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Publication numberUS844948 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 19, 1907
Filing dateJan 19, 1906
Priority dateJan 19, 1906
Publication numberUS 844948 A, US 844948A, US-A-844948, US844948 A, US844948A
InventorsEdward P Lynch
Original AssigneeEdward P Lynch
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US 844948 A
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- 511 vnkoz PATENTED FEB. 19. 1907.


U @u w Win/wow 1HE NnRRls PETERS cn., WASHINGTON, n. c.


Application filed January 19,

Specification of Letters Patent.

1906. Serial No1 296,866.

Patented Feb. 19, 1907.

.To @ZZ ZIJ/w72?, t muy concern,.-

e it known that I, EDWARD P. LYNCH, a

Lake City, in the county of Salt Lake and State of Utah, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Stationery- ,f Holders," hereby declare the follow- I of'the invention, such as will enable others make and use the same.

iis invention relates to improvements in l stationery-holders.

he object of the invention is, primarily, the construction of a paper or a letter-paper support and holder in such a manner that certain requisite conditions the holding of one or more upon. Secondarily, the addition to this paper-holder of other elements comprising, primarily, a hinged several f future years are convenient to the user. l With these and other objects in View the r invention consists of certain other novel ooml of parts, which will be fully described, ilhistrated in the accompanying drawings, and more particularly pointed out in the claims l hereto appended.

In the drawings, Figure l is a top plan f view of the holder in an open position.

is a vertical longitudinal central sectional view of the holder in a closed or folded position, the same being shown substantially twice the size as in Fig. l.

The lower half of Fig. l represents the paper support and holder or paper-pocket. IVhile the paper support or back is preferably made of material having some stiffness, it can be so gaeed and that by doubling a itself to an extent suflicient to form the pad l and cover 4 and y securing the turned-up y end to the back l by means of an elastic or l other fabric the paper-holding pocket is formed. Should the stiffness of the piece l f e suoli that it could not readily be bent, l suitable material could be used in connecl citizen of the United States, residing at Salt If tion with piece l and bent up to form the' e cover 2 if front 4 of the pocket and also th such an addition is wished. In forming a cover in this way the material would be doubled upon itself, the bend forming a hinge, as at 3. By these means an almost complete paper-holder could be made from one piece of material. The face of the pocket, however, can be made of a separate piece, and this can be of blotting-paper or other suitable material to which, if desired, a blotter can be firmly or removably secured. The latter method is shown in Figs. l and 2. v

The fastening 5 secures 4 to the back l,V

pocket 6. A blotter 7 the pad bv having its and thus forms the is held in place on corners placed in the corner-pieces 5. the blotter 7, secured to the piece 4, is a con` venience and in a way improves the pad as a resting-place for the hand, it may not be used, for in the various constructions described a detached blotter held when not in use in any one of the pockets will meet the average need. The paper-pocket formed in any of the ways referred to is preferably made in sizes to suit the dimensions of standard writing-.papers and is arranged to hold few or many sheets. The lower end of the sheets 8 is placed in the pocket. The size of the pocket is such that the paper is held without a top fastening, the face forms a pad for the and during the act of Writing the sheet is drawn .from the pocket by successive movements. The hand has a uniform support and with reference to the body retains its relative position with but little change while writing from the top to the bottom of the sheet. rl`he Weight of the hand when but few sheets remain in the pocket tends by its pressure on the pad to hold them steady.

IVhile the paper-pocket arranged subsi iially as described embodies the essential features and could be used effectively Without addiiional conveniences, I improve it by adding a cover 2 and other accessories. The cover 2 can be made as already described or be formed of a separate piece and hinged -to back 1, as at 3. Preferably I make the cover 2 of a length so that one end 9 can be doubled upon ii' self and forms, with cover 2, a pocket lO, similar to the paper-pocket, this' IOO pocket 10 to be used for holding envelops. 1 lower back, said pad and back producing a The pocket 1() is formed in such way that l pocket formed therebetween, said pad prowhen the cover 2 is closed upon back 1 the vided with strips at each of its corners, said envelop-pocket covers the upper portion of l strips and pad producing pockets, the upper 5 the sheets 8, which is held in tne paperl back adapted to be positioned within some of 7o pocket and does not conflict with that resaid pockets for securing said backs in a ceptacle. The edge of pocket y is preferfolded position. ably strengthened by the reinforcing materia 3. In a device of the character described, 11, which also forms the fastening to secure the'conibination of a cover composed of confo it to the piece 2. Rcinforcing-pieces 1 2 may nected backs, a blotter-pad carried by one of 75 also be used, all being secured by suitable said backs, a pad secured to said back, said adhesive material. The cover 2 when closed, pad with the back forming a pocket, and fasif of suflicient length, will protect the upper tening means formed upon said blotter-pad part of sheet or sheets 8. l prefer the cover for securing said backs in a folded position.

I 5 to be of such length as will cover the entire 4C. ln a device of the character described, 8o length of back 1, especially if the removable the combination of a cover composed of blotter is used, in which case the cover 2 can movably-connected backs, a blotter-pad pobe held closed by inserting its outer corners sitioned between said backs and secured to in the pocket 6. ln addition, l place, prefone of the same, said pad provided with 2o erably, above the envelop-pocket 10 a'l'lexipockets at each end7 a blotter supported 85 ble piece 111, secured to 2 by adhesive maupon said pad and positioned within its terial, and preferably the reinforcing-pieces pockets, and said pad and lower back pro- 15, and for convenience form upon one side vided with a pocket formed therebetween. of 14 by means of the longitudinal slits 16 a 5. A holder, comprising connected upper 2 5 pen or pencil holding device, The upper and lower backs, a blotter-pad secured to 9o portion 17 of piece 14 forms a clamp-like said lowerback, said pad and lower back holder and is designed to hold stamps or provided with a pocket formed therebememorandums by forcing them wedge-like tween, said padprovidedwithpockets formed between the cover 2 and the piece 111.- at its corners, the outer corners of the upper 3o As this paper-holder is in a special way back adapted to be positioned within the 95 intended to supply the conveniences necespockets of said pad for securing said backs in sary for correspondence I plan a calendar a folded position, and article-supporting covering a series of the coming years so demeans carried by said upper back. signed that the paper-holders made in suc- 6. ln a device of the character described,

ceeding years shall,with the calendar for the the combination of connected backs, a blotloo year in which they are made, have those for ter-pad carried by one of said backs, a pa several years to come, and preferably place secured to one of said backs, said pad with it upon the face 10 of the envelop-pocket, said back forming a pocket, fastening means and for the same reason l add the postal carried by said blotter-pad for securing one 4o regulations and plan to use unused spaces of said backs in a folded position with the 105 for advertising matter. The calendar deother back, and article-supporting means vice in a special way meets the needs of the formed between said body and lower back average user, dealer, and manufacturer. To upon the inner face of said upper back. the manufacturer of holders and dealers in 7. A stationary holder, comprising movy them there need be no question of the holderably-connected upper and lower backs, a p ad 1 1o stock getting out of date, and the user has secured to one of said backs, said pad with the assurance of years of a device that all said back forming a pocket, ablotter-pad seknow the value of. cured at its ends and one of its longitudina rlhe novel holder which l have herein deedges to said lower back, said pad provided 5o scribed can be made of the cheapest material with pockets at each of its corners, some of i 15 and at a triliing cost or elaborately of the said pockets adapted to receive the upper finest material. back for securing the same in a closed posi- What I claim istion with the lower back, said upper back 1. ln a device of the character described, folded at one end for producing a transverse 5 5 the combination of lower and upper hinged strip, a pocket formed between said strip and v1 zo backs, a pad carried by said lower back, said upper back, a slitted strip secured at its sides pad provided with a pocket, the upper back l to the inner face of said upper back, the slitadapted to be partially positioned within l ted portion of said strip constituting a rack, said pocket for securing said backs inafolded and a pocket formed between said slitted 6o position, said pad and lower back producing strip and the upper back. 125 a pocket therebetween. 8. ln a device of the character described,

2. ln a device of the character described, the combination of upper and lower hinged the combination of an upper and a lower backs, a pad carried by said lower back, said back, a flexible strip connecting one of the pad being provided with a pocket.

ends of said backs, -a pad secured to the i 9. A device of the character described, 13o

coi'npiising a back, a cover hinged tO said f r ll. `In a device of the character described, the combination Of a cover composed Of connected backs, a pad secured to One of said backs, and forming a pocket theieon, and means ici1 securing said backs together When in their folded position.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in piesence of tWo Witnesses.


comprising a support provided With a pocket, and a cover hinged to said support and piovided With a receiving pocket, the said pockets in the said cover and support being arranged so as not to coni'lict when the cOvei is closed.

l0. A device of the chaiactei described,

back, having an article-holding sheet provided With clamp-like ends, secured thereto, and a pad secured to said back, said pad With said back forming a pocket.

Witnesses M. F. MORRIS, C. YV. JOHNSON.

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