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Publication numberUS839900 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 1, 1907
Filing dateJun 14, 1906
Priority dateJun 14, 1906
Publication numberUS 839900 A, US 839900A, US-A-839900, US839900 A, US839900A
InventorsArthur E Sparrow
Original AssigneeArthur E Sparrow
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US 839900 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

PATENTED JAN. l, 1907.


. UNITED srnrns rnrnnr onirica.


PAeKrNGfnmG." i

Specification of 4Let-.tera Patent.

Patented Jan. 1, 1907.

Appuaaoniiieq 1.111.814,1906. serial No. 321.722.

. the following is a specification. .L


This invention relates to 'newand useful improvements in rod-packings, and it particularly pertains 'to steam-tight packings steam-valve stems, and the like.'

y'.lheprimary; object of the present inventionis toprovide a packing which shall be vsinidp l e' and inexpensive to manufacture,

` Itis a furtherobject of the presentinvention to provide a packing made in sections and to provide a novel tensionin device for the sections in their contacting re ationwith the rod, which particularly comprises a resilientrng and elements carried by the sections for adjust' g the tension ofthe ring.

y applied, and practical and efficient in which reference is had to the accom anying drawings, forming a part of this specificati on,

like numerals designating like parts through# out the several views, wherein- Figure 1 is a side elevation of a complete packing-ring constructed in accordance with my invention., Fig.2 is a lon itudjnal section thereof.- Fig. 3 is a'side e evation 'of a rod with my invention appliedthereto, and

'Fig. 4 is a vertical transverse section thereof.

In the practicaljembodiment of my invention I employ a plurality of brass-ring sections 1 of U shape in .cross-section and formed with dependingwalls 2. The sections 1 are formed in their outer curved faces with longitudinal grooves 3, extending e- -ripherally of the sections in their assembled relation. vIn effecting a joint between the sections 1 each section is formed with an in'- clined face 4 at one en d thereof extending tangentially of its inner curved surface and with an inclined face 5 u on its other end and designed to bear u on t e face/1. Each section is formed wit a beveled shoulder 6 adjacent the face 4 and coacting with the inclined face 5 of the confronting section to form a substantiall V-shaped recess at the point of union of t e sections, whereby inequalities between'thel sections due to wear and vibrationmay be compensated. Similarly-shaped sections'7 of Babbitt metal are held between the depending walls 2 a'nd'in i their` assembled relation form an annulus which fits snugly the 'rod A, lpassed; thereheld together byan annulus 8, which is split, through.' The sections thus assembled are sections 1 byI means of the screws 13,; as is.'

shown in Fig. 2. One `of said blocks is proyas at 9, and is separated from the sections in i -concentric'relation by spacingblocks 10. l employed 1n connectlon withV plstonrods,

vided with a pin 14, projecting through the' ring 8 and designed to engage in a groove 15,

formed in the casing, andvto serve 'as a, stcp l to prevent the rotation of the ring 8 and the sections 1. The casing comprises annular sections 16 and'l?, abutting oneanother and united by boltsl 18. The packing above dek-l. The detailed construction will appear in the course of the following description, in'

scribed is supportedin the casing and at 'its points ofconta'ct is provided .'th sealed joints comprisingflat', rings 19 and 19, lon` cated on each side of the casing. For the purpose of forcing the packing-ring 19 tightly against section 1 ex ansive coil-springs2 are employed, wine seat 1n recesses -21,

at face of the offer less resistance to the rod A than the hemp packing ordinarily em loyedand yvill It ol Wear smooth and even at al times. lows, therefore, that the'amount of' friction and conse uent wear upon the parts will be greatly reduced. The tension of the ring 8 in maintaining the sections in their assemsg formedin one of the sections arbitrarily 416) bled relation, as above set forth, is regulated by the size of the blocks 10, which are readily attachable to and detachable from the section 1, a larger block increasin vthe tension of the ring 8 and a smaller bloc lessening the centric relation and engaging the surfaces of said spacing-blocks, l

2. The rimhinntivn with a casing formed with :1v recess in its imwr peripheral facs, of a packing within said casing and comprising an nimuhis fmincd of zi piurziliy uf sepziriibi Svriilms prwviiied with nmii'rictionai hearing- HIH''nCrS, :1 split ng rcoii'\vr=ntrirally Surrmmding` smid shctions, spacing-blocks carricri by sind saurions und liuvng rfoiirictiori wit 1 arm ring :mii a :stoppin cz'irriid by one. of said swfiimis :md prwjmatiiig fhruugh said ring to www h h- :mm www in .said cs ifsing` in uw; :iimriy whereof i aliix my signature inwwzzi-ror Lw) .winrssiofs.

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Cooperative ClassificationF16J15/28