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Publication numberUS841083 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 8, 1907
Filing dateMar 6, 1905
Priority dateDec 16, 1904
Publication numberUS 841083 A, US 841083A, US-A-841083, US841083 A, US841083A
InventorsIsaac H Garson
Original AssigneeGarson Vending Machine Company
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Cigar-vending machine.
US 841083 A
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No. 841,083. 7 PATENTED JAN. 8,1907. I. H.-GARSON.




M .2 o 4f W PATENTED JAN. 8, 1907.




@Mrmmo Q I & J

- No- 841,083. PATENTED JAN. 8, 1907.







' State of New'York, have invented certain enlarged scale.

taken transversely .of the operating-shaft,

new and useful Improvements in Cigar-Vending Machines; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the same, reference being had to theaccompanyii 1g drawings, forming a part of this specification, and to the reference-numerals marked thereon.

My present invention relates to improvements in vending-machines, particularly ofthe kind for vending'andhandling cigars and other similar articles which are liable to breakage and injury in handling; and the purpose of my present invention is to provide a device of this kind which is capable of delivering the cigars or other articles to the purchaser directly from the original stamped package without liability of breaking or otherwise injuring them and in such a way that each cigar will be visible to the purchaser immediately before delivery from the package, the present application being a'division of my former application, Serial No. 237,138, filed December 16, 1904.

To these and other ends the invention consists in certain improvements and combinations of parts, all as will be hereinafter more fully explained, the novel features being pointed out in the claims at the end of the specification.

In the drawings, Figure 1 is a plan view of a vending-machine constructed in accordance with my invention, the top of the casing being removed. Fig.2 is a vertical sectional view of the same on the line 2 2 of. Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a vertical sectional View on the line 3 3 of Fig. llookin in the direction of the arrow. Fig. 4 is a fragmentary view showingthe locking device for the drawer on an Fig. 5 is a sectional view showing the arrangement of the devices for locking and unlocking the drawer and for operating the agitating devices of the hopper; and Fig. 6 is a sectionalview on the line 6 6 of Fig. 3 looking in thedirection ofthe arrow, showing the actuating device for the delivery mechanism.

Specification of Letters Patent.

-Patented Jan. 8, 1907.

Original application filed December 16, 1904, Serial No. 23 7,138. Divided and this application filed March 6,1905. Serial No. 248.373.

the present instance a casing 1, which may be of any desired configuration and dimensions,

which is preferably rendered transparent by the use of the panels 2, which may be composed of lass or other transparent material which inc oses the sides and top of the casing, a hinged or removable closure 3 being provided, preferably at the top of the casing, for the purpose of permitting of access to the interior thereof. The lower portion of the easing is preferably composed of a box 4, which is adapted to contain a portion of the mech anism of the machine and is separated from the up er portion of the casing by a partition 5, the atterbeing provided with an aperture 6, within which is fitted a hopper 7, the exterior dimensions of which are such as to permit it to enter between the sides of an-ordinary cigar box or receptacle 8 from which the to or bottom has been previously remove it being preferable in the present instance to remove the bottom of the box and place the latter over the hopper with its cover or lid 9 opened and supported against the relatively inclined support 10 of the casing in the manner shown in Figs. 1,2, and 3, for this enables the cigars to be exhibited in their original form and package to the purchaser an permits ready inspection of the package and its contents by the revenue officials, as required by the revenue laws. The hopper 7 preferably extends only partially into the ox or receptacle, andfor the prupose of supporting the box in the'proper position the flange 11 may be employed,which surrounds the hop er and forms an abutment for the lower e ges of the box.

The bottom of the hopper 7 is inclined from its ends toward its center, where it is provided with the elongated aperture 12, beneath which operates a carrier 13, which is mounted on a sleeve 14, revolubly'fitted over the shaft 15, the periphery of the carrier13 being provided with a series of axially-arra ed pockets 16, which are cigar-shaped to rea ily. receive a cigar of ordinary dimensions, rollers or other antifriction devices 17 being preferably fitted in the walls of the pockets to enab the cigars to readily enter and leave the pockets of the carrier with the slightest friction and pressure, a similar roller 17 being employed on the adjacent edge of the hopper7, if desirable, to facilitate the passage of the cigar from the carrier. At one s1 e of thecarrier 13 is provided a receptacle for the rece tion of the articles from the carrier, .a slida le drawer 18 being em loyed in' ranged to operate through the corresponding slots 21 21, formed in the bottom of the hopper, the carrier 13 being divided into separate sections to enable the extremities of these agitating-fingers to partially enter the pockets thereof asv they are carried'past the discharge-aperture of the hopper, and as these fingers are lifted in a manner that will hereinafter appear the cigar which is adjacent thereto wil gradually slide over thecurved portion thereof'until it rests in the adjacent pocket of the carrier, the release of the fingers causing them to suddenly drop back and thereby bring another cigar into operative position to enter the carrier at the next succeeding operation.

Between the separate sections of the carrier 13 are arran ed the arms 22 22, which are each provide with a slot or aperture 23 to receive the sleeve 14 as a support about whichthe said arms may move as a fulcrum, the upper end of each arm being so arranged as to be enga ed by each cigar in its corresponding poc et of the carrier prior to its discharge therefrom to cause a tilting motion of the arms, and as the opposite ends of these arms are connected to the crank 24, which is fixed 'to a rock-shaft 25, an oscillatory motion will be thereby imparted to the arms, which will cause the crank 26, which is fixed to the opposite shaft end, to be elevated.

ratchet-wheel 48, fixed to the sleeve 14,

which carries the carrier 13, and provided with a pawl 47, pivotally mounted on the arm '49, which is fixed to the operating-shaft 15, so that operation of the said shaft will cause the pawl 47 'to rotate vthe ratchetwheel 48, and consequently the carrier 13, an arm 51 being preferably provided on the shaft 15 to operate between the fixed sto s 52 and 53 to permit the pawl to travel on y the distance of one tooth of the ratchet at each actuationjof the operating-shaft.

For the purpose of returning the operating-shaft 15 to its normal position after being operated a spring 71 may be employed, one end of which is attached to the shaft and the other end is attached to a relatively fixed portion of the machine.

To the sleeve 14, whichoperates the carrier, is fixed a toothed disk or cam 72, with which cooperates a roller or projection 73, which is attached to a pivoted lever 74, the latter being normally held in operative engagement with-the cam by the spring 75, which will operate to resist; the rotation of the carrier, and it is providedat its free end with a link 76, which serves to connect the said lever with the lever 77 and the crank 78, The lever 77 is pivoted at 79 and provided at its opposite end with a plunger 80, which is arranged to cooperate with the locking device for the drawer, the said device embodying in the present instance a flexible arm 81., which is fixed at one end to the rear portion of the drawer, the free end being provided with a shoulder 82, which is adapted to detachably engage the adjacent portion 83 of the casing to prevent the removal of the drawer, the plun er 80 operatin to depress the arm 81, and thereby unlock t e shoulder 82 from the correspondin abutment formed by the casing, and for t e urpose of preventing the premature re ocking of the drawer I prefer to employ the spring 84, which serves to actuate the drawer forwardly immediately after being unlocked. In preparing the machine for vending th cigars a box or packa e containing cigars, the bottom preferably 0% viously removed, is fitted around the outside of the hopper so that the latter projects up which has been pre- {original position in 10430 unlock/the mechanism, the carrier-oper at" "*mechanismembodyingthe disk 48 will e in readiness for operation by the cooperating pawl 47 the latter being connected,

to the operating-shaft 15, and as the ratchet carrier and also 48 is fixed to the sleeve 14, which carries the carrier 13, a corresponding rotary motion .will be imparted to the carrier, causing the foremost cigar, which rests in a corresponding pocket of the carrier, to move toward the drawer 18, and while the cigar is being thus advanced it will engage the adjacent ends of the arms 22, causing the latter to be rocked about the shaft 15 as a center, and as the free ends of these arms are being depressed by the cigar resting in a pocket of the carrier the latter may roll without sliding on the ends of these arms, and as the cigar is pressed forwardly by rolling engagement of the roller ,17 of the carrier and in passing ofi'of'these arms will have a rolling enga ement with the roller 17 the delivery-of eac cigar is effected with theileast amount of friction, thus preventing it from being broken or otherwise injured. These arms are employed for facilitating the ejecting of thcigars from the for controlling the machine, so that unless there is a cigar in the carrier ready for delivery the arms 22 will not be operated, and this will leave the machine unlocked until it has been refilled, when the first cigar delivered by the carrier will 'ope1'- ate suitable devices-to relock the machine. While the carrier is operating to deliver a cigar, the cam 72, which ismounted to rotate therewith, will operate upon the roller-orprojection 73*"t'o oscillate the arm 7 4, and the latter is connectedthrough the llllk Z6 to the lever 77 andthe-cfiinkss the locking device 81 will be disengaged-from the abutment 83 by the depression of 'the plunger 80,

thereby unlocking the drawer 18 topermit withdrawal thereof, and thus render the arti- ,Ieadiness t cles delivered bythe carrier 15 accessible to' the purchaser. Simultaneously with the unlocking of the drawer the crank 7-8,wh1ch1s also actuated b the cam 72, will oscillate the shaft 20, there y causing the agitating-lin ers 19, which are carried, thereby to be oscilated through the slots 21 in the hoppem'the' successive operation of these fingers operating upon the cigars in the hopper to cause them to groperly arrange themselves n" the carrier. The roller or projection 73 mil the revenue laws and tral aperture therein,

vertical side walls inner sides of .a

enter the longitudinal pockets' efr return tothe relative position shown in Fig. 5 when the delivery of the cigar has been completed by the carrier, and as the drawer 18 is returned within the casing the flexible arm 81 will automatically spring into posi tion to lock the drawer,'the plunger 80 at this time being elevated.

A cigar-vending machine constructed in accordance with my invention is well adapted to the various requirements which are placed upon machines of this kind both by also thoserendering it necessary that the cigars should be handled without breakage or other injury and vended and exhibited in such away that the cigars may be realdlkily inspected by the purchaser, for by placg the box over the exterior of the hopper and soas to fit snugly around it the box will be positioned relatively to the hopper so that the entire exterior surface of the box'containing the usual stamps, labels, and other well-known inscriptions and markings to be all observed and inspected by the purchaser,-and by employing the rollers for producing a rolling engagement with the cigars as they are being lifted out of their pockets of the carrier and passed over the. I

ejecting-arms, which they also operate, security from breakage will be obtained, and this is aprerequisite to a device of this kind.

I claim as my invention 1. In a cigar-vending machine, the combination with a suitable casing SlidafifiibOlQ'SllP' port arranged in the casing and having acenof a hopper fitted into the aperture of the box-support and having extending upwardly beyond the box-support and adapted to rest within and cooperate with'the inner sides of a box resting on said support.

2. In a cigar-vending machine, the combination with a suitable casing, and an up: wardly-extendin flange having its upper edge lying in a orizontal plane to forma box-support, of a hopper fitted within the flange and within-and cooperate with the box resting on said flange.

.3. "1d,..firm0i ar-vendin machine, the combination" wit a suitab e casing, and a recta lar vertically-extending flange arranged in the casing having a horizontal upper edge. adapted to form a c1gar-boxsupport, of ahopper having portions mclosed and centered by the flange, and vertically extending ortions projecting above the upper edge 0 the flange and arranged to cooperate with the inner sides of a cigar bo'x to center it in relation to said flange.

p 4. Ina device for vending cigars, the comhination with a suitable casing, and a hopper mounted therein, of a rotary delivery device ranged to rest mounted in cooperative relation with the 7 having vertical sides projecting I -above {the top edges Hofthe flange and ar-- ion hopper andz having pockets for .tos

or cigar-container mounted t erein, of a ro-J tatable drum having a series of axially-an" ranged cigar-receiving pockets therein, rollare on the drum between the pockets-thereof and a roller journaled at the .discharge-opening of the hopper in proximity to the drum and arranged to produce rolling engagement the cigars as the latter are ushed past it by the ro lers on the drum w e the cigars are resting in their respective pockets of the drum 6. In a device for vending cigars, the com bination with a suitable casin ,a hopper arranged therein and having "char e-apertnres therein, and a roller journale at one side of the discharge-aperture of thehopper, of a rotatable drum'provided with axiallyarranged cigar-receiving pocketsfor carrying the cigars past saidroller, androller's mount-"- ed'onthe drum and arrangedto engage the cigars in-their respective pockets for ushing them with rolling engagement past t e firstmentioned roller. 1 I

7.111 a device'for vending cigars, the combinationwith a hopper having a dischargeaperture formed therein, of a rotatable carr1er mounted in cooperative relation with the hopper and having pockets therein to receive the cigars therefrom, an arm mounted its transversely of the carrier and adapted to be actuated by' engagement with an article in the carrier, and a relativelyfined roller mounted opposite to the said arm to, co6per-- ate with the cigar while it is in engagement with the said arm. 8, In a device for vending cigars, the combination with a hopper having a dischargeaperture formed therein, of a delivery-carner mounted in cooperative relation there-' with and provided with axially-arranged pockets toreceive the cigars, and agitatingfingers-mounted to o erate 1n a direction transversely of the poo ets of the carrier and having portions extending into the pockets thereof for arranging the cigars to "properly: enter the pockets.

' 9'. In a vending-machine, the combinationwith acasing, a receptacle for, the articles tobe-vended, and a delivery device cooperatively arranged therewith, ofa drawer mov ably mounted in the casing, a locking device for normally retaining the drawer within the casing, and means controlled by the operation of the delivery device for unlockirigthe drawer.

relatively fixed portion-mefthegasmgfor locl ing the drawerWithin the casing; a-cam c0 canoes 105111 a, vending-machine, the combina tion with}a-reccptaclefor the articles to be vendeii, anda delivery device cooperativeiy, arrangediiitherew ithg of, a drawer movablyr; mounted inthecasing', a-fiexiblearm coepera g tively' 'arranged between the drawerand trolled by the operationof the delivery d; vice, and an arm operated thereby and cod g gscrating with the said arm' for unlocking t e. drawer.

11-. In a cigar-vending. machine, the com-' bination with a suitable ho per or cigancon tainer, of a rotatable drnm aving: a series of 8c axially-extending pockets having their walls curved at the bottoms of the pockets to con form substantially'te the transverse curva ture of the cigars, and normally holding the cigars centered in the drum, and rollers journaled 'in the drum at points between the pockets thereof and normally above the ci ars resting therein, and serving to produce rol ing engagement with the cigars 1n discharging, the latter from their pockets of'the drum 12. In a device forvending cigars, the combination with. a hopper having a dischargeaperture formed therein, of a rotatable drum mnounted in cooperative relation with the hopper and having axiallyextending pockets therein to receive the cigars therefrom, a pivoted arm extending transversely of the drum having a portion arranged to be engaged by the cigars while in the pockets of the drum, a relatively fixed roller journaledopposite to the pivoted arm and adjacent to the periphcry of the drum, and arranged to engage the cigars whilein engagement with the said arm, and a roller journaled in the walls of each of the pockets of the carrier and mounted to engageabehind the cigars to eject them between the cooperating ortion of the said arm and the relatively fixed roller, and operating means for the drum. I

13. In a device for vending cigars, the combination with a hopper having a discharge aperture formed therein, of a rotatable drum mounted in cooperative relation with the hopper and having a series of axially-eXtend-.: ing pockets formed thereinior the reception of the cigars from the hopper, an oscillatory arm pivoted transversely of the axis'of the hopper and having aportion adaptedto cooperate with the cigarsi.,whileleavin 3 pockets-oflthe dmm, means for impartin rat, ongitudinalmdtion tothesai'c'larm latter is being moved;abent its pivot by the rio cigar in the drum, and opemting means for I and having a series of axially extending pockets therein for the receptien of the cigars r 0 from the hopperan oscillatory arm mounted r against the cooperating portion of the said to o erate in a plane transversely of the axis arm to operate the latter, and operating 19 of t e drum and having portions projecting means'for the drum. into the pockets of the drum, means for-mov- Is GA'RSON 5 ing the said arm outwardly of the drum while 1 I I v Y the-said armis being swu about its pivot, Witnesses rollers journaled in the w s of the pockets CLARENCE' A. BATEMAN, for engaging the cigars and moving them G. WILLARD RICH.

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