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Publication numberUS839172 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 25, 1906
Filing dateMay 18, 1906
Priority dateMay 18, 1906
Publication numberUS 839172 A, US 839172A, US-A-839172, US839172 A, US839172A
InventorsArthur Snowden Miller
Original AssigneeArthur Snowden Miller
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Cylinder relief-valve.
US 839172 A
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l PATENTED DEG. 25, 1906. A., s. MILLER.


' f areactuated, primarily, by compressed air which enters througha pipe 8 into the; space lbetweenthe piston-heads. The flow of air se v i bore 12 in theend .ofthe piston. This holds 1 Uurrnn sTArns PATENT' ori-inicia f ARTHUR vsivownENMILLER,` oF` BIRMiNGHAM, ALABAMA.


Be it known that I,'ARTHUR SNowDEN MrLLER, a citizen ofthe United `States, residing at Birmingham, in the count of Jefferson-and State of Alabama, have invented new and useful Improvements in Cylinder Relief-Valves, vof whichl the following is a f 1 specification.

This linvention is a cylinder relief-cock, and has for its objectto provide an improved cylinder-cock operated by'compressed air `instead of bythe usual mechanicaly devices employed for that purpose. This is desirable, because a governing-valve can .be placed within easy reach of the engineer, who can operate the cocks in a shorter time` and with less expense of strength than with thek ordinary l rigging, andihe can also be sure thatthe cocks will remain as placed without further' attention. y

i In the present devicea common three-way governing-valve is used, and the device is so constructed that by manipulation of lthe -v valve the cylinder-cocks can be opened or z 5 c* excessive compression in' the cylinders, and,

closed yand willalso automatically relieve furthermore, the cylinder-cocks maybe kept `f o en lwhile the engine is at a standstill, as in t e roundhouse, (with throttle leaking, as usual,) therebyipreventing any kaccidental movement of the engine.

n `In the accompanyingdrawings, Figure 1 is a lan view of the device...v Fig. 2 is a central orizontalsection. Fig. 3 is a detail in centralvertical sectionshowing a cut-outv l f cock between the cylinder andthe reliefvalve." Referring specifically to-y the drawings, 6

indicatesv a double cylinder in which operate, in opposite directions, two pistons 7, which through they pipe 8 is controlled by any suitable three-way valve, (notshown) which will belocated'in the cab in convenient position to be operated by the engineer. The

rod of each piston 7 terminates in a valve- )head consisting, preferably, of a detachable disk 9, having a stem 10 fitting looselyin a n the valve loosely, s'that it will accommodate itself to the valve-seat 14E, formed at the end of a bushing 15. v The `valve-head and Specification of Letters Patent. l

- Application fired May 18,1906. serial No. 311528.

a Patented Dec. 25, 190e.

bushing 'are contained within casings formed by continuations of the cylinder 6, and at 19 are indicated the relief-ports at the valve.'

pipes 20 to The cylinder 6 is connected by o posite\ends of the engine-cy mder, and t ese pipes are provided with cut-out cocks `21, w ereby the. communication with the cylinder may be opened or closed.

The differential areas of the piston 7 and the valve-heads 9 (pipes 15) may be varied as necessary according to the pressure under which it is desirable that the relief shall act.

When the air-pressure is admitted through the pipe 8, the pistons 7 are forced outwardly andthe valves 9 lat the ends ofthe pistonrodsare brought'in contact with the valve-V `pump. `not working, theQcylinder-cocks in case ofany leakage through the throttle will be forced open and cannot be closed through lack of care,.and thus the possibility of any `accident by ,an unintentional starting of the engine is avoided.y The relief-cocks may be cut out by turning the cocks v21, This is sometimes desirable, as in hydraulic tests or Vfor emergency use, as when there is no air.

When the air AThe inventionis characterized by simplicity and by an `unobstructed steamlpassage and by ease of disconnection for repairs or otherwise.

I claim d 1. kIn a cylinder relief-valve, in combination, anjair-pressure cylinder having a pair of oppositely-acting pistons therein, valve-casings having relief-ports, connected to the ends of the cylinder,`and valves in the casings,

connected to and operatedby the pistons.

and controlling said ports.

2. In a cylinder relief-valve, in combina'- 'tion, a cylinder having pistons in each end thereof andan air-pressure inlet therebetween, valve-casings connected to the ends ofthe cylinder and havingrelief-ports connected to the ends of the steam-cylinder, and I Valve-heads Aslidalblein the Valve-'Casings and f and valve-heads carried `at the outer ends of connected respectively to the pistons and-oonysaid pistons and arranged to open and close trolling said orts;l l the relief-ports by movement thereof'.

3. In a oy inder relief-Valve, the oombinal In testimony whereof I have signed my tion With an air-pressure cylinderhaVingop-f namento `this specification in the presence of r 5 positely-aoting pistons in eaohend thereofA two subsoribing Witnesses.

and an air-inlet between said pistons, Valvel Y vARTHUR SNOWDEN MlLLER. oasings oined at one end to the ends of said Vitnesses: cylinder and at the other end'to the ends of S. M. FUNDERBROWK,

1o the steam-cylinder and having relief-ports, GEO. WHITFiELD.

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