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Publication numberUS844126 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 12, 1907
Filing dateOct 4, 1905
Priority dateOct 4, 1905
Publication numberUS 844126 A, US 844126A, US-A-844126, US844126 A, US844126A
InventorsLlewellyn T Hatfield
Original AssigneeLlewellyn T Hatfield
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Socket-seal electric lamps, &c.
US 844126 A
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No. 844,126. PATENTBD FEB. 12, 1907.


SOCKET SEAL FOR ELECTRIC LAMPS, 8w APPLIDATIQH FILED 001 A 1905 U )5 1.111211) 5 .A'lliliS LLEWELLYN '1. lm'rrnuin, or


To all whom, it may concern.-

Be it known that I, LLIHYl-ILLYN T. HAT- FIELD, t], citizvn of the United States, residing in Saorasnontm in tho county of Sacramento and State (.1 California, haw inrontml (aormin now and useful lniprovoincnts in St clwh Seals for Electric Lumps or the Like, (1! n'hivh t ll -ll:i\\'lng is :1 Sl'fl'CllltlfLlltJl.

This iuvt'nthn rrlutos to S(I(1l tl-$t)tll5 for electric lumps or tht' lilw.

lb is grCtItl) to the :ulvuntugc to both tin? supply company and tho ouusunur it no elvctric current to llttVt a llut I'ZlllL per ,lttt ltlll or per 00k. and thus an ltl the mpvnrtllitl annoy-{moo Ill motors; but ouogrtrzit tllllltltll in flat rate ix that tftln (:mwuuitrs haw inoro SLUlil'lH or plows tlnui thvy 10ml or really uw. untl thvn, again, (luringt llfifitlllttlit 1 months in snno plan's {llltl inter months in others, low, if any, is" okots are llfittl. stance, at l'ninily ill nl roquiro hull, pt l"( lt and one or two othor lights, and in llivw. in sununcnlhuo, tho lighto m-u not usotl t'Xt't'pl rarolyantl then for but it short limo; but in s01l'pr .t( ctimi companies supplying iltt-- tricity must ohzirgo l'ttr vory St lil'l l'or tlmri urn \tl'}'li!t1l1 \']1t(i])lt\\llt| uill (:luiu: t only use u givvn numbvr, but will not mil use all, but ill use hiuhor-t'upnnit3 lilitpH than the hinp (-xinstituting tho Sltllltlill'tl ll charge, S) this situation hm'vl. l wlt has born mot; by vithor removing tho llXlHl't'B, which is olyicotiunublu and expousivv, (.i clmrgrin; hr all the St ckots Further, it is 4 lion thv (also that buildings ith a. largo number (.I' luu' ps whore nwtors mu usml and no llill ratv is in vxistrnotg that {)(Flhtlls filt lull in llltltfit l1 1' oonfiitlorablo porilids (l' tin: tllltltl' o. utlitions that rontlt'r iL unurcossory to ll tllllltlltl any onnsitlomble nuznbvr (l lifgltlx but through (HUtltSSHLhS, llltlIlYt'l'ltllllt, or tlosign persons in charge NHL) USO21lt'tlgtl'lltlllll)tl'(l lights than is nvcossur and by usv tit souls on all lamps not 110 bar) for tho [)(ISLHH so occupying the building any uiiiiroosszu v uso can b0 provvntml by tho ounvr. 'lliiet is No in large hotels, used either forsunuuoror inter, as the case may be, and in n nny ll'lHlfiTlt'tS it istuofitablc to out out; all (it tho clm'trio current rather than take chuncos on improvidont or unnecessary use; but by this method the lighting appliances could be kept in good Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed October 4. 1905.

Patents-1t b. it? 1907.

sum 23mm.

worl-iing (ll'tlLT it 11 ll timers innit is perfectly solo.

it i 1 tho obit-t t of m iuw tion to over 5 Hum tlutibirut i n-to lwtll tho abort nzvlluxls by {unwilling u n' nm hit-h tho Nichols not brstwllml :igii! t Bu llszst persons having: :i that into n t ,porurilv out (,llt any nuu nw' t t hoop 1 .iy SCHSoH of lllt tll llillttlll lllit .l ill fixtures.

()lhor mitt t'urihrr ol-iwts will appear in thti i Honing ll :ritititu and i l be more pui irulzulr 5 tl:tl mt in ihr appended vizuuaiinwntinu, tilt-w" nh-o pruwntirw tho inst-rti..u it tho .ib. Fig; {5 is :1 12 w ne sccl ig'. T is it cltlt? View of l t n phui vie-iv; ot tho mubt (liurnt shown in Fig. 7.

ttrl'v'rrii uiortpurtiruhu'l to the drawiniti and to Fiji, '1 t t, I iml v-uu'w: Lht usual sti-ulwt' for t'itt'lllt llgllitr-l or otlur rurront-t-onhunting; (lvvit't: halving: tluurinal (OnIi'M'I-S within, 'lo prvvunt :u'w to those con. t; ClS, lvinplo :1 bnrrior ll" tho l t -ltll of :1 disk 2, havingtit rojvmtimi lilting within tlst :flthtl to prowut litl'll'ztl uiovvnmut of the (llHlt uutl foruit-tl by at mu ling o. (m|c:wo-(tuil rm portion lroul lbw (liuh itxoll' the renmining portion ol tlw (list-1ubuttingthv rim of the sot-hot. 'l'ho wnbotlinicnti ohown in Figs 1 to I, is ttitltlt of any kind of flexible nu-tnl and has a pair of arms 3 and 4e);- tonrling from opporsiio .\i l of tho disk, the arm 3 bring provided uitli t1, perforation 5 mul tho arm 4 having :1 pair of supplemental arms 4 and 4 t-xtontliog at, right angle thvrvto and provided with perl'oriitiomi ti. Tho main tUIIJS are adapted to bo bvnt upon the SltltH of the sovkot, and tho supplvumntal arms are brnt around tho Sutfilitt at the upper end and unsecured to the main arm 3 b means of a wire held by ii. seal ts. containing distinctive marks, thus providimr 2L 11mins: preventing the removal ol' the littl'llt'l except upon the destruction of the seal. bodiinent shown in Fig. l is the some as that shown in Figs to 2], except that the main firm 4 is hil'incnted to provide two supplenientn-l fLIIilS 4 and 4". The enihodilnent shown in l-"ig. .3 is to be made oi wiper,pa nt-i nntehe, or any material that will show injury or destruction bv removal. 'lhe arms Ii and t will he provided with glue or oi her crown titious material 5) and are to he posted on th side of the socket to he removed hy moistening. which will expose the work.

For those who prefer to leave the humps in.

the sockets to retain the appearance of the lamp the emhodiment shown in Figs. 7 and t In this einhodinicnt the disk i1" 3 is devised. is of ii size to tit within the socket and is pio- Yided with radial slits it and e. centml p r ration 1U. ll ilendingrudit'illy from the dis 4, each between a pair of slits, are \it*l|sit |)r 11. This form Inn be tundra of iucti'l stitl' enough to permit the ('XUlthIHHt-I it when the inner wall of the socket mid prevent the removal of the disk.

covered with insulating material on the t'iiee exposed to the inner cont net ot the socket. or the disk is spaced from the suid inner contact. This form may also he mode of timely pn' i miiche, or similar material, and in this case the edges of the extensions it may he onnnned to the inner wall.

The device when the metallic seal is not used should contain nn'itter indicating: the 1 months of the year, as shown in Fig. 5, filso matter indicating a number of years, and the date of sealing could be punched by a dis tinctive punch, so that the device could not be removed and another inserted in its place.

1 u l in Hill enibodnnents it will he seen that the only way to secure current from the socket lo 1 which my im'cntion has been applied is to destroy a part or the whole ot it. in this way should they be tempered with in any manner the supply company up n inspew tion would find out. The penalty for tie struction of the device would form part of the contract between the consumer and the com i Having thus described my invention, it hat I claim, and desire to ecure by Letters Put eat. is l To remove this device at hooked or pointed tool is introdured into i the perforation 10, and the device is then I owic The n l semen comp .iu r lmrrier t'oriwrd to he :ittiuahed to :i socket. to prev nt electrical] conncctit'in. with ti s i/limit nets, and it seul se uring; snirl hurries to the sock t 1;. settling: ltWii' for eiectricul sockets in i] hurrier tor-med to he nttnched to noel-mt to prevent l-ctiicitl connection will! the s: Act-ionized... zmd destructihle I menus iciseen: in said licrrier to the socket. i, A t (i(' tor elettrieul sockets l cum n-1 'Jilr tl'ilttttl to form :1.

id to en rain: therel t' i l'r' llli li li i mill Ili pos ion ti iv-Tilt introduction of incur; l'or eznlihslnnp electrical connection menus ont-tainted to lit within and pr vent hr 'inc the conduc- ,5 :1 enrrenisunning device into clectil (finite-U i th. the sothot-contacts, i ll wailing; inc-ins t securing fluid firstllilli' l Tilt s in position ('llltl preventing the lt li i tl the mine except upon the desi ruriiou i! i he riding inenns.

t). simlingi :via-e for electrical sockets comprising men is to fit within the socket to pre ent clcrtricul r-ninwtion of n rurreiit 3 cannon ir-tit: wi l the soi-ketwntutu-ts. soul swurimy the first-initiated llt illlS in sealing: device for electrical sockets comprising menus to fit within the. socket to prevent ele trical connectionwith the socketlcontuc and llexihle inemhors extending l l'rolu full first-named mei'ms to hold the said l lilihtwiiflllttttl meme-i to the socket: l s. in cotnl'ninition with an electrical socket. nouns littering said socket against the introduction of currentconsumiiig means, stwiiriog means for tho herring means. and a nerd to: the securing; inenris.

i}. i titiil fii d vice 'l'oi' electrical sockets (min -nu. in met-ins; preventing the insertion of n ctii'teiit-coiisuiwing: device in it socket, and ii seal {or holdii'ig; siiid menus.

it) A. seiiliing device for electric sockets comprising it d'sk formed to it the socket, and prevent electrical connection with the contncts thereof, and a seal for holding the 1 disk to the socket.

ll. A. device of the class described, coms4e,12e 8 prising a disk having a projection adapted to and a seal preventing the removal of said t within a socket and arms extending from means except upon destruction. said disk. l The foregoing specification signed at 12. A device of the class described, com- Sacramento, California, this 25th day of 5 prising a disk having a projection adapted to September, 190i fit within 11 socket, arms cxtendinf from said 7 r T t 1 disk, and a seal secured to the arms; LLEWELLXN HATE IELD' 13. The combination of means for pre- In presence ofventing a contact of an electrical lamp-plug t MAURICE E. FINN, T0 or the like engaging a contact in a socket, i DORIS M. KRUEGER.

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Cooperative ClassificationH01R13/6397