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Publication numberUS842411 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 29, 1907
Filing dateDec 27, 1905
Priority dateDec 27, 1905
Publication numberUS 842411 A, US 842411A, US-A-842411, US842411 A, US842411A
InventorsOliver Messinger
Original AssigneeOliver Messinger
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US 842411 A
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PATENTBD JAN.,29, 1907'.


attenua www 6%@ V to straight-edg is made through the oLivER MESSINGER, or "sHERIDAvN; WroMne.


ATo all whom tm/(ty conoci/krt.'

Be it known that I, OLIvR MESSINGER, a.

citizen of the United States, residing at Sheridan, inthe lcounty of' Sheridan and State of Wyoming, have invented a new and useful Straight-Edge, of which the following is a specification. j This invention relates inore. particularly es for use by paper-hangers and the like,- but isnot-ne'cess'arily limited thereto. Theprinci-pal object is'to provide a `com'- pound structure which will not be liableto.

Warp or vcrack and willjhave comparatively hardworking edges which are not apt" to be injured or destroyed'in use.

The preferred embodiment ofthe inven-l tion is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein- Figure V1 is a view in elevation of the: iinproved straight-edge.l Fig. 2 is'an end view `o the same.j Fig. '3 is ansnd view of the body, showing the arrangement ofthe strips when rst lacedtofrether. Fig. 4 is also an I e s end view s owing the parts at an intermediate sta e inthe manufacture o'f the body.

l Simi ar referencefletters designate corresponding parts in all the figures of lthe drawings. Inmanufacturing the structure disclosed a series of wooden strips (designated A, B, C, and D) are provided and are glued together t0I forni. a body,-said strips extending longiing formedjof hard woo'dwas, for instance,

j ma le-the inner strips B and C being pref# era ily, though ,not necessarily, formed of softer'Wood--as, for instance, red-wood. The

body thus forined is cut longitudinally, preferably by sawing, and consequently is formed into twonsections E and. The cut eaclrstrip ,is .divided into sections` (designated, res ectively, A', B, C', and ll and A2, B202, a'n.) are then .turned end or'eiid andare laid flat against each' other and glued together, thusy D2.) The body-sections E and F forining'the-structure shown in Figs. '1' and 2.

y this arrangement it will beseen that the grain of the corresponding strip-sections will be reversed, and thejoints between the stripsections of olie ,bbdysection will be disposed out of aline'mentwith the strip-sections of the otherbodylsection; In other words; the

Speciat ion of Letters Patent. i Nimaianai nmmber zv,19o5. serial No. 293,530.

`the jointsv of the otherv they length of the body and the.'l thickness thereof.l These strips areall of `different widths, the outer strips A and'D'bevarioub strips, so thaty Ilatented Jan. 29, 1907.

strip-sections of one' bod result of this method of manufacture a bod is provided whichwill not Warp, `as the ten I 4en'cy of one-section' to `curl inonev direction will be opposed Iby the tendency ofthe'other section to curl in an opposite direction. oreover, thereislittle liability of cracking or checking at'the joints, for while there may be a tendency of the parts of one body-section to separate, due' tendency will be overcome by the tendency of the strip-sections ofthe' lother body-secs tions to likewise contract.- g Wlien tli'e deviceis tol be employed as a straiglitfedge by paper-hangers and the like;

spirit-glasses are dprovided, the leveling-glass',

G being niounte longitudinally in one side of vthe body and bridgingjthe joint between the' two intermediate sections, while the plumb-glass H is 'located transversely in theinterinediate sections and also bridges the joint between them. l From the foregoing it is thought lthat the construction, loperation, and many advan-` tages 'of the liereindescribed invention Will be apparent-to f those skilled in the art Without further description, and it will .be understood. I that various changes in the size, shape,.pro

portion, andl minor details of construction inay be resorted to Without departing from -tlie' spirit. or sacrificing any ofthe advantages g of tlie invention. i

Having thus de scribedmy invention, what vI=clai1n .as new, and desire'to secure by Letvters Patent, is-

' 1. The methodofinanuiacturingffa compound structure, which consists in euttingay wooden body longitudinally of the grain'and into separate longitudinal sections,` turning 1 the sections formed thereby end for end, an

sections together 'after such tu ning. f

The method ,of manufacturing a `coinpound' structure, which consists in forming a )ody of strips secured together, cutting Said body longitudinali;r through the various vstrips'into longitudinal sections, vturning the sections' endffor end, andsecliring said sectionsiiat against each other after such turning.

3. The niethod of 'manufacturiner .a coin-- pound structure,*whicheonsists in trormin va -V iodegnf longitudinally-disposed str ip'siofJ "-l is, cutting Said! badypiongimdiferen t; ,Widt A nally into sections', turning; the sectidnsend #Seann will badge ody-section.- As a to contraction; this end to end, and gluing the salnefla't. against 1.5l

. of the strip-sections disposed out of alinea .ment.

for end, and securing the sections flat against l each other after such turning, Wit-l1 the joints said body longitudinally throngl allvvthe strips to form sections, turning t e sections each other after such turning, with the joints of the strip -sections disposed out of alineinent. V 5'. A compound `body comprising longitu dinal body-sedtions out from, a block, reversed end for end from their original rela tion in such block and, secured flat against each other, each section being composed of strip-sections of different Widths, the joints betie-een the strip-sections of one bodysectionA being disposed out of alinement With those of the other body-section,

6. A body comprising body-sections formed-from a block reversed end for; end from the original relation of said sections in such block and secured flat againstr each other, each section being com nosed of outer hard-Wood strip-sections of dierent Widths and inner soft-Wood sections, the joints befA 'tween they strip-sections of one body-section being disposed out of alinement ,with those of 3S the other body-section.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as iny own I have hereto affixed my signature in the presence of two witnesses.


-Witnessesz J. D. GlLLEsPiE, JACOB Wurm.

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