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Publication numberUS840413 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 1, 1907
Filing dateApr 17, 1906
Priority dateApr 17, 1906
Publication numberUS 840413 A, US 840413A, US-A-840413, US840413 A, US840413A
InventorsJulius M Alexander, Henry Fox
Original AssigneeJulius M Alexander, Henry Fox
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US 840413 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

No. 840,413. PATENTED JAN. 1, I907.





' tects, the object of the device being to perworking rolls.


Patent. Patented Jan. 1, 1907.

' Application filed A ri117.1906. smart. 312,1 4.

To .tll whom, it vitally concerns Be it known that we, JULIUs M. ALEX- ANDER and HENRY Fox, citizens of the ings carried by the reservoir.

.United States, residing ,at Healdsburg, in the county of Sonoma, State of California, have invented certain new declare the following to ')e a exact description of-the sa'ue.

The 1 present invention relates to an i 9.- proved automatically ink-supplied ruling-pen for use of bookkeepers, drafts men, and archi full, clear, -and n-it the ruling or drawing of either a single line or a double line on a single stroke or movement of the pen, thereby rendering the an accountant in the closing of a book account or in the footing up of ledger accounts. While the hereinafter-described device is described as a pen, such is to be understood as the commercial term therefor, for as a matter of fact the marking of the ink-lines is erformed through the me'diu n of a series of self-inked rolls,which rolls vary in diameter. To comprehend the invention,- reference and useful I'-r.-' provements 1n Ruling-Pens; and we hereby device particularly adapted to the needs of should be had to the accompanying sheet of drawings, whereinigure 1 is a perspective view of. the pen positioned for single-line ruling, the cap for. covering the ink-rolls being removed and the ink-reservoir partly broken away.- Fig. 2 is an enlarged detail front view of the inkreservoir, the same being partly broken away to disclose the location of the ink-pad therein for supplying ink to the periphery of the Fig. 3 is a view similar to Fig. 1 of the drawings, illustrating the device when'positioned for the drawing-of double lines, and Fig. 4 is a perspective view of the cap for covering the ink-rolls when the device is not being used.

- The numeral 1 is used to indicate the inkholding reservoir, which may be of any suitable shape. reservoir istriangular in shape, the for .11 so In the present case the said.

shown being merely for the purpose of convenient use in connection with a centrallyslotted rule commonly used by accountants and draftsmen. However, as stated, the

leach roll extends within the in which spring bears the rolls 3 4 independent .parallel lines,

As the pen is moved series of marking-rolls 3 4, which rolls are ,naounted on a cross-shaft 5 working in bear- The mounting of theinarking-rolls is such that a ortion of -holding chair-her 6 of the reservoir 1.

. Within the inkholding chamber 6 cated an ink-applying pad 7, all times bears on a portion of the'periphery of each marking-roll 3 4. While it is believed that the ink-applying pad will be maintained in position by frictional contact with the inner walls of the ink-holding cha' uber 6, still to insure against displace lent of the pad and to positively hold the same against the periphery of the rolls within the chamber 6 a pressure-spring 8, onto the inkapplying pad and holds the sa ne down onto or against The slide-cover 9, which slips onto the reservoir 1 to close the open up er end thereof, is'in the present case provi ed with an up wardly.extending stemor handle 10, which serves as a means for steadying the pen when which pad at in use, also asa means to facilitate the removal of the slide-cover 9 when it is desired to o the pad 7 contained t derstood that any handle may be'employed,-or, handle may be dispensed with.

- The marking-rolls 3 ameters, the diameter of roll 3 being slightly greater than that of roll 4. By thus util1z ing rolls of varying diameters the result 18 that when the pen is held in vertical position only one roll bears on the surface of thepaper to be marked or ruled, and if the pen so positioned be drawn over the paper only a single line is ruled thereon, Fig. 1 of the drawings. By slightly inclining the each of the rollswill bear in the surface of the paper, and if the pen so positioned be drawn over the surface of the paperbe the marking or ruling of two distinctv and as disclosed by from the reservoir enthe same to re' erein. It will be unotherv suitable form of Fig. 3 of the drawings. over the surface of the paper to be ruled the rolls 3 4 bear against the ink-pad 7, and the periphery of each roll is properly-inked for the marking of the paper to be ruled.

The number of marking-rolls of varying dibe increased at will, independameters may ent parallel lines being ruled by eac roll when. the pen is positioned to place each of in fact, the said 4 are of different di-' pen to the horizontal the result will the rolls in contact with the I in accordance with the position at a marked or the number'ofr lines In which. the pen is held. v m

By the use of the described pen a single line or a number of lines may be ruled by a single stroke-of the pen, the inking of the rolls being performed automatically.

When the device is not in use, the same may becarried in the pocket of the accountant. To provide against inkfrom the rolls soiling the'clothes, the same should be covered by the ca 11, which slips onto the lower end ortion o the reservoir 1-, and thus cov- "mg-pen, the combination with an 1nk-reseryou, of a. series of marklng-rolls of different ers t e marking-rolls.

Having thus described. the invention, what is claimed as new, and by Letters Patent, is-

1. In an automatically ink-supplied ruling-pen, the combination with an ink-reservoir, of' a series of marking-rolls of different diameters carried thereby, and means within the reservoir-for supplying ink to the 'periph ery of the marking-rolls.

21 In'anautomatically ink-supplied 'ruldiameters carried thereby, and an i nk-applying pad located .within the ink-reservoir and infiontact with the periphery of the markingro s.

3. In an automatically ink-supplied ruling pen, the combination with an-ink-reservoir; of a series of marking-rolls of different diameters carried thereby, of a spring-held ink applying pad located within the reserdesired to be protectedthe said er to be I voir and contactthe of ed varied.


4Q In an automatically ink-supplied ruling-pen, the combination with an ink-reseryoir, of'a series of marking-rolls of different diameters carried'thereby, of an ink-applying pad located within said reservoir and in contact with the peripheryof the markingrolls, and a cover 'for closing the'upper open end of the ink-reservoir.

5. In an automatically ink-supplied ruling-pen, the combination with an ink-reservolr, of' a series of marking-rolls of different diameters carried thereby, of an ink-applying pad located within said reservoir and in contact with the rolls, of a cover for closing the upper open end of the reservoir anda handle projecting from said cover.

periphery of the mark'ing-

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Cooperative ClassificationB41K1/22