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Publication numberUS844450 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 19, 1907
Filing dateJun 9, 1904
Priority dateJun 9, 1904
Publication numberUS 844450 A, US 844450A, US-A-844450, US844450 A, US844450A
InventorsCharles R Harris
Original AssigneeCharles R Harris
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Rectal dilator.
US 844450 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

No. 844,450. 'PATENTED FEB. 19, 1907 0. R. HARRIS.



WITNESSES IVVENTOR v S 7" ',W 6 M 6% M v y l 110mg),




v Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Feb, 19, 1907. v

Application filed Juno 9, 1904. Serial No. 211,886-

' following to be a full, clear, and exact deimprovements.

. 4 dilator, which throughout a portion of its scription of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

M invention relates to an improved rectal il'ator, the object of the invention being mg to provide an improved device of this character which, owing to its sha e, will be retained in proper position an not chafe or otherwise discomrrode the. user. p

A further object is to provide an improved dilator, comprising, a casing inclosing a removable battery and having a ventilatorchamber between the battery and casing and inlet and outlet ports in the casing, permit ting fi'ee escape of gases. i

A further object is to provide a removable batter for a dilator,' having an opening for the a mission of suitable liquid to increase the alvanic action of the battery;

ith these and other objects in view the invention consists in certain novel features of construction and combinations and arrange-.- ments of parts, as will be more-fully hereinafter described, and pointed out in the claims.

In the accompanyin drawip-gs, Figure 1 is a longitudinal sectiona view ustrating my 2 is a transverse sectional view. Fig. 3 is an elevation. Figs. 4 and 5 are views illustrating the casing and battery separated; and Fig. 6 is a view, partly in section and partly in elevation, showing the parts assembled.

'1 represents the casing ofmy improved length is made cylindrical, as shownat 21, and is enlarged into oval sha e at one end, as

"shownat 3. The cylindrical portion of'the metallic shell or casingis made in two. parts, separated by a ring "13 of insulating material.

" Thecylindrical end of the dilator has a hollow disk-like enlargen: ent 4 and at the center of this end is providedwitha screw-threaded sleeve 5, having an enlarged outer end 6 to form a finger-hold. T I I The battery 7 consists of a cylindrical casc g holdlng in proper formation a series of 1s zinc,-or other combination, of-metals an ab- III .8 of alternate arrangement of co vper,'-

forming a channel of duct 9 throughthe same into which acetic acid or other like sorbent material, all having central openings liquid can be inserted and be absorbed'by the disks of absorbent material and insure the one endfi's made screw-t eaded to screw into sleeve 5 and has an annular enlargement orflange 10 at its outer end-to facilitate'its turning to insert or remove the same from cas- 1. The end 'ofthe battery-within the shell or casing is electrically connected with said shell or casingby means'of the conductor 14, secured to the battery'and having sliding contact with the inner face of the shell. 3

In operation the oval'enlar ed end 3 of the dilator can be readily inserts "in the rectum and the 's hincter muscles will tightly engage the cylin 'cal portion 2 of the casing 1, the

enlargement 3 preventing outward move;

ment of the dilator, while the enlargement 4 p at the outer end of the dilator will prevent its being inserted too far into the rectum.

By constructing my improved dilator as above explained it will be observed that the. parts of the battery do not come into directcontact with the body at all, but merely sup the necessaly-electric current which 1 p y arts to. be treated makes coritact with the through the casing 1, an to prevent any injurious-eilect of the contact of this metal casing it is preferably nickel, silver, or gold plated or might be entirely of these or other like metals.

As clearly illustrated, an air or; ventilator chamber is provided between the battery and casing and an opening 11 is made in the inthe outer end or e argement 4, 'perndtting free circulation of air and escape of gases from the bowels.

' ner end of the cas" 1 andanopening 12in 7 As is well known with class of battery,

the action :of moisture of the body or difl'er-' ence in temperature causesjthegeneration of the necessary elec ric'current which passesto the hemorrhoids. or other diseased tissue.

A great many made in the general form and arrangement of parts described without departlng from my invention, andhencel do not restrict myself slight changes might be" to the precise details" set forth, but consider y at and scope of my invention. 1*

liberty to makesuch slight changes and alterations-as fairly the 'spmt A Havingfnlly describedmyinvention,what

-' I claim as, new, and desire ,to'se cure' by Letters Patent,

I [shell and-means at the rear end of the shell for supporting the battery within the shell and in electrical connection therewith.

2, A 'rectaldilator comprising a metallicshell made ininsulated'sections and having a a tubularportion projectin from one endthereof and a battery inc osed within said shell :connected'with'the respective portions of the shell, said battery having 'a portion removablfisupported'bysaid tabular portion wi'thin said shell and electrically connected 7 I ith s id sections, and 'means projecting and a removal oftheshe I 3. A dilator. comprising a niet-allicshell.

made'in insulated sections, a battery inclosedfrom the rear end of the shell for supporting the batte inplacei v A 1 4. A atori comprising a metallic shell two sections thereof.

e battery therein and electiic-- I the shell having a threaded portion to receive the threadedcy lindrical portion of the batfiery allyl connected therewith i t aw p a screw-threaded'cylindri l ti and 5. A dilator, comprising a metallic shell ha a hole in one end, and a battery withv in an electrically connected with saidshell,

said Battery comprising a shell having a hole in its end, a series of disks of diflerent metals alternating with each other, said disks ha 7 alined o g nin forming an '1H10l38'l31'l1b'b6 passa e t oug the battery.

6. i rectal dilator comprising a metallic shell divided intotwo parts connectediby in.

sulating material,- a batteryddispcsed Withinv connected with'the said shell and electrically In testimony whereof i have signed this specification in the presence-of two subscriblngwitnesses. I


-. Witnesses:

- F. 5'. MGGLARY,

h 1 a Y

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