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Publication numberUS834900 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 6, 1906
Filing dateMar 16, 1905
Priority dateMar 16, 1905
Publication numberUS 834900 A, US 834900A, US-A-834900, US834900 A, US834900A
InventorsIngebrigt J Glerum
Original AssigneeIngebrigt J Glerum
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US 834900 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

PATENTED NOV. 6, 1906.


' HAT.

APPLIUATION FILED 1613.16, 1905 M w J! mama/o iss View oi? a. hut, s




Sgaecification of Letters Patent.

Patented Nov. 6, 1906.

Application filed March 16, 15305. Serial No. 25052456.

'1'?) 11/117 whom it may calmer-n.-

Be it known that I, INGEBRIGT J. GLERUMI, a citizen of the United States, residing at Devils iishe, in the county Ramsey and State ofihnifh Dakot: I have invented 001* min ii-'W at i 'usefui impi'ovei'nents in Hats; and i. do doc aro the foiiowing to be a full, clear, and. exact description of the inventiui, such will enable other; skilled in the art to which it epperteims to make and use the some.

This invention relates to improvements i 1'1 ladies. hats and the maniier of trimming the s It me The hat in.

ebjeot of the invention is to provide a Wh sk. the trimming may he quickiy 1d ireihieed iiydiii'erent trimmings, the hat to be trimmed in a 75k i t inven isists of oertsm uovei featof ooustri ion, oomhii'istiw, and ement of ports, as Wiii he hLieiimfteir dei and chimes 1Q; din-Wings, F urc 1 h the me trmuiuui in :icmydmime with the invention. Fig. '2 is: View oi hat with the i iifllnl'iilf; removed, I v a, 1' q r in whioh the trinimi ieci thereto. Big. 1; is it simiizn' of it ribbon hat-hand. having it hyw is?! tint it flow s attach -(i thereto itiili showing tn; [or coni i v t e sin s o is i";- sin how, mowing the crown,

1, 1 01)." k) fill-11 under s de of the hat,

other variety of trimming used upon ladies hats To the inner side of each end of the ribbon stitched or otherwise secured pieces of stil'i'ened fabric 8, to which are attached the socket members i: of said resilient fastening devices. In trin'iming the hat the ribbonbaint. 6 placed around the crown, and. the members 9 oi the resilient fastening devices, which are semured to the opposite ends of "ii ri'nmn, ere snapped into engsgeiient h the stud members of said festenin dees on tho hutuu'mvn,

*lhi 1m under side oi. the rim of the hat is stitched or otherwise secured short section i stiffened fnhi'ic "0, to the opposite ends of which are secured stud members 12 oi 2esih.'

ent fastening devices. Said stud members 12 are mhipted to receive the socket iiiemhers 1 3 of the fastening devices, and said sooket members 13 are secured to strips of stiffened i'z'ihrio 14, to which may attached airtii'ioisi flowers, bows of i'ihhon, 0? i C'Oiilbiflfir tion of both While 1 have 8110\31 sud Liesoi'iheii one i h or stve inwhith the hat may be trimmed, it is oi viuus that any 'i'eii trimming used ably connected to seveifzii, i'ustem, on the hat, thus providing" to; '21- W1? 3 and permitting the Fmm the foregoing iesuzfi 1 ion with the swamp 3 cons .iuctieii. and operation o will he reedii undo 4 3d i 9; s more extended ex ous ii-hsnges in the .LUL

minor detv is UfCOJT' soouii wi to the (1 wrthe," fox -brim a. mem;

of the fasteners upon the hat secilmd to aestimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in prvsmwze of Mo subscribing W "imcsses:

F1: E1) 6 TRAY NOR,

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Cooperative ClassificationA42B1/22