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Publication numberUS835243 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 6, 1906
Filing dateSep 22, 1905
Priority dateSep 22, 1905
Publication numberUS 835243 A, US 835243A, US-A-835243, US835243 A, US835243A
InventorsRobert D Jeffreys
Original AssigneeRobert D Jeffreys
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US 835243 A
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PATENTE NovQ 6, 190s.

A j'No. 835,243.




nl! .-11 mtl. el, lc.





Specification. of Letters Patent.

Patented Nov. 6, 1903.

Application filed September 22. 1905. Serial No. 279.617.

easily accessible for repairs and easily constructed and wherein the oil-separating elements can be conveniently and cheaply inspected or re laced.

Another o ject of said invention is the provision of an oil-separator for steam so arranged that the condensed steam is caught and led ofi' to the boiler without danger of mixture of oil therewith.

My' invention is illustrated in a preferred form u1 the accompanying drawings, where- 1n- Figure 1 shows my separator partly in side elevation and partly in median section, and Fig. 2. iS an end elevation of the same with one head remove Y My separator comprises a casing 1 of any desired shape, such as'thc horizontal cylinder shown, to which steam from the engines is led by the pipe 2 and from which the steam 1s led by the pipe 3 for return to the boiler tfter separation of any oil which it may conain.

As the steam moves from the inlet 2 to the outlet 3 it passes through a series of perforated sc arator-plates, Awire, nettings, or,i

`other Vwe l-known oil-collecting elements, (shown in vertical section at 4 in Fig. 1.) These are omitted from Fig. 2 for greater clearness.

, The collecting elements 4 are supported, as shown, by two end frames 5, so shaped as to be supported by the sides of the casing 1, 'as shown, for instance, in Fig. 2. i

The pl..tes 4 are sqm-e zcd between the end frames 5 by means of appropriate fastenmgs-as, for instance, by the bolts 6and are properly spaced by the spacingrirgs 7, extending around their edges. The whole group of plates, spacing-rings, and fran-ies are preferably held in place against lixcd abutmen'f 8 within the casing 1 l) means of screws 9, p-ar'ed at proper interva s.

' At the outer end of thc group of collectorplates is fixed a'curtain-plate 1,0, which is preferably made fast under the heads of the bolts 6, as shown, and extends to within a short 'distance of the bottoni of the casing. Its preferred shape in elevation is shown in Fig. 2.

`rIhe Tater of condensation which gathers vin the bottom of the casing and the-level of which is indicated in Fig. l acts,in connectionwith the curtainlate 10, toigrnr awater seal whereby all o the stel I Sglllfde to traverse-the' collectiig-plfli` g On these plates any oilwhich'the steam may carry is condensed, and this oil dri s down from the plates 4 on the inlet side o the curtain-plate 10, finally floating upon the water below, as shownl in Fig. 1. A coniininglate 11 is refera'oly fixed at the out-let en of the colecting grou which plate extends upward from the bo ts 6. This late prevents the dripping oil from finding its way to the surface of the water on the outlet side of the separator.

A Water-opening 12 and an oil-o ening 13 vare provided at the opposite ends o the separator, and these openings are so placed that while pure water'is exclusively drawn off at 12 only oil is carried away at the opening 13. Various changes may be made in the construction of this apparatus without departing from the scope of this invention, and I am not to be understood as limiting myself to the details herein shown and described.

What I claim is- 1. As an article of manufacture, a removable grease-eollecting element for insertion into the casing of a steam-separator comprising a group of parallel separating-plates, parallel spacing-rings between them, a curtain-plate 1U andbol'ts by which all of said parts are supported and clamped together, substantially as described. v

2. A steam-separator comprising a casing having a steam inlet and outlet, abutments attached to said inner surface, a removable group of separator-plates, having a depend- ICO ing plate 10 at oneN end all arranged within said casing with one side against said abutments and securing-screws 9 cooperating With said abutments to hold said group in place, substantially as described.

3. steam-separator comprising a casing having a steam inlet and outlet, abutments together, and securing-screws 9 coperat1ng attached to the interior of said easing, a rewith said abutnients to hold said groups 1n movable grease-collecting element within place, substantially as describe said casing comprising a group ciprallel ROBERT D. JEFF REYS- 5 sgpiiratlng-plates, parallel s aCinG-rinvs bel lm them, a curtmn-p a e a oonningplate l1 and bolts holding all of said plates Witnesses:



i t fn' 'r

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Cooperative ClassificationB01D46/12