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Publication numberUS844579 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 19, 1907
Filing dateJan 31, 1906
Priority dateJan 31, 1906
Publication numberUS 844579 A, US 844579A, US-A-844579, US844579 A, US844579A
InventorsHarold Lewis Clements
Original AssigneeHarold Lewis Clements
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US 844579 A
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No. 844,579. PATENTED FEB. 19, 1907.



APPLICATION FILED JAN. 31, 1906 Witnesses 6454. fimw W, (fie/@M' 1TB STATEfi PATENT FFICE.



Application tiled January 31,

. willpermit of liquids cing poured therefrom and drained without the necessity of completely reversing the bottle.

Another object of the invention is to provide a bottle of a form convenient for packing and which Will allow of heavy contents, such as pickles, being extracted with facility.

With these and other objects in view my invention consists of a bottle having one of its sides formed flat, thereby affording a plane surface from the bottom of the bottle to the mouth thereof.

My invention further consists of abottle having means for retaining an implement thereon and certain other novel features of construction and combination of parts, substantially as herein specified.

Figure l is a side elevation of my improved bottle. Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view thereof. Fig. 3 is a view of a modified form of the bottle having supporting-lugs on the flat side thereof. Fig. i is a view of another modification having a flat side sloping inward toward the mouth. Fig. 5 is a side elevation of a modification of the bottle provided with means for carrying a fork or slmilar article. Fig. 6 is a front elevation of the same. Fig. 7 is a vertical sectional view of a modiiied form of the invention with my improved stopper applied thereto; and Fig. 8 is an elevation of my improved bottle and cup in a carrying-case, the case being shown in section.

My improved bottle is of substantially flattened shape, havin the two vertical sine Walls 1 and 2, and the iront wall 3 is also vertical. This front wall is preferablythickened at the base, as at 4, and tapers off toward the mouth of the bottle. The rear wall 5 is bulging or swelled, formin at the to a neck por- Specification of-Letters Patent.

tion 6; The base 0 the bott e is formed Patented Feb. 19, 1907.

1908. Serial No- 298,823.

with an annular rim 7, which raises the bottom and serves to strengthen it and protect it against breakage. By slo ing the front wall it will be readily observed that the contents of the bottle may be removed with great facility and without necessitating the complete upturning of the bottle.

As shown in Fig. 3, supporting-lugs 8 may be formed on the front side at the mouth and base of the bottle to facilitate the flow of the contents and also to support the bottle in a horizontal position and prevent overturning of the same.

In Fig. 4 I have shown a bottle having the front wall inclined inward, thereby providing a broad supporting-base.

In bottles containing pickles and similar products some implement is necessary for extracting the same from the bottle. In order to keep such an implement associated with the bottle, I have'formed the same with extensions 9 at the mouth and base thereof, having seats or recesses 10, provided, in said extensions. Adapted to be engaged by and carried in said extensions is the fork 11, having its ends engaged in the recesses in said extensions. The recess in the upper extension is of greater de th than the lower one, to

ermit ready witht rawal of the fork or other implement. As the fork need not project beyond the line of the extensions, it is protected against injury or accidental displacement.

The form of my invention shown in Fig. 7

has an annular ring 12, of rubber or similar I material, secured around the neck thereof. A. late 13 covers the mouth of the bottle, and a flexible ca 14, secured to the plate, embraces the nec of the bottle and overlaps the annular ring thereon.

In order to read y transport the bottle and contents, I provim a rectangular carryingcase 15, having a tight-fitting cover 16. The bulging rear wall of the bottle provides a space 17 at the top of the case, and in this space is adapted to fit the cup or similar utensil 18.

From this description, taken in connection with the drawings, it will be evident that I have rovided a cheap and durable bottle which 18 convenient for handling and packing and which accomplishes all the objects hereinbefore stated.

I o1aim flat Wall tapering from its base towardithe l. A- bottle having one of its sidesflat and mouth. tapering from the base toward the mouth 6. Abottle having an exterior vertical fiat I 5 thereof. 1 wall tapering. in thickness-from the base to 5 2. A bottle having a bulging Wall, and a' the mouth.

fiat wall sloping toward the mouth of the In testimony whereof I afiix my signature bottle b 1 h fl d H b l in presence of two Witnesses;

3. otte avin at si ewa s 11" in rear Wall, and flat tapering front Wall. g I g HAROLD LEWIS CLEMENTS' 1o 4. A bottle having flat side Walls, and a sloping front Wall.

5. A bottle having a bulging Wall and a Witnesses: I



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