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Publication numberUS842498 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 29, 1907
Filing dateJun 18, 1906
Priority dateJun 18, 1906
Publication numberUS 842498 A, US 842498A, US-A-842498, US842498 A, US842498A
InventorsCarl H Schmidt
Original AssigneeCarl H Schmidt
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US 842498 A
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Zywzzw CGLTZ @502071 THE Ncmms Fermes col. wAsHINarc/N, D. c.


` Specification of Letters Patent.

' Patented Jan'. 29, '1907.

. A Application filed June 18,1906.. Serial No. 322,280.

T0 a/ZZ whom, it may 00u/cern: l

Be it known that I, CARL H. SCHMIDT, a citizen of the United States, residing at Chicago, in the county of Cook and State 0f Illinois, have invented a -new and usefulImprovemciit in Garment-Fasteners, ofwhich the following is a specification.

removable fastening means for garments, such as skirts or other garments, though it may be used in any situation where it is desired to provide means for temporarily fastening together two flaps of cloth or the like.

My object is to provide a simple. and cheap construction of fastener forA the above purpose, which shall be easy of manipulation andserve to releasablyhold the flaps of the garmentsecurely together, and thus prevent its gapping. Y

My invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a broken view in elevation of the flap-equipped portion of a skirt equipped with my improvedfastening means and showing a portion ofoiie of the flaps broken away the better to disclose the fastening means; Fig. 2, a sectiontaken on the line 2 1n Fig. 1, showing the parts of the fastener separated; Fig. 3, a similar view showingthe parts of the fastener in assembled condition; Fig. 4, a perspective view of the flap-equipped portion of a skirt provided with my fastening means, showing one of the flaps turned back to better illustrate the manner ofsecuring the loop-pieces to the flaps; Fig. 5, a face view of the loop-engaging fastening-strip,

and Fig. 6 an enlarged view in perspective of one of the loop-pieces with which the flaps are equipped.

7 is a skirt having the usual aps 8 8, at

. which the garment is fastened together on the wearer. Each flap is provided on its opposed face with loop-pieces 9, spaced apart, the loop-pieces on one of the flaps alternating with those on the other, as shown in Fig. 3, whereby the loop-pieces on the opposed flaps intermesh with each other. The form of l .loop-piece which I prefer to employ is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, and is preferably made by stamping a suitable blank (not shown) from sheet Vmetal and bendingl it to form a loop or an eye 10, eX- tending from a plate 11, the loop being of less width than tlie plate and the plate being provided with thread-attaching perforations 12 beyond the lateral sides of the loop at which the loop-pieces. may be secured toy thelgarment inzthe positions. above stated. The loop-pieces so positioned on the flaps afford successivealining'loops or eyes parallelwith fthe flaps, through which a fastening-strip 13 maybe inserted for holding the aps together,

` andthereby close the opening. .The strp- 13 My invention relates to Aimprovement in.

is preferably of thin spring-steel to adapt it to flex under the varying conditions towhich it may be subjected when worn by the user, and is provided at its upper end with a-stop 14 for engaging the edge of the upperl one of the loop-pieces to limit its downward movement, and atits lower `end with an eye 15,

-which is adapted to be removably fastened between a ball-and-socket fastener 16, secured to the liaps below the lowermost loop- `piece to prevent accidental retraction of the bar from the loops. A string 17, attached at one end to the waist ofthe garment and at its other end to an eye 18 in the upper party of the strip, serves to prevent the latter from becoming misplaced. To insure the neatest appearance, it is advisable to provide spaced hooks and eyes 19 along the skirt-band, as shown in Fig. 4, thereby insuring the proper securing of the flaps at this point.

By providing alternating loop-pieces of i thin metal for engagement by the fasteningstrip the flaps may be maintained with their surfaces flatwise closely together, with the result of producing aneat and tidy appearance.

The loop-pieces need not be so formed as to provide a closed loop, as shown in Fi 6, but need only be so formed as to provi e a means for holding the strip against withdrawal in any other direction except longitudinally.

By forming the loop-pieces with raised loops and with thread-attaching perforations beyond the sides of the loops the fasteningstrip may slide freely in and out of the loops without rubbing against the thread, thereby preventing any wear thereof.

What I claim as new, and desire to secure i' by Letters Patent, is-

1. In combination, mutually-overlapping garment-flaps, a series of separate loop-pieces secured on the opposed faces of the respective aps to intermesh with each other when the flaps are closed, and a fastenin -strip adapted to be inserted through sai looppieces for removably securing the flaps together in their overlapped relation.

2, A garment-fastener comprising, in com- IIO closed, and a fastening-strip adapted to be inserted through said loops for removably securing the flaps together.

8. In combination, mutually-overlapping garment-aps, a series of separate loop-pieces secured on the opposed faces of the respective flaps to intermesh into alinement with each other when the flaps are closed, and a fastening-strip provided with a stop on its upper end adapted to be inserted through said looppieces for removably securing the flaps together in their overlapped relation.

4. In combination, mutually-overlapping garment-flaps, a series of separate loop-pieces secured on the opposed faces of the respective flaps to intermesh with each other when the iaps are closed, a fastening-strip adapted to be inserted through said loop-pieces for removably securing the l'laps together in their overlapped relation7 and means for releasably securing the strip at its lower end to the garment.

5. A garment-fastener comprising7 in combination7 a plurality of separate spaced looppieces comprising plates having thread-engaging pertorations and raised loops thereon between the perforations, said loop-pieces being secured to the opposed surfaces of the garment-flaps to interinesh with each otherA when the aps are closed7 a fasteningstrip provided on its upper end with a stop and on its lower end with an eye, and adapted to be inserted through said loops, and a ball-andsocket fastener below the lowermost loop for clamping the strip between its ball-andsoclet members at the eye-equipped portion of the bar.


In presence of- W. B. DAviEs, J. H. LANDES.

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International ClassificationA41F1/00
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