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Publication numberUS834419 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 30, 1906
Filing dateAug 14, 1905
Priority dateAug 14, 1905
Publication numberUS 834419 A, US 834419A, US-A-834419, US834419 A, US834419A
InventorsBenjamin F Stewart
Original AssigneeBenjamin F Stewart
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Revolver-belt and suspenders.
US 834419 A
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" No. 834,419. PATENTED OG Ti. an, 1906.


' REVOLVER BELT AND SUSPENDEIL- An mo'nrox rIL'nn we. 14. 1905.

To" on whom it may concern:



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Oct. 1906.

Application filed August 14, 1905. Serial No. 274.078.

Be it known that I, BENJAMIN F. STEW- ART, a'citizen of the United States, residing at 923 North Twenty-first street, Omaha, in the county of Douglas and'State of Nebraska,

have invented a new and useful Revolver-' Belt and Suspenders, of which the following is a specification My invention relates to improvements in revolver-belts and suspenders of the class adapted to sustain a pistol or revolver in a suspended position within reach of the wearer.

The principal object of the invention is the presentation of means as an adjustable I harness beneath the vest for sustaining a re volver beneath the armpit on the outer side of the vest in a manner so that the revolver or the, holster inwhich it is contained may hang dependingly and be concealed, so far as external appearances are concerned, when a coat is worn.

The invention is designed for the use of policemen and others whose business requires the carrying of firearms. The custom of carrying this Weapon on the hip is objectionable for well-known reasons.

7 The invention has reference to a harness concealed beneath the vest adapted to cause an equal distribution of weight and to the employment of a belt and suspenders having loops at their ends and adjustment-buckles and slidable links, so that the wearer may lengthen or shorten the belt or suspenders after the belt is in operative position from either side of the breast in a manner to prevent the loops from pressing the clothing outwardly.

The invention also has reference to a slidably-mounted strap on the belt adapted to pass downwardly through the armhole to the outside of the vest, so that a revolverholster may be sustained thereby, and to provide means for carrying a revolver in such a position that it will remain evenly in place with comfort to the wearer without sagging the belt and avoid unnecessary wear of the clothing, and to provide a location for the housing .of the revolver so that it will be quickly accessible as well as concealed.

With these and other objects in view the invention presents a novel construction and arrangementof parts, as disclosed herein, described by the claim, and illustrated by the drawings, wherein- Figure 1 represents a front view of the wearer and the corresponding parts of the invention, the broken lines indicating the parts worn beneath the vest. Fig. 2 is a somewhat similar view to that shown by Fig.

1, being a rear view of the wearer and of the devices employed. Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the complete invention. Fig. 4 is a detail to illustrate parts shown in Figs. 1

and 3.

I construct the belt H, having belt-loops formed at each end of the belt, and as fastening means mount upon the free end of one belt-loop the metal hook 0, adapted to engage the metal link D upon the free end of the opposite belt.

Near the front of the belt and upon either side of link D, I employ adjustment-buckles C, which connect the belt-loops with the belt in the manner common to ordinary buckles, by means of which the belt may be suitably lengthened or shortened, and in order that the loops may not be loose or obtrusive I employ links E, which inclose the belt-loops and are slidable thereon.

I employ supporting-bands or suspenders F, preferably crossed and fastened together at the back, as at K, the end of each securely fastened upon belt H, as indicated at K, and employ adjustment-buckles A, adapted to connect each Suspender-loop B with the suspender F, of which it forms a part, and in order that the folds of the suspender-loops may not become separated or press outwardly against the clothing employ links E, adapted to inclose them and adapted to slide belt H. As thus constructed an adjustment -may be made, as is apparent, which will support the belt on a line with the armpits,- and the wearer may adjust the belt or suspenders in a very convenient manner, as by use of one hand either upon the right or left breast and without removal of the vest. I employ the strap G, having the upper end thereof formed as a loop L, this loop being slidably mounted on belt H, said strap being extensible in a downward direction and fastened to the buckle M, buckle M being secured to the revolver-holster N.

It will be noted'that the construction pro- .vides for the carrying of the revolver practically beneath the arm, where it will not be obtrusive and from which location it can be quickly drawn and where it will be concealed by the coat. It will be observed that by the use of the construction shown the weight of the revolver and belt is distributed on the shoulders and back of the wearer, and the sagging of the belt is largely prevented, for the reason that the belt is Well sustained at opposite sides of the armpits, and the use of the invention aside from these points of adaptation has proven very practical for persons Whose business require the carrying of firearms, since it permits these persons to dress in ordinary clothing, the Weapon and harness therefor being entirely concealed.

What I claim as my invention is In combination, a belt having a body portion and terminal ends formed as belt-loops, said belt-loops having engaging members mounted on their free ends, an adjustment buckle on each of said belt-loops opposite its free end connected with said belt; a link inclosing each of said belt-loops and adapted to slide thereon; suspenders, each having one end secured to the body portion of said belt, the opposite end being formed as inclosing loops adapted to encircle said belt; an adjustment-buckle connecting the end of each inclosing loop with each of said suspenders, and a slide encircling each of said inclosing loops; and a downwardly-extending revolver-strap havin a loop at its upper end, said loop being slida le upon said belt.




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