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Publication numberUS836010 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 13, 1906
Filing dateJan 6, 1906
Priority dateJan 6, 1906
Publication numberUS 836010 A, US 836010A, US-A-836010, US836010 A, US836010A
InventorsFlorence L Brown
Original AssigneeFlorence L Brown
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Protective cover for picture-frames.
US 836010 A
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@Heaney THE Numels PETERS co., wAsHlNm'aN. n` c.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Nov. 13, 1906.

Application iled January 6. 1906. Serial No. 294,914.

To a/ZZ whom, it may concern:

Be it known that I, FLORENCE L. BROWN, a citizen of the United States of America, residing at Chandler, in the county of Lincoln and Territory of Oklahoma, have invented new and useful Improvements in Protective Covers for Picture-Frames, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to protective covers for picture-frames, the object of the invention being to provide an improved mode of application and means for supporting a protective cover of gauze, netting, or other suitable material so that the cover when applied will be held out of contact with the frame, so as to prevent the surface of the latter from being marred.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure l is a perspective view of a picture-frame having my improved protector applied thereto. Fig. 2 is a back view of the same. Fig. 3 is a detail view of one of the corner-su ports or netting-holders. Fig. 4 is a top p an view, on an enlarged scale, of one of the corner portions of the frame. Fig. 5 is a section on line 5 5 of Fig. 4.

Referring now more articularly to the drawings, the numeral 1 esignates a pictureframe of conventional oblong rectangular form, and 2 a protective covering, such as a shield of auze or netting, applied thereto.

Upon t e corner portions of the frame are arranged holders or supporting devices 3, each of which is formed of wire and comprises a substantially V-shaped central or body portion, the arms 4 of which are formed of right-angularly-bent extensions 5, terminating in right-angularly-bent attaching terminals or members 6, each of which is bent or coiled at its free end to form an eye 7 for the passage of a tack, screw, or other suitv able fastening device.

The arms 4 of the body portions of the holders or supporters correspond in form, or substantially so, to the corner-angles of the frame and standoutward a short distance from the face of the frame, and the extensions 5 thence project rearwardly over the contiguous sides of the frame and vout of contact therewith, while the attaching portions 6 project downward upon the back of the frame and are fastened thereto by tacks or other fastening devices 8, passinor through the eyes 7 and into the frame. It wi lbe observed that the attaching portions 6 project inwardly in planes at right angles-to each other, one ex- II- I* I I tending horizontally and the other vertically, and support the parts 4 and 5 out of contact with the face of the frame.

In applying the cover 2 a piece of gauze or netting of the required size is cut out and stretched across the front of the frame, thence rearwardly over the sides thereof, and finally over upon the b ack of the frame, and the corner portions thereof are suitably knotted or tied, as indicated at 9, to hold the cover stretched taut about the frame and in contact with parts of the holding or supporting members 3. The body or front portion of the netting will thus be held spaced. from the frame by the body portions of the supporters, while the edges of the netting will be spaced from the sides of the frame by the extensions 5. The covering will thus be held out of contact with all of the ornamental or finished portions of the frame and prevented from adhering thereto or scratching or otherwise marring the finished surface. The supporters are permanently attached to the frame, so that the netting when soiled may be easily and conveniently removed therefrom without interfering with the supporters and a new piece of netting or protective covering applied.

Having thus described the invention, what is claimed as new is l. In a protective covering for pictureframes, the combination with a pictureframe, of supporting-pieces applied to the corner portions of the frame and secured to the back thereof, and a covering stretched over the supporting-pieces and held thereby out of contact with the frame and fastened at the back of the frame to hold it stretched to the desired degree of tautness.

2. In a protective covering for pictureframes, the combination with a frame, of a covering enveloping the exposed portion of the frame, and means for holding the same spaced from and out of contact with said portion, said means comprising supporting devices fixed to the back of the frame and projected over upon the front portion thereof.

8. The combination with a picture-frame, of supporting devices arranged at the corners of the frame, each comprising a V-shaped body portion conforming to the corner-angles and having extensions from its arms projecting rearwardly beyond ythe sides of the frame and terminating in attaching extensions fastened to the back of the frame, the body portions and extensions of the support- IOO IIO

1 ing devices being held out of contact with the portion havin its arms provided With rearfrarne, and a gauze covering stretched over Wardly-eXten ing extensions bent at their l the outer faces of the frame and suitably held free ends at an angle to form attaching memfrorn disconnection at the back thereof and bers. 5 spaced from the frame by the supporting de- In testimony whereof I alix my signature 15 vices. inpresence of two Witnesses. p

4. A corner supporting and spacing de- FLORENCE L. BROWN.

vice for icture-rames to hold a covering Witnesses:

spaced t erefrom, the same comprising a H. S. EMMERSON,

1o p1ece of wire bent to form a V-shaped body FRED RICHARDSON.

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Cooperative ClassificationB44D3/00