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Publication numberUS835669 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 13, 1906
Filing dateFeb 17, 1906
Priority dateFeb 17, 1906
Publication numberUS 835669 A, US 835669A, US-A-835669, US835669 A, US835669A
InventorsMatthew Eckley
Original AssigneeMatthew Eckley
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US 835669 A
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No. 835,669. PATENTED NOV. 13, 1906. M. EGKLEY.




\ I 7 I I w A TTORNEYS UNITED gs'TA rEs PATENT orrron.



Specification of Letters Patent.

' Patented Nov. 13. 1906.

To all whom it may concern: v

.Be it known that I, MATTHEW EoKLEY, a citizen of the United States, residing at Archbold, in the county of Fulton and State of Ohio, have invented a new and useful Build ing-Block, of which the following is a specification. J This invention relates to building-blocks, and has for its object to provide an artificialstone building-block having intersecting vertical and transverse passages formed therein to permit the circulation of air between the seveilial blocks when said blocks are laid into a wa A further object of the invention is to pro-' vide a block having a flat base and its oppo site ends provided with mortar -r,eceiving grooves," some of the blocksbeing formed with vent-openings communicating-with the adjacent transverse recess, thereby to permit. the escfipeof' foul air within the wall.

further object of the invention is to generally improve this class of devices, so as to add to their utility, durability, and efiiciency. j I c j JVith these and other objects in'view the invention consists-in the construction and novel combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter fully described, and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, it being understood that various changes in form, proportion, and minor details of construction may be resorted to Within the scope of the appended claim. 1 e

In the accompanying drawings, forming a spective view of one of the blocks used in the constructionof the side walls. Fig.' 2 is a transverse sectional viewiof the same. Fig. 3 is a, perspective view of one of the cornerbloclrs. Fig. 4 is a transverse sectional view ofF g. 3, and Fig. 5 is a longitudinal sectional drawings.

view of the same. Similar numerals ofreferenceindicate cor-. responding parts in all-of the figures of the The improved side blocks which m ary-be molded or otherwise formed-of cement, con-- crete, terra-cotta, or other suitable" plastic materialgare preferably rectangular in shape and provided with a=flat base 6, pierced by a plurality of vertically-disposed air-passages.

- 7, which intersect a longitudinal groove or airpassage 8, formed in the top of the-block, as

1 of dust .or other foreign material.

' Application filed I'elmiary 17, 1906. Serial No, 301,700. I

-pr eferably inclined 'or beveled, as indicated at 9, toform parallel ribs or flan es 10, adapted to receive the flat base 6 0 an adjacent 1 block ,when a lurality of said blocks are laid into a wall. The Opposite ends of the block 5 are formed with curved recesses. 11, which intersect the longitudinal groove 8, and disposedfon each side of the recesses '11 and arranged parallel therewith are mortar-receiving grooves 12. The corner-blocks 13 are provided with longitudinal grooves 14, which extend from oneend 0f the'blockto a point adjacent the o posite end, as shown. The expose end 15 of the block is pierced by a longitudinal opening which communi- 'cates with the groove 14, and seatedin said opening is a cylindrical tube or sleeve 17, having one end' thereof closed by a screen 18 By having the corner-block formed in the manner described the foul air circulating between the several blocks com wall is ermitted to escape throug the tubes 17., whi e the screens 18 prevent the entrance The corner-blocks 13 are also provided with suitable vertical air-passages 19 and mortar-receiving grooves 20. T

, In erecting a wall or similar structure the blocks are arranged in superposed courses rising the with the flat baseof oneblock engaging the r;

- aralll flanges or ribs 10 of an adjacent block and with, the mortar-receiving grooves 12' and 20 disposed in horizontal alinement and arranged togbreak joint. One of the blocks 13 is preferably positioned at each corner of the wall with the exposed face 15 of the blockdisposed flush with the exterior of w the wall, so as to permit the ready escape of .foul air through the openings 17. i The exposed faces of-the several blocks may be molded or otherwise formed in; imitation of chip ed or chiseled rock, or, if desired, the

bloclEs may be formed with a thin veneer or Y coating to represent marble or.other highly polished stone.

Having thus described thednvention, what is claimed is tially rectan unobstructe' base an provided at its u per 'face with a 1011 itudinal groove space inwardly from. one end of the block and open' shown. ,JThe side walls of the gronve 8 are ing'through the oppositeend thereof, said groovehaving its side walls. inclined toward I do A building-block comprising a substan- 1 lar bod portion having a flat IIO s also substantially rectangular in shape and the opposite exposed faces of the block and its end Wall inclined toward the ad'acent end of the block, there being a i vertical air-fines intersecting t e longitudinal groove and an opening formed in one end of the block and communicating with one of said fines, and a tube seated in the opening and provided with a screen, there being a vertical recess formed in the opposite end of th filura ity of block and mortar receiving grooves disposed 10 one on each side of the vertical recess.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own I have hereto affixed my signature in the presence of two witnesses.


- Witnesses:


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Cooperative ClassificationE04B2002/0295