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Publication numberUS83913 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 10, 1868
Publication numberUS 83913 A, US 83913A, US-A-83913, US83913 A, US83913A
InventorsB. H. Bradley
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Improvement in picture-nails
US 83913 A
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No. 83,913.' Patented N0V.10, 1868.

Inma/few wjmozzef n. v M iuited i 5mm @met I @ffice a @er B. I-I. BRADLEY, OF WATERBURY. CONNECTICU'I.

Letters Patent No. 83,913, dated November 10. 1868.


The Schedule refen'ed to in these Letters Patentand making part of the same.

To all who/m it may concern:

Be it known that I, B, H. BRADLEY, of Waterbury,

in the county of NewHaven, and State of Connecti-V ticle known to the trade as ,pictu1'e-nails,77 thatis, a`

nail or screw driven into the wall for the support of pictures, and for like purposes and the invention con# sists in forming a head o1' hook upon the nail by turning the outer end at right angles to form the hook, or nearly so, and combining therewith a head constructed with a socket so as to slip onto the hooked end of the screw or nail. y

To enable others to construct my improvement,I will fully describe the same, as illustrated `in the accompanying drawings.

A is the nail or screw, pointed or threaded as the case may be. The outer end, I bend into a hook-shape,

so as to bring the end, B, into nearly a right-angular position to the spindle A.

D, the head, is formed of any suitable material, and of any desired external form. Upon the back I form a socket, a, so as to 'hook on over the end, B, of the nail. This is best done by punching the metal back,

and forcing the metal outward, as seen in g'. 4. The socket, however, may be otherwise formed, and the objectief my invention accomplished, which is to provide the nail with a hookedrend, and combining therewith an ornamental head, so that if, by accident, the liead'should be removed, the hooked end of the nail will retain the cord, or, in other words, to take from the' head the support, or any par't of it, of the cord placed over the nail.

In pictureenails of common construction, if, by accident,'the head is removed, there is nothing to prevent the cord slipping at once from the nail hence the great advantage of my improvement. i l

By the term picture-nail, I wishtobe understood as including all means of attachment'of the article to4 the wall.

I do not claim attaching ahead to a picture-nail by means of a recess or groove upon the back of said head, to admit ofthe transverse insertion of the head of the nail, as such, I am aware, is not new.

Having fully described my invention,

What I claim as new and useful, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-- A picture-nail, having formed upon its end the hook C, and combined with the head B, constructed so as to be attached to the end,'-D, of the hook, substantially in the manner herein set forth.


XVitnesses 01ans. W. GLLLETTE, A. B. WILSON.

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Cooperative ClassificationF16B15/02