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Publication numberUS844944 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 19, 1907
Filing dateOct 9, 1906
Priority dateOct 9, 1906
Publication numberUS 844944 A, US 844944A, US-A-844944, US844944 A, US844944A
InventorsJacob Jacobs
Original AssigneeJacob Jacobs
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Fireproof construction for buildings.
US 844944 A
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PATENTED FEB. 19, 1907.



w ma i w] 0 Cv A from/E ys W/T ESSES which construction UNITED sriifiligs ifiirnnr OFFICE.



No. 844,944.A

The purpose of the invention is to provide an economic and effective fireproof construcshutters, and partitions, combines lightness with strength and durability and is readily adaptable to any manner of building.

The invention consists in t e novel contion for fire doors,

struction and combination of the several tions of the channel-irons in order parts, as will be hereinafter fully set forth, and pointed out in the claims.

Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification, in which similar characters of reference indicate corresponding parts in all the figures. 4

Figure 1 is a front elevation of a door constructed in accordance with my invention. Fi 2 isa longitudinal section taken practical y on the line 2 2 of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is a transverse section taken practically on the line 3 3 of Fig. 1, and Fig. 4 is asection through a portion of a partition or wall constructed inA accordance with my invention and a section through a portion of a support therefor.

The structure is made, preferably, of light sheet metal-steel, for eXample-and the frame of said structure consists of side channel-bars 1() and top channel-bars 11 and a channel-bar '12, together with front panels 13 and corresponding rear panels 13, which panels are in the form of plates. The panels eX- tend over the channel-irons, forming the sides, top, and bottom of the frame, the inner edge portions of said channel-irons at their outer faces being depressed, as illustrated at, 14, rendering the outer side faces of the panels 13 and 13a iiush with the corresponding porto shed water and prevent the lodginent of material at such points. .i f-.l' .v

Wherever two panels engage, said-panels overlap, and one of the panels is provided with an inwardly-offset pocket 15 to receive the edge of the abutting panel, as is clearly shown in Fig. 2, and the inner edge portions of the channel-irons are braced and strengthened by metal strips 16, secured to their in- Specication of Letters Patent.

l Application filed October 9,

Patented Feb. 19, 1907.

1906. Serial N0. 338,103.

1 ner faces. The entire structure is strengthl ened by means of hollow spool-braces 17, that extend from the inner face of a panel 13 l to the corresponding face of an opposing panel 13", as is illustrated in Figs. 2 and 3, l and the bores of said spool-braces -17 are threaded to receivescrews 18, the heads of which are ccun'tersunlr in the said panels 13 l and 15W. tl'x-i-v screws b cing entered into the spoci-pmccs from the outside of the structurc. 'ihcsc spool-braces may be in any desired numb er and are preferably arranged in rows. Said spool-braces likewise extend between these portions of opposing panels which bear upon the channel-irons of the frame, and at such points the screws 18 are passed. through the channel-irons and their strengtheningplates or strips 16, as well as through the panels.

In order to further strengthen the structure, brace-plates 19 are employed,which lie in engagement with the inner faces of the panels, where their edges are brought together, as is particularly shown in Fig. 2, whic brace-plates 19 lie between the ends of the spool-braces at such points and the inner faces of the panels.

A door, shutter, or partition may be economically yet firmly constructed in such manner as has been described, and still the structure can be exceedingly light.

In Fig. 4 I have shown the structure applied as a wall or partition, and in such construction panels 20 and 21 are employed', the abutting edges of the said panels being brought together in a manner to render their outer faces flush-that is, by producing an inwardly-extending pocket at the upper edge, for. example, of one panel adapted to receive 'the' lower edge of the panel above-and at such points the panels are braced by plates 21a. Spool-braces 22 are secured to the panels 20 and 21 by means of screws 23, countersunk in said panels, and said spool-braces 22 are secured to uprights 25 or other forms of supports by means of other screws 24, the inner ends ofthe spool-braces being so formed as to provide bearings for the heads of the said screws 24, as is illustrated in the said Fig. 4. i Having thus described my invention, I l claim as new andA desire to secure by Letters Patent- .f Y

1. A iireproof structure, comprising a series of panels, one panel being adapted to receive the upper or opposing panel in a man- IOO ner to provide a flush outer face for all ofthe panels, a support, and spool-braces secured to the panels at their points of connection and to the said support.

2. A iireproof structure, comprising a series of panels, one panel being adapted to receive the upper or opposing panel in a inanner to provide a 'lusn outer face for all of the panels, a support, spoolbraces secured to the panels at their points of connection and to the said support, and strengthening-plates located at the back of the panels where they connect, the fastening devices for the spools passing through the panels being likewise carried through said strengthening-plates.

3. A ireproof structure, consisting of a frame of channel-iJonfpanels llushly engaging With the outer faces of the channel-irons, said panels being at the front and the back of said irons, tubular braces interposed between the panels, in engagement vwith their inner faces, and fastening devices passed through the panels and secuxed to said braces.

4. 1n a iireproof construction for doors, shutters. and partitions, a frame of channeliron having depressions formed in its outer faces at its inner edges, plates constituting` depressions in thel said channel-irons, the

upper edge of one plate being inwardly oiiset to lushly receive the lower edge of an opposing plate, and strengtheningplates at the junction of the fgont and back plates, of y spool-braces located in series between opposing plates, engaging the inner faces thereof,

and bolts passedv through the saidA front and y back plates and through the strengtheningplates and into the said spool-braces.

6. ln a lireproof construction fordoors,

shutters and partitions, the combination uitha traine constructed of channel-irons,

which channel-irons have depressions formed in their outer faces.- at their inner edges strengthening-plates located at the inner panel-platesV where said panel-plates` connect, of series of spool-braces extending from the front tothe baclcof.: the structure., said spool-braces being interiorly threaded at.

their end portions, and bolts.- passedthrough the panel-plates into saidspoolebraces, su1rdry of which bolts also serve to hold inplace the aforesaid strengthening-plates;

In testimony whereof-1 havel signedmy naine to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses; v


' Witnesses: l


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