention relates to the con- IOO IIO

1. The combination in a gas heating-stove i .rounding the burner, and rounding the -flrstmentioned cylinder land .closed at yits of a burner, a cylinder H surrounding the same and Closed at its upper end, va second Cylinder J enveloping the cylinder 'I-I, and a third cylinder or easing K surrounding the cylinder J and provided With a series of openings, said openings being closed by a like series of-perforated metal plates, all arranged to operate substantially as vand for ytbe purpose described.

y2. The oombinationofa gasheiting-stove" vhaving an internal burner, a YCylinder sura second cylinder upper end with ,a casing sur- .having an annular

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Cooperative ClassificationF24C3/002