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Publication numberUS840863 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 8, 1907
Filing dateJul 13, 1906
Priority dateJul 13, 1906
Publication numberUS 840863 A, US 840863A, US-A-840863, US840863 A, US840863A
InventorsWilliam J Patterson
Original AssigneeHeyl & Patterson
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Traveling hopper.
US 840863 A
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'PATENTED JAN. 8', 1907.




PATENTED JAN. 8, 1907.




a 78% lgimxq ES mas/(12m UNITED STATES" -T N OFFICE.



To all whom it Wuay concern:

forfeeding coal or other material to different points.

The object of my invention is to provide a. travelin hopper which may be broughtinto position eneath the bottom of a suita le supply-bin and moved from one to the other of the openings insaid supply-bin transverselythere of, so as to receive the coal or other material; from thedifferent o enings, -which renders it possible to draw 0 thematerial'more thoroughly than where the hopper is arranged stationary beneath a single 1118' of openings in the bin extending longitudinally thereof.

Another object of myi'invention iato provide a traveling hop er 'so'that when used in conjunction with a oiler-house and a gasproducer house the coal may be discharged" into the producers beneath or onto ,thefloor beside the producers or into the stoker-hopers arranged alongthe side of the boilerouse.

To these ends my invention comprises,

generally stated, in connection with a suitable overhead frame, a traveling carriage moving longitudinally of said frame-and a traveling hopper on said carriage and mechanism for moving said hopper transversely thereof so as to discharge the material'from the ho er at any desiredpoint, either longi- .tudinall y of the frame or transversely thereof.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 is a plan View of my improved hopper. Fig. 2 is an end view of the same. Fig. 3 is a side view showing the invention as applied to a boiler and gas roducer house.

Like numera s indicate like arts.

In the drawings the numera 2 designates a suitable framework, which su ports the track 3, upon which is mounted t e traveling frame 4, mounted on the wheels This traveling frame 4 is driven by a suitable motor 6, which drives the shaft 7, connected up by suitable gearin to tho wheels5.

Upon the trave ing frame 4 is the trans- Specification of Letters Patent. 4 Application filed July 13,1906. Serial No. 325.984.

Patented Jan. 8, 1907.

verse. track 8, upon which-is mounted the hopper-carriage 9, supported by the wheels 10. The hopper proper, 11, may be of any opening 12 controlled by the sliding gate 13, which is opened and closed by means of the lever 14, connected up to said gate by the rod 15.. Above the hopper is a bin 11*, with two or more 0 )enings- 11 coal or other material.

said P 'IIY-16. .is t e contro er P5 6 1 "nected up with the motor 6 and by mean 0 .14, by means'of which the hopper gatea13is The hopper-carriage 9 is driven to and fro 'iipon the track 8 by means of thehand-wheel meansof' the chain 22'. 21 is mounted on the shaft 23, carrying the rear wheels 10 of -the"-hopper-carriage. In this manner the hopper-carriage is moved along the track 8 transversely of the frame 4.

Mountedon the latform 16 isafoot-lever 25, which engages t e ratchet 26. This footlever is connected to the weightedarm 2-7,

connecting the arm 29 on the shaft 30. A crank-arm 31 is connected to the shaft and "to thejrod 32. The rod 32 is connected nected to the link 34- -.A brake-band 34 passes around the brake-wheel 34*, said band 'eing connected to the link 34- and pivoted at 34. I thus provide for the braking of the shaft 7 and controlling the travel of the traveling frame 4.

In Fig. 3 1 have shown my improved hopper as used in connection with a boiler-house and a gas-producer house, the producers 35 being arranged along beneath the traveling frame, While the stoker-hoppers 36 of the boilers are arran ed alon at the side beyond the producers. elow t e traveling hopper Is 5 the frame 37, which carries the stationary hoppers 38 to feed the coal to the gas-profor the discharge of the .Carried by the hopper-carriage 9-is the. platform 16 upon which the operator stands to control the movement of" the traveling; frame 4 and the hop er-carria e Upon -which."said motor is controlledl. The leve rl operated, is alsomounted on' the platform' *16, so asto be within reach of the operator. T. 7

suitable construction, having the discharge- I 18 on the-shaft 19. Mounted at the end of theshaft 19 is the sprocket-wheel 20, which is connected up with thedriving-wheel 21 by- The driving-Wheel which in turn is connected to rod 28', said rod to the arm 33'on the pivot 34 and is conducers 35, and the inclined chutes or hoppers 39, which lead over to the stoker-hoppers 36.

VV -hen my improved traveling hopper is in use, the operator from his position on the platform 16 by operating the con roller 17 brings the traveling frame 4 into the proper position with referenceto the as-produ'cer that is to receive the coal, and t ien by operating the hand-wheel 18 the hopper-carriage is brought with its discharge-outlet over the stationary hopper 38 and its mouth in line a with one of the openings 11 of the bin 11.

"The operator then by operating the lever 14 only necessary to move the traveling hogopens the slide-gate in the traveling hopper and permits. the coal to be discharged into the hopper 38, whence it is directed into the gas-producer 35. charge coal into the Stoker-hoppers 36, the

operator closes the gate 13 of the hopper, 1

per over into such position, whereupon t gate being opened the coal is dischargedonto the'fioor.

' When it is desired to unload a bin where my improved hop er is in use, it will be seen that the bin may rave a number of openings in its bottom and that the hopper-carriage may be moved over under any of these openings so as to draw the material from different points-in the bin, and thus clear it more readily than Where a stationary 110 per 1s emom one lineof openings in the bin. This is a greatpoint of advantage in drawing off material from bins of large area.

What I claim is 1.' In ap aratus for handling coal, or like material,- tie combination with a suitable structure, of an overhead traveling frame If then it is desired to displloyed, which merely draws t e material supported thereby, a motor, connections be tween said motor and said frame, a transversely-travelin hopper-carriage carried by said frame, a atform on said hopper-can riage, a centre ler on said platform, connections between said controller and said motor, and means accessible from said platform to drive said hopper-carriage.

2. In apparatus for handling coal, or like material, the combination with a suitable structure, of an overhead traveling frame supported thereby, a motor, connections between said motor and said frame, a transvers'ely-travelin hopper-carriage carried by said frame, a p atform on said hopper-carriage, a controller on said platform, connections between said controller and said motor, a hand-wheel mounted on said carriage, and connections between said hand-wheel and said carriage to drive the same.

3. In ap aratus' for handling coal, or like material, t e combination with a suitable structure, of an overhead. traveling-frame supported thereby, a motor, connections between said motor and said'frame, a transversely-traveling hopper carried by said frame, a platform on said hopper, a controller on said platform, connections between said controller and said motor, a hand-Wheel mounted on said carriage, connections between sa1d hand-Wheel and said carriage to drive the same, a gate controlling the opening in said hopper, and a lever on said platform to-operate said gate.

4. In ap aratus for handling coal, or like II1&teII&l,'t l lB combination with a suitable structure, of an overhead traveling frame supported thereby, a storage-bin above said frame having two or more discharge-openings in the bottom thereof and arranged transversely thereof, and a transversely-traveling hopper carried by said frame beneath said bin.

In testimony whereof I, the said WILLIAM J. PATTERSON, have hereunto set my hand.




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