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Publication numberUS839553 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 25, 1906
Filing dateApr 26, 1906
Priority dateApr 26, 1906
Publication numberUS 839553 A, US 839553A, US-A-839553, US839553 A, US839553A
InventorsAdolph H Cohn
Original AssigneeAdolph H Cohn
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Combined yoke and hose-supporter.
US 839553 A
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PATENTED DEG. 25, 1906;




n-ls mmms PETERS co., w ns'ummu. n. :4


Specification of Letters IlPatent.

Patented Dec. 25, 1906.

Application filed April 26, 1906. Serial No. 313,751.

To all w/wm, it may concern.-

Be it knownthat I, ADOLPH H. OorIN, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Larchmont, in the county of Westchester and State of New York, have invented certain newand' useful Improvements in a Combined Yoke and Hose-Supporter, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to certain novel and useful improvements in womens wearing apparel, and has particular application to a combined yoke and hose-supporter.

In carrying out the present invention I have particularly in View the provision of an article which when in use may be worn as a hose-supporter with security, ease, and comfort, and at the same time causes the skirt to hang gracefully and evenly.

he invention consists in the construction,

combination, and arrangement of parts set forth in and falling within the scope of the ap ended claims.

n the accompanying drawing, wherein by way of illustration I have delineated a preferred embodiment of my invention, the fig- .ure is a perspective view of my improved article of wearing-apparel.

Referring now to the accompanying drawing in detail, the letter A indicates as an entirety the yoke portion of the article adapted to be fastened about the waist over the hips of the wearer, the portions 5 of .the yoke which lie above the hips being relatively wider than the remainder ofthe yoke and are preferably provided with stiffening-strips 6 of steel, Whalebone, or other material, such as is commonly employed for stiffening corsets. This yoke is rendered adjustable in any suitable manner, but in the present instance I have shownthe lacing, as at 7, at the rear of the yoke, the o ening 8 at the front portion being fastened y means of small tabs 9, provided with buttonholes to receive the buttons 10. The ends 11 at the front opening of the yoke may also be stiffened, and it is further to be understood that instead of employing the buttonhole tabs and buttons, any suitable means may be em loyed for closing and securing the yoke, suc as lacings, snap-fasteners, or the like. To further enable the yoke to fit snugly and evenly about the person and to permit the same to be adjusted as desired, I provide lacings 12 12 at the front of and to one side of the opening, such lacings being either of an elastic or inelastic nature,

as may be desired. The yoke may also be provided with suitable edge-binding at the top and bottom edge thereof, as shown at 13 and 13, respectively. Depending from the front portion of the yoke are the tabs 14 14, spaced apart in the manner shown and permanently secured one at each side of the front opening 8, and each of these tabs has permanently secured thereto a strap 15, carrying at its free end the hose-fastener 16, adapted to engage with and be secured to the hose or stocking to be supported. To the hip portions are also permanently secured the straps 17 17, carrying fastening devices 18 at the free ends thereof. As will be seen by the drawing, these side straps 17'are preferably arranged in line with the stiffening-strips of the yoke and are arranged to conform to the general line of direction of the hip portions of the yoke, so that the entire article may be worn with ease and comfort and without interfering with the movement of the person.

It will be noted that I have provided a yoke which partakes of the nature of a corset or dress-form and assists in causing the skirt to hang smoothly and evenly, combined with hose-supporting tapes or straps designed to be attached to the stocking and so arranged and correlated relative to the yoke member that undue strain upon the parts is avoided and the life of the article prolonged. In the present instance I have shown the yoke member as adjusted in size by means of lacings, which lacings may be of elastic or inelastic nature; but I wish it to be understood that any suitable means may be employed for adjusting the size of the yoke member, and any suitable means may be employed for fastening or closing the opening at the front of the yoke. Furthermore, the stocking-supporting tapes or straps may be of any desired character and elastic or nonelastic, or a combination of both. In the drawing I have shown the yoke member as of approximately the form of a comparatively wide belt or waistband provided with side portions adapted to extend down over the hips of the wearer; but I further wish it to be understood that by the term yoke I mean to embrace any suitable garment adapted to encircle the waist or portion thereof and carry the supporting-tapes. If desired, such yoke may be in the nature of a complete corset.

Having thus described my invention, what ICC I claim as new, and desire'to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. As an article of wearing-apparel a yoke member having depending portlons designed to fit over the hips of the wearer and suitable stiffening means for such depending ortions, means for fastening the yoke at t e front thereof, means for adjusting the size of the yoke at each side of the front opening, and means for adjusting said yoke at the back thereof.

2. As an article of wearing-apparel a yoke member having depending portions at the sides thereof adapted to fit over the hips of A. H. ENGEL, M. ROSENBAUM.

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Cooperative ClassificationA41F11/16