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Publication numberUS838650 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 18, 1906
Filing dateNov 27, 1905
Priority dateNov 27, 1905
Publication numberUS 838650 A, US 838650A, US-A-838650, US838650 A, US838650A
InventorsWilliam L Rudd, William E Stout
Original AssigneeWilliam L Rudd, William E Stout
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Combined oiler and wiper for piston-rods.
US 838650 A
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PATENTBD DEC. 18, 1906. W. L. RUDD & W. E. STOUT.


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Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Dec. 18, 1906.

Annlltatinn film November 2'! 1905. Serial No. 289,252.

To 1!. Inhomif may concern;

Be it known that we, Wiuitn l... ltt'nn and WiLLiAu E. SToc'r, citizens of the United States, and residents of (.llltiiWi, in

the county of ook and State of Illinois have wanted certain new and list-[ill llllprovcmcnts in a lombined ()iler and Wiper or Pistondiods, of which accotnpanyinp and forming a part hereof, is a full and coin ilete description, sllllii'it'lit to enable those skilled in the art to which it pertains to understand, 88.1119. i

The object of this invention is to obtain n apparatus whereby the piston-rod of an engme, particularly of a rapid-running engine, w be continuously oiled and cleaned, and thereby the packing of the piston will be ireserved for a much greater length of time than otherwise can be done, and also a cheaper grade of packing can be used.

We have found in ractice that in some large engines in whici the rotation of the crankshaft isfrom iviu litiluiled and sixty to three hundred revolutions per minute a. highrade packing has heretofore been require in the stuffing-box of the piston-rod and that the same has necessarily been rcncwed notlcss than two times a week, and on the same engines when our oiler and cleaner has been attached thereto a lowgrade packing has been used and the same as not required repacking oft cncr than once in ten or more weeks.

In the drawings referred to as accompanying and forming a part of this specification, Figure l is an elevation of the end of a piston-cylinder and a device embodying our invention attached thereto. Fig. 2 is a side elevation of one end of a pist on-cylinder with a device embodying our invention attached thereto. Fig. 3 is a perspective of a device embodying our invention, on an enlarged scale. Fig. 4 is a hunt elevation of the end of a piston-cylinder having a round gland to the piston-rod packing-box and our device attached thereto. Fi 5 is a side elevation of one end of such cv inder with our device attached thereto, sho-..'ing the combined waste and oil box of the device in cross-section; and Fig. 6 is a perspective of the clamp shown in Figs. 4 and 5, on an enlarged scale.

A reference-letter applied to designate a make, and use the the following. when taken in connection with the drawings given NIH is used to indicate such part throughout the several figures oi the drawings wherever the same appears.

.\ is t he end of a cylinder of an engine.

ll is the gland of the stullingdiox of cylindcr A.

(7 are the bolts by which the st idling-box isadjusted.

l; is the time of the device embodying our invention lithe *1 is attachable directly to gland ll in those engines where such gland is rectangular and is secured to the cylinder bv bolts t. in those engines where gland B circular. as ll, Figs. 4 and 5, we make an additional base. as i". Fig. (i, and attach such additional base lo the stalling-box (i, as by bolt and lace base i on such additional l)tt\t. \Yln-n the cvlindcr A and pinion-rod l) are of the t vpe of engines known as horizontal, no fastening of base E to gland B or to snbbnse i is required; but when the device is attached to a vertical en inc bolts H II, Fig. 5, are used. Bolts ll ll extend, rentlt't'lln'lt, through holes therefor in base E andsubbase F, where the subbase is used, and through like holes in gland B if no subbase is used. An mode of fastening base E to the engine-cylinder equivalent to bolts H It may be substituted therefor.

l is the receptacle of the device embodying this invention and is open at both ends. The lower end walls are curved to substantially correspond with the periphery of the pistonrod D adjacent thereto.

J, Fig. 5, is cotton waste or equivalent material in receptacle 1. Material J is forced into the rece made I, so that oil, as K, Fi 5, will not readily llow therethrough. en packed in such receptacle, as described, and so as to extend a slight distance below race tacle I to come in contact with piston-rod 5 as such piston moves back and forth thereunder, the oil will 'lually flow through the packing J and lubricate the piston-rod, while at the same time the piston-rod is wiped by the ackin and kept clean.

The pac ing J may connistpf felt orother fibrous material through which the oil will slowlv pcrcolate.

W on the device is attached to a vertical e e, the packing J is saturated with oil, aiiiiny excess of Oll will run from the receptac e Havingthusdescrihoduurinvz-ntiun, what )lllktti in tho r000 uwlo to extend slightly )vluw the IH'QIIHM v m mnslitutv tho but-- tum thereof am in twin tht- {up of tho rvvvp- UM'it, such IPCQPUMIU adapted to hold all above the fibrous nmtoriul, an inYt-rtml-LL' shnpmi Int-till lmsu and a connection bvtwvon sue I bust and rocoptuclv; suhstuntiiiiiy as dostrihvti.

2. In a cumhinvd uilvr and wipvr, n rot-0 tsu'lo 011011 li lmth ('nds, iihimL nnitoriul uhn'v lilt fibrous inutm'inl, an additional 20

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Cooperative ClassificationF16N7/12