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Publication numberUS839127 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 25, 1906
Filing dateJan 18, 1906
Priority dateJan 18, 1906
Publication numberUS 839127 A, US 839127A, US-A-839127, US839127 A, US839127A
InventorsGabriel Felsenthal
Original AssigneeGabriel Felsenthal
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Telephone direction-plate.
US 839127 A
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V' Nt.l 839,127.

e ing .thereon num To v1r/Nicholmit may cone-ern: V

Be it known that I, GABnrEL FELSENTHAL, thus uniting GABRIEL FELSENTHAL; yor calorico, Innmois..

TELEPHONE a. citizen v of the United States.

Illinois,` have invented certain' new and usef Specification 4of Letters y v pplioatio iiled January 18, 19.061 Serial No. 296,698. v`



' '.Patentea maar. 1906.

, theiredges byseparate retaining means.' By

these two parts I providea card y 'residing atihaving a celluloid surface which entirely Chicago, 1in the county of Cook and Statepoi l covers and protects the printed matter on the paper backing. The openings a in the paper ful Improvements in Telephone Direction E backing in conjunction with the transparent tion.

My invention krelatest to adapted to be ap lied to telephones an 'hav'- ers andprinted matter indicating the, number of the telephone and directions for use'or any .other matter which ma be desired. l

j he object of my such a plate in Which the number and printed I matter shallbe completelyprotected' and in whichthe numbers maybe changed at will,

leaving the directions and other printed mat- 2O n ter permanent. y l l My invention conslsts 1n a telephone ydirec-v tion-plate constructed 'as hereinafter' de scribed. 4

In the'accompanying drawings, Fi ure l is a view in elevation of my improved te ephone .n direction-plate. Fig. 2 is a view ink elevation Vshowing the Vparts separated. .I Fig. 3 is a view in elevation of a modiiied form ofmy device yIn the drawings, a represents a paper backing of suitable sizeand shapehaving rinted any other matter which `1nay be desired.

Vorl printed surface of the backing-sheet', the

two surfaces being united together as distin guished from. devices in which the coversheet andthe backing-sheet are united 'at h thereon directions for use of the telep one orled lbehind the opening,

celluloid cover form Windows through which direction-k lates l which is printed on a `separate card or paper thissheet being indisheet of' suitable size, cated at c.

itwiu be Seen um i provide 'a directionyplate containing both permanent and vvariable printedmatter, both 'of which are eninvention is to providev tirely rotected. This plate 'mav be in any suitab e size o'r form. In Fig. 1 I have shown 'it adapted to be attached to a stationary or wall'telephone, while in Fig. 3 I show it* adapted to be attached tothe circular trans- `mitteror` the ordinary desk-telephone. In

the latter form represents an opening in both the celluloid and in the opaque sheet adapted to receive the telephone-mouth- I claim- 1. vA telephone direction-plate,v having a permanent printed backing provided with an opening, a removable printed backing mountand a transparent coverfplate united directly to the rinted surface of the permanent backing an covering both the permanent and removable backings, substantially as described. A telephone direction-plate comprising' a printed sheet provided-With an opening, a removable printed sheet behind the opening, anda transparent sheet permanently unite to the Asurface of the iirst-printed sheet and covering the opening.'


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Cooperative ClassificationH04M1/21