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Publication numberUS844525 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 19, 1907
Filing dateFeb 5, 1906
Priority dateFeb 5, 1906
Publication numberUS 844525 A, US 844525A, US-A-844525, US844525 A, US844525A
InventorsHenry W Lee
Original AssigneeHenry W Lee
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Piston-rod packing.
US 844525 A
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No. 844,525. PATENTE) IEB. 19, 1907. H. W. LEE. PIsToN ROD PACKING. APPLIGATION FILED PEB. 5, 1906.

. 5 om 6 3 2 lm! A.. @Q5 r. m8. Y 35 l HENRY W. LEE, or ST. Louis, MISSOURI.

PISTON-HOD PACKING- Specification of Letters Patent.

' Patented Feb. 19, 1907.

Application filed February 5, 1905. Serial No. 299,464.

To a/ZZ whom, it may concern: A

Be it known that I, HENRY W. LEE, a citizen of the United States, and resident of St. Louis, Missouri, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Piston-Rod Packing, of which the following is a speciication containing a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part hereof.

My invention relates to a piston-rod packing; and the object of my invention is to construct a simple inexpensive packing for iston-rods which may be readily applie to stuffing-boxes inside V,the glands thereof and which will very eiiectively pack said rod, and which packing will continue to snugly fit against the surface of the rod even when the packing-surfaces of the packing or the surace of the rod becomes worn from continued use.

` A further object of my invention is to provide a acking-ri com osed of a number of rse segments, the en s of which are fitted together by a tongue and groove, which arrangement very effectively prevents the passage of steam or other fluid-pressure past the packing-ring when in operative position within the stuling-box.

To the above pur oses my invention consists of certain nove features of construction and arrangement of parts, which will be hereinafter more fully set forth, ointed out in my claims, and illustrated in t e accompanygure 1 is a vertical section taken through the center ofa stuling-box and4 gland in which is located a series of my improved packing-rings. Fi 2 is a vertical section similar to Figi/1 and illustrating a modified arrangement of the packing in the stulingbox. Fi 3 is a vertical transverse section through a stuiiing-box, showing one of the packing-ri s therein and a modified form of the sp or pressing said ring onto the piston-ro Fig. 4 is a perspective view of the end of one of the segments of the packing-ring, inwhich is formed a recess. Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the opposite end of the segment and which is provided with a to e or,` projection which'is ada ted to it in t e recess in the end of the adlacent section. Fi 6 is a side elevation of one of the enta portions in position on the piston- VReferring by numerals to the accompanydrawings, 1 indicates the head of a cylg inder; 2, thestuiing-box integral therewith; 3, the annular chamber in said stuffing-box; 4, the gland in the outer end of the-stuffingbox, and 5 the bolts which maintain the gland in the stuffing-box and by means of which the packing-rings are tightened in the stuffing-box.

Arranged within the annular chamber, against the head 1 and upon the piston-rod 6, which operates through the stuffing-box and land, is a or washer 7, the diameter of wich is slightly less than the internal diameter of the chamber 31 Positioned against the outer face'of this ring or washer is the small en'd of expansive conical coil-springs 8. Arranged against the outer large ends of these coil-springs is a ring or Washer 9, equal -in diameter to the ring or washer 7 and provided on its inner side with an inclined or beveled face 10.

The segmental conical packing-rin are made use of in the stuffing-box eac comprise a series of segmental sections 13, each having a flat periphery 14, the inclined front e face 15, the straight forward end 16, an inner curved surface 17, which bears directly on the Surface of the piston-rod, an inner inclined surface 18, parallel with the outer inclined surface 15, and the straight rear end 19, which is parallel with the straight forward end 16. One end of each segment is provided with a recess 20, which extends all the way to the inner bearing-surface 17, and the opposite end of each segment is provided with a projecting lu 21, which corresponds in shape with the a jacent recess 20 and in which it is adapted to iit when the segments making up a ring are fitted together. A

number of these segmental rings are tted together, with the smaller end of each conical ring arranged inthe larger endof the adj acent ring, which arrangement brings the inclinedyfaces 15' andl18 into contact with one another. The rings are so arranged as that the joints between the segments of the adjacent rings are offset, thusl effectively.

preventing the passage of any steam or liquid pressure between the ends of the segments. The diameters of the-rings when fitted together in the stuling-box are approximately equal to the diameters of the rings or washers -7 and 9. Fitted into the outer one of the conical rings is a conical rin or washer 22, having an inclined outer `ace 23, which snugly fits within the larger end of. the outermost 4segmental packing-ring. Fitted that A IOO IIO

around all oi. thepackingfrings and the rings or Washers 7, 9, and 231s an elastic cylinder or gasket 24, of rubber or analcgou'smaterial,

46, and

ring the tendency of which is to yieldingly press` the se ents of the conic acklng-'rin inward y onto the surface of the piston-ro s v his gasket also serves as al1/elastic packing between the outer portions of the packing-rings and the interior surface of the annular chamber 3. The inner end vof the gland 4 bears against the outer face ofthe or washer 22, and when the screws 5 are tightened to force the gland into the stuiingsmaller rin prevented from passing through the stuing- In Fig. 2 I have shown a construction wherein the washers 7 and 9 and thesprings 8 are dispensed with, and where this construction is made'use of a ring 25, triangular lin cross-section,is arranged outside the innermost conical packing-ring, and asimilar 26,' trian lar in cross-section, is. arrang v within t e outermost conical packing-ring, thus iilling up the corners of theI annular chamber3 between the vinner and outer packing-rings. l ln some instances, where the. stuing-boxes are subjected to extreme heat, which wouldaect the rubber y Vgaskets 24,- each packing-ring is provided with aserlies of leaf-springs 27, the ends of which overla on the outer surface. 14 at the center' of can segment, andthe centers of l which springs bearupon the joints betweenv said se ments. These springs very. eect-z ively ho d the ringsin position on the intenrod andcause said rings to snugly iit t AcreenA inder through the smiling-box.. p

- earnest.

when the inner surfaceslor the surface of the rod'becomes worn.

A piston-rod packing of, my improved conl struction is very simple, strong, and durable, ,easily applied to st uIing-boxes withoutne-l cessitating the remova of the piston-rod from the cylinder, and very edectively packs the stuHing-box and prevents the escape of steam or other fluid pressure from the cyl- IclainraF 1'.l A pistonfrod packing, com rising a series of overlapping conical pac"ngr1ngs arranged on the interior o` a surfing-box,

each of which packing-rings rcomprises a series of segmental sections, eachprovided with the curved periphery 14, the inclined front face '15, the straight` forward .end 16, the

' inner curved surface 17 arallel with the periphery 14, the inner inc ined surface 18 par- ,allel with the inclined front face 15, and the straight rear end,` 19 parallel with the straight forward end 16 substantially as speciied.

2. A pistonsrod. packing, com rising a series offoverlapping conical pac g-rings' arranged on the interior of a stuffing-box, each of which packing-rings ycomprises aseries of segmental sections-v, each provided with the Acurved peripheryy 14 the inclined iront l'face 15, the straight forward end 16, the

inner curved surface 17 parallel with the peri hery 14, the inner inclined surface 18 para el withthe inclined front face' 15, the

straight rear end 19 arallel with the straight,

forward end 16, an the meeting ends ofthe. t

segmental sections of eachringoverlapping l one another;.substantially`as specified. v

v vIn testimony whereof l have signed my name to this speciiication 1n presence of tw subscribingwitnesses.

u "VVitnesses: .v

" i M. P. SMTE, v

JonN4 Bienen.A

.. muur fw. ins.

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