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Publication numberUS841474 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 15, 1907
Filing dateMay 10, 1904
Priority dateMay 10, 1904
Publication numberUS 841474 A, US 841474A, US-A-841474, US841474 A, US841474A
InventorsEdward F Wendelken
Original AssigneeEdward F Wendelken
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US 841474 A
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PATENTED JAN. 15, 1907.




' 6@ @Minnow y l K y M-L all TL NETE@ STATES @ATi-@hl EDWARD F. VJENDELKEU, OF MARE l'llA, OHM).

CHECK-MALVE- ippiimifm sied my 10,1904. serial. 207,242.

Specification or" Letters Patent.

Patented. Jan. l 5, l 907.

in Cheeki r i ball f.he .l'valves, :in object being to pro vide :t straight passage the 'zill eres et the 'pine i'or the llovf ot iiqnid theretliro'f 'l rection without its being cheeked.

A further object is to provide s. stop-vzive capable ol' being p'ieed vert-ionilyy horizontally, or in my interrizediate position without in elly Wise-nfll'ect-iugl or iiiipnirine its perfect efficiency in operation.

Further objects are to provide a, simple and inexpensive and at the saine tir-ne @illec- 'tnal ineens for the accomplishment ot' the purposes sought; and with these obje 'ts in view my invention consists in certain novel features of construction and Combinations of parte, which ivi ll be hereinafter described, ond pointed ont in the. claims.

ln the aec'onrpztnying; drawings, Figure 1 is e vievv in side eleva-tion. Fig. 2 is o vertical longitudinal section. Fig. 3 is e vertical transverse section on the line 3 3 ol'v Fig. 2. and Fig. of Fig. 2.

A represents the body of the cheek-valve, and B is :i lateral chamber or exto@ .ion diverging therefrom :it angle of sho t fortyive degrees and in commimiention with the in l"erior of the main passage throng-h the body portion A. This lateral extension or cheniber is integral with the body portion 1., al 's are the inolining ways i l, which end difigonelly into the mein passage-irs.) and i is a siniilar see-tion on the line et fl- .i in one 1.31-

rff.- ily constiti'ite s portion oi" the ive-ll of the leeral chamber or extension and serve to prevent the ol" the ball-velve Cf through the marin cheniber, dellecting it into the lateral chamber or extension, While permitting the Waiter tollow on unobstructed between the inclining Ways or ribs l 1.

'reason of this relative arrangement ot the mein and lateral cl'iztnilaers nt :in ong-lo other than a right :ingle it is possible to place the Valve 1n any direction, the buil will always return to its .sent when the pressure ol' the inlon'ing water bock o. it is shut oil. To permit the air which is @2night orwould. be cone/ht in the outer end of the chamber B to pass ont,

ler Ato groi the reoessesor grooves 2 n o provided in the sides or Weil oi Chamber B. A. screrplng 3 et the enter end is erovided is i int-fins for closing the che; bei', and through which ee l cess gained .lo it, it' such sinA ald desired.

The inner end oi this i110' or cn 3 is nro i vided with a gronnd sent 1, which prevents he bail-valve from becoming' Worn or d ented which is very importent, otherwise the surface oi the bed-valve soon becomes irre-gnler and. does not ht its sent. The coupnng i 1l e bottoni has e. ground sent G .simii and seat 4, which also i'its the volvo which is eqmlly if'iportent for the reasons mention@ .f-ii-.i-ineiy, thnt it does not nini' the snrl'ece of the bull-valve, and, furthermore, nielres :i vvziter-tig'h-t closure 'when the valve l. is sented therein, thereby preventin; ;l backlow.

'The mele thread 7 .is formed at one end ot the body portieri and the female thi-eed 8 at the other end, so as to permit nl v improved valve to be used without changing thethresd on any pipe.

Frein the foregoing it will be observed that provide o simple., inexpensive, and effectual check-valve, the mein or operative parts, sind. especially those subjected to weer; and punishment of any sort, being inte rail end the parts disposed in such e iva-y with relation to one another that the valve may be placed nt any ongle in operation d be nzd'j effective. It will also be obi. lrved 'l t "be parte composing niy valve are few, e, n. d compact and not liebte to get ont et' orden :ind i'vhen worn een be placed. at tritling expense.

Slight changes might be resorted to in the forni and arrangement of the several-parts described without departure from the spirit ind scope olf .ln not Wish to liinit inyselt' to the precise construction herein set forth; but, AHaving fully described my invention, what I claim as new, ond desire to secure by Leteasily reinvention, and. hence I do being oi approximately the eamo length es the longer well, and e bell-Valve receivable in the bore oi the body portion :ind odopted to ride up on the ribs into the littoral extenH sion out of the path of liquid in the bore of the body portion.

2. A, olieck-velve oornprieing hollow body portion and e lo terel inelined extension coininunioating therewith, e pair of ribs spaced eport from oooh other and extending diag nelly eoross and on opposite sides of the bore of the body portion, the ribeboing in elineH nient with and constituting continuation oi' the shorter Well of the extension, the ioterel extension provided with internal grooves lying approximately perellel with the ribs and e bellyalve reeeivalvle inthe bore of the body portieri and in the lateral extension.

3'. A cheol -valve comprising e hollow body portion, e lateral exten-sion integral there with, the point of juncture between the two terminating in and being defined by the integral ribs l., i, which ere parallel with the outer vwoll ol` the extension :ind the extension having oppoeitely-locztted choinbered wells 2, 2, and menne soroweclto the ende of the body portion and extei'ieion for oonniing the t beller/relire therein, said ineens having valvee seats ground et their inner ends.

4t. A. clioohvalve comprising four ele niente, noinely, a hollow body portion enter nelly threaded et one end and internally threaded et the opposite end, this body portion. provided with a lateral extension inte gral therewith with. inclined Ways or ribs l, l, between the body portion and lateral exten sion, the bore of thebody portion havin internal recesses or-grooveo 2, 2, therein, e elh Valve adopted to operate Within the body portion. and lateralr extension, plugs end couplings screwed to the ende of the body portion end lateral extension, said plug and one of the 'couplings having ground seats at their inner ende to receive the bell,

5. A olieoleyelve comprising a, hollow body portion, e lateral extension integral there with, inclined Ways or ribs 'formed integrally between the body portion sind the lateral ex tension, end grooves or recesses 'formed in Well of the lateral extension.

In testimony whereof Ihzwe signed this specification in the presence of tryo eubsorib ing witnesses.



lV. E. Srl-"Kee, -Fnnn Ll. MAURY.

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