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Publication numberUS843826 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 12, 1907
Filing dateMay 26, 1906
Priority dateMay 26, 1906
Publication numberUS 843826 A, US 843826A, US-A-843826, US843826 A, US843826A
InventorsMathilda C Kloeppinger
Original AssigneeMathilda C Kloeppinger
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Holding and draining rack.
US 843826 A
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PATENTED FEB. 12, 1907.




-ferring to said interior the possible germs modi ed forms of racks.

- as a holder and draining rack for the articles namedand which will serve not only t'q drain object the provision of means for better prothe several views, Figure Lis a perspective .sories of the nursery are recognized by the medical world and baoteriologists as of the MATHILDA C. KLOEPPINGER, OF WASHINGTON,

nisrnior or COLUMBIA.


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Feb. 12, 1907.

Application filed May 26, 1906. Serial No. 318,943.

To a whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, MATHILDA C. KLOEP- FINGER, a citizen of the United States, resid ing at l/Vashington, in the District of Columbia, have invented new and useful Improvements in Holding and Draining Racks, of which the following is a Specification;

My invention relates to a means which is primarily intended for holding and draining the accessories of a nursery, which the law of sanitation and the healthfulness of an infant child re uire should be preserved with the utmost c eanliness.

My present invention is an improvement on my former patent, No. 7 76,332 dated November 29, 1904; and it has for its essential tecting the interior of the nursing-bottle from possible contamination after it has been washed and is being drained and put in condition for subsequent use.

Another object is to afford a more positive means for retaining the bottles upright while being filled and to appropriately hold them inverted for draining-purposes without any part of the bottle-supporting means entering the interior of the bottle, and thereby transwhich may be carried by the bottle-holding devices.

With these objects in view my invention consists of the parts and the constructions and combinations of parts which I' will here- I inafter describe and claim.

In the accompanying drawings, forming art of this'specifioation, and in which simiar letters of reference indicate like parts in view of a holding and draining rack embodymg m lnvention. Figs. 2, 3, and i illustrate The proper washing and subsequent draining of the bottles, nipples, and other accesutmost importance to the health ,of very young children, especially those who must depend upon artificial foods for preserving life, Accordingl I have devised an proved means w ch is primarily inteniied the bottles, nipples, &c., but Will a upright position while convenient holder where bottles and nipples. and other nursery accessories may be conveniently found ready for instant use and where the implements for cleaning and filling the bottles may also be assembled.

In constructing my improved holder and drain-rack I prefer to make the body portion A of any suitable materialsay sheet met alenameled-or otherwise coatedto avoid;oxida-.

tion and to facilitate cleaning and to impart an attractive appearance. The body ortion A is preferably of shallow pan-like ormiof' any desired design to provide a relatively Wide trough A bound by the front and rear walls 2 and 3 and end Walls {1, the bottom 5 of the trough being substantially horizontal and ofsufiioient width between the walls 2' and 3 to form a fiat tabularsurface-npon which the bottles may be supported in a eing filled.

The back wall 30f the body portion extends upwardly for a considerable distance, so as to protect the wall of the apartment in which the device is used and to afiord amplemeans for supportin the racks inwhich' the bottles are SUSPBIlGlGC in an inverted position. On the back of the rear wall may be placed suitable lugs with holes h for the reception of the heads of nails, screws, or other holdin' 1 means on the wall of the apartment," saig openings having reduced portions into which are passed the shanks of the nails, screws, &c.,' to securely detachably connect the de-v vice to the said wall. 'Along the front of the rear wall 3 and sufiioiently removed above the bottom to ive a good working space below is a row o holding-racks in which the bottles may be placed in an invertedposition and allowed to drain. These racks may be of different designs, and several forms I illustrate in my drawings.- v

Referring to Fig. l the racksB-are made of wire of sufficient gage to appropriately, sustain the weight of the bottles. They may i be formed of a single piece of wire bent at its middle-to provide an upper holder '1), having the general form of a g 0111091), h h is .100

disposed at the top of and horizontal to the vertical shank b which is formed by the.t wo

parts of the wire "being bent at about right angles with the: loop or ring and thence brought together and twisted, the lower porlo 3 tion of said shank being turn bentat right angles and the members of the wire separated and bent in reverse curves to form a second holder 1) of loopor ringforn i, which is posi tioned below and substantially in line with the upperholderand is of smaller diameter than the latter, the said members of the wire beyond said second or lower' holder being again brought together and twisted, as at b, and the terminals finally secured to the rear wall of the body A in some well-knownand appropriate method, as by brazing, soldering, &c. \The rack is thus positioned on the back wall ofthe body A with the two holders substantially in line, and when wishing tov drain a bottle which has been washed the said bottle is "assed mouth end first through the upper ho der and the smaller or mouth w end-permitted to enter the lower or smaller holder, while the enlarged portion of the bottle at the base of the neck issuitably sup-' ported on the lower holder. By this means the bottle is embraced on the outside by the two holders and is securely held an invertedposition and allowed to drain its contents, and no por'tion of the rack is permitted to enter the neck or other interior part of the may have found'lodgment on the rack.

' Instead of making the rack of a single piece of wlre I may otherwise construct it. .For instance,- I may use two pieces of wire twisted togather, substantiallyas before described, with.

one end of the wireslixed to the back wallof the body, as before described, and the other 3-5 ends reversely curved to form a holder inthe nature of a pair ofspring-jaws e 0, between which the body portionof the bottle is held in the manner substantially as before .de- 3 SOIlbGd; If desired, I may dispense with the 40 wire construction entirely and use ilat metal strips (Z d, as :in Fig. 4, -riveted or otherwise secured together and fashioned to form the E,

up or and lower holders in which the bottle '18 eld -1nverted 1n the manner before described:

It will be observed in the constructions. shown inFigs. 3 and l that the jaws whichx fornf the upperholder are provided withre- Vers curves at c, the purpose of, which con- T 5 0 struction is to allow the neckof a bottle standing upright on thelloor or bottom of the trough A, as-wben filling said bottle, to be pressed between and substantially em- 1 braced byV-the adjacent jaw members ol a pair 53 of'racks, as shown in Fig. 1, the :listamcbetween the jaw ,mcmlmrs of adjacent racks being-such thatwhcn the bottle is supported on the bottom' of the trough and is being filled its neckvportion will be so confined between said members as to prevent thcbottle f being tipped ouer sidewiz-re or l'mrwsril and sp ll the contents; p p

lnwhlchever formpf "r ck used th'e'space be bottle to" convey thereto any bacteria which tween adjacent racks is such that the neck of the bottle will extend said space and be substantially embraced-by the sides of the upper holder to restrict or prevent the tilting move- I of the bottle when upright and being 6 On the front wall of the trough I dis ose hooks O or equivalent means, upon w ich may be hung such devices as a brush for cleaning the bottles, ni les, &c., and-a eu ,1=- funnel &c. for use in ling the bottle, also a sterilized or other receiver for the nursingnirl ples. r i

&y the means described no part of the of the bottle to contaminate the same or to; transfer. thereto any germs which may'have lodged on the rack, At the same time, the bottle is secured against tipping and 'aecidentalfspilling of the contents while, bein filled and is safely heldwhile invertedfan being drained.

I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is g; f Y v 1. In a holder and srack'for nursery access; t series, the combinationwith a support which" rcomprises'a horizontal shallow troiigliru''pon which a bottle may be sup ortedinjanup- 1 right ositien, and a vertiea back, of'a series. of rac s fixed to said back and disposedverti cally over said trough, said racks including a shank having one end connected toisaidback said shank being disposed vertically in front, of and substantially parallelwith the'back and havingholders at the upper and lower ends, said upper holder adapted toeinbrace'ioo adapted to supportthe bottle and to receive and inclose the exterior of the bottle-neck.

2,. vIn a holder and rack for'nurs'cry aece'ssorics the combination-with a sup 'ort whichcomprises a horizontal trough an a vertical back, of a pairof holding-racks placed side. by side and relatively close together to form an intermediate space to allowthe neck of an upright bottle to be entered*tlierebetween,- and. to' be substantially embraced thereby, each of said racksv comprising a ve'rti Jill I shank spaced from and arra'ngedin 'parall'cll. {,isni'Witn the back and having one end bent horizor'itally and connected to said back, said shank being provided with upper and: L lower horizontdlly-dispoSed"holders for the reception of abottlewhe'n inverted 1 v 3. In a'h'older'and rack for nursery aecesseries, the con1bination"with a support which back, of a pair of holdin'gqncks'arranged in close' rel'ation to each other, each of said: racks comprising a vertically-disposed shank-l spaced fiom'and arranged pnrall'elwvltb ,tl1e, -iz5 backandhaving one end fi-x'ed to said back,

holding and draining rack :enters the interior I V, I 8 5 Having thus deserlbed myinventiomwhat 9 I the body of the bottle andsaid lower holder includes a lmrizontal troug'hand a vertical 8&3326 as and l In testimony whereof I have hereunto set lewe: holders whose sides are compressible my hand in presence of two subscribing Witie allow she neck of an upright bottle suynesses.

ported on the trough to be pressed lateral MATHILDA C. KLOEPPINGER.

between the sides of-adjaeent racks whereby l and having horizontally-disposed upper Witnesses said bottle is allowed but a limited side move- T. W. FOWLER, ment. O. W. FOWLER.

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