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Publication numberUS841589 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 15, 1907
Filing dateFeb 28, 1906
Priority dateFeb 28, 1906
Publication numberUS 841589 A, US 841589A, US-A-841589, US841589 A, US841589A
InventorsJoseph Simon
Original AssigneeJoseph Simon
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US 841589 A
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I hereby declare the following to be a full, clear,


able size and. form and be provided at opposa'rins iinrrn PATENT oFFIon- LINE-HOLDER.

Specification of Letters Patent. I

Patented Lian. 15, 1907.

implication filed. February 28, 1906. Serial No. 303,461.

To all whmn it nuty concern:

Be it known that 1,.Josnrn SIMON, a citizen of the United States, residing at (edar l Rapids, in the county of Linn and State of Iowa, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Line-Holders; and I. do

and exact description of'the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same- This invention has relation to line or rein; holders for attachment to vehicles or harness; I t is the object of the invention to provide a line-holder which shall be simpleihcOnstruction, economical .of manufacture, and efficient for the purposes for whichit is em-' The nature of the invention consists of a base-plate provided with r'nealis or being adapted. to have means used in connection. therewith for fastening it to harness, a wagon-box, or to, any'other lace Where it may be made useful. The )iLSB-Plildl has one end of a spring-clip secured thereto,'the free end being spring-pressed against the base-plate, with the tip of said free end outturned from the baselate, so that a rein, line, or rope can easily e slipped behind the holding-spring or be pulled out from supported position, all as is'hereina fterfully and clearly described, and pointed 'out with particularity in the sub'oined claiml Reference is, to ehadjto the annexed drawings, and to the figuresof reference marked thereon, which form. a part of this specification, of which drawings Figure 1 is a vertical section through the line-holder. Fig. 2 is a perspective view shorn'ng it as attached to the side of a wagonoox.

Like numerals of reference designate like parts or features, as the case may be, in. both figures.

In the drawings, 1 designates the baseplate, which may be made of metal of suitsite points with clenching brads or staples 2,

-of the invention. k

or holes may insteadbe formed through the plate for the rece tion of fastening means of any other desirab e form.

, 3 is the holding spring-clasp fastened at one end, as at 4, to the plate 1 ande'xtending" for a short distance parallelwith the plate-,

and then it is bowed outward and'back again to the plate, forming a bend approaching 4a half-circle in side view, as at 5.

The ,backturned 'end' rests against the plate 1 and its'tip 6 is outturned, so that a line placed between the outtur'ned tip'fi and latter and heldy'ifeldingllg in place.

"A .st-ud 7 is. passed at its inner end to the plate. The said stud has ahead formed'oii it's outer end, and betweenthe same and the holder is a coiled spring surroundingthe. bolt and bearing against the holder a tendency 'to hol a the outturned en'dfi against the plate.

Under this construction it will be seen that a line rope or-cor'd can readily be placed in the holder to be'temporarily supported in place and to be as readily withdrawn when not wanted to be so held. It can befiXed-on a wagon-box, on harness at any point, or at any other place able.

Changes in form' and arrangement within the limits of mechanical skill 'may be made without departing from the nature or spirit What is claimed is A line-holder consisting of a base-plate having meansof attaching it to a support, combined with the line-holder proper, a headed-stud connected therewith, a spiral spring surrounding said stud between the head and rein-holder proper, the line-holder bein secured to the base-plate at one end and aving its free end outturned and bearing against the base-plate.

" In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.

. J GSEPH SIMON. Witnesses: 7

'lrrr. FLA-ISDELL,


v ough a hole formed in the parallel part of ,the holder and secured 4 where it can be made service-- a the plate 1 may be pressed down behind the 3

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Cooperative ClassificationB62C9/00