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Publication numberUS835582 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 13, 1906
Filing dateMar 10, 1906
Priority dateMar 10, 1906
Publication numberUS 835582 A, US 835582A, US-A-835582, US835582 A, US835582A
InventorsFred W Tobey
Original AssigneeFred W Tobey
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Support for sectional bookcases.
US 835582 A
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No. 835,582. V PATENTED NOV. 13, 1906. F. W. TOBEY.



Q vihfmw/J 4 1 X avmmtoz UL te X 3 M M O Q B9 WM.



' .Specification of Patent. Application filed March 10, 1905. Serlalfiafil213r To all whom it may concern:

1 tains to make and use the same.-

Be it known that I, FRED W. Toner, a eitis My invention relates to improvements in supportsfor-sectional bookcases; and its obect is to provlde a supportinth'e n-atureof a leg andto adapt the same-tent the "bookcasesfei'ther at the corner in angular osition or at the front 1n front" position and also to adapt the leg toserve as a coupling for 'adja cent tiers of sections when the same are placed end to end and it consists, essentially,

of detachable legs for 'the front supports and means for'secunng the legs to the base-sec:

tions, said means comprising fastening's 'unfder each corner adapted'to attach a leg in an-- gular relationto the front and also'adaptedf to coact with like fastenings on an adj acent.

base-section to attach the legpartly beneath each section and to both sections, whereby the leg forms a coupling, and also to adjust the leg-facin to the front of the cases, substantially as ereinafter more fully described, and particularly gointedout in the claims, reference bein ad to the accompanying drawings, in w 'ch a Figure 1 is a perspective of two tiers of seetional bookcases with my device attached; Fig. 2, an enlarged lan of one of the supports for the same; ig. 3, a vertical section of the same on the line 3 3 of Fig. 2 with a portion of a case added, and Fig. 4 a diagram representin the underside of the cases and. illustrating t e position of the supports thereunder.

Like numbers refer to like parts in all ofthe figures. v

1 1 represent sectional bookcases arranged zend to end and of the usual construction,-'except as to the supports hereinafter described. The rear of this case is supported in any convenient manner, prefera ly upon leg extensicns at the rear of the lower sections of the ends. The front of the case is supported upon detachable ornamental legs 2, which together with the fastening means constitute my invention. These legs may be of any convenient design and are preferably of wood, to correspond with the case,"

and eachprovided at: the top with two has I tening members spaced apart and adapted to engage fastening members on the case in twodifferent positions, as hereinafter described, and consist,- preferably, of-metallic plates'3 1 segmental in form and having two arallel 2SlOtS4, spaced apart equidistant an parallel with a central radial line. The middle portion of the curved edge of the plateiis extended downward, as at--6,' and-the plate is securely attached to the leg by means of:

- screws ,7-. QThe leg is also provided with recesses beneath-the slots 5 to receive the heads of the fastening members,.which in the form shown consist of screws 8 and 8".

These screws are inserted in the bottom of the'case near the front corners thereof and substantially ona diagonal line of forty-five degrees, with the screws 8- su-bstantially dis-' tant from the end of the caseone-half the distance between the centers of theslots 4-, as*

illustrated in-Fig. 4, "and suitably-spaced apartto-enter the slots in the plate 3. At- -t e ex osed end of the the leg is engaged -With t e screws 8 and-8 which adjusts the leg to project diagonallyfrom the corner. If,

however, the sections of the case are placed end to end adjacent to each other, the slots 4:

. Patented mamas, 190e,

of the plate on the leg are engaged with the two' screws 8*, one 1n each adjacent section,

'which screws being further back from the front and in line With the front bring the le back under the case in proper position and partly beneath each section, projecting directly forward and in proper angular relation to the front of the case. I am thus able to use these legs in two difierent positions and to also at the same time utilize the same as con lings to securely hold the adjacent ends of the sections in close relation and in proper alinement. I do not consider myself limited to the specific fastening means consisting of screws and slotted plates, as shown. Various other fastening devices may be substituted therefor without departing from my invention.

t I claim is l 1. The combination of twosections of a bookcase arranged end to end, detachable legs supporting the exposed front corners and arran ed diagonall beneath the same, a detachal ile leg partially beneath each adjacent corner of the cases and facing the front of the cases, two fastening members under each tening'meinbers on each leg adapted to interchangeably interlock with the members on the bookcase-sections, whereby the legs may be attached in either of said positions. 1 2. The combination of two sections of a bookcase, arranged end to end, means for supporting the non-adjacent ends of the same, a detachable leg partially beneath the respective adjacent ends of the sections, two fastening members oneach bookcasesection and twofastening members ontheleg adapted to engage with one member on each bookcase-section or both members on one bookcase-section, whereby the leg serves to separatelysupport Tthe sectiensand .to couple the sameto each other. I 3. The combination of two sectlon's of a bookcase arranged end'to end, means for supporting the non-adjacent ends of sections, a detachable leg beneath both ad acent ends-of the sections, a screw in each section, and slots 'inthe leg-to receive the respective screw whereby the leg'supports both sections and couples the same together in alinement.

4. In combination with two base-sections of a sectional bookcase, twoiastening members arranged diagonally :under each corner of the sections, a detachable leg and two fastening members on the leg and adapted the end of the case substantially one-half of the distance between the center lines of the slots whereby-a leg may be attached under either one corner of one section to support the same, or under two corners of two ad acent sections to support both sections and to "couple'the-same together.

6; In combination with the base-section ofa bookcase, detachable legs each having a segmental plate at the top :provided withparand slots spaced apart and at the respective,

sides of the central radial line of the plate, screwsi-n the under side o'l the sections spaced apart :and arranged ondiagenal lines, :said slots and screws being so :adjnsted that :the

screws at one-corner o'f zthe case will-engage the slots and adjust'the :leg in one position relative to the case, -cr one screw under cach of two adjacent corners of thecase will engage the slots andad-jnstthe.leginladifierent relation to the sections.

7. In combination with the base-sections of a sectional beokcase, detachable legs-each provided with a segmental top plate 'hawin parallel slots to receive screws and spaced apart parallel andat each side of a-central radial line .on the plate, and screws in the bottom of the case arrangedinpairs: and oil-diagona'l lines of forty-five degrees, eachpair of screws being spacedapart to enter the-slots and the-screwscf each pair most remote item 'the front being spaced from the -end of the section substantially one-half the distance between the-centerlines oil-the slots.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two-witnesses.

- FRED TQBEY. Witnesses:


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