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Publication numberUS845222 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 26, 1907
Filing dateMar 1, 1905
Priority dateMar 1, 1905
Publication numberUS 845222 A, US 845222A, US-A-845222, US845222 A, US845222A
InventorsMary L David
Original AssigneeMary L David
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Chair attachment.
US 845222 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

No. 845,222. l PATENTBD FEB. 26, 19W?. M. L. DAVID.



' specification.

near on the under surfaces ol: l he :mns to pre- MARY L. DAVID, or Bnooreron, MAssAnnUsnrTs.


Specification of Letters ,Patent Patented Feb. 2B., 1907.

Application Sled March 1,1905. Serial No. 247,855.

To @ZZ- wwml it may rolt-earn:

Be it known that I, MARY L. DAVID, of Brockton, in the county of Plymouth and State of Massachusetts, have inventedrertain new and useful. Improvements in' Chair Attachments'. of which the following is a This invention relates to srnnohsirs, and has for its chie/f object to enable s table to be Conveniently engaged with and, detached from the arms of the choir and securely snpported in front of the occupent.

The invention also has for its object to provide tinys or reoeptnrles for Venous ortioles adopted to be covered and closed by the, nrms of the elisir end to be moved outwardly to expose their contents* .v

The i n von tion eonslfn sin the.n'nproven'ronts which. i will. now proceed. to describe und elsm. n

Ot the accompanying dremnngs7 forming L part of this specification, Figure l represents nperspee tive View of n chairembodying my invention. Fig. 2 represents s front elevntion of portions of the elisir and its attachments. Fig. 3 represents s. side elevntion showing portions of the elisir and n portion of one of the hinged trays.

The saine reference ehn-renters indicate tlpy some parts in :ill the lignres.

in the drawings, a a represent the arms of n Chair, ond e o represent the supports for the forward portions of the arms. lhe :trms nre provided with. extensions d2 ai'y rnojeeting forward from the supports (1, to n snlleient i extent to eng-nge n. tnhle e, the snd supports having inner edges (1., which nre pzn'nllel with eneh other. The length. o l' l he tu ble c is snoh that its. end portions nre adapted to beur on the upper sides of the erin extensions o2, ns shown in Figs. l and 2. To the under sido of the table nre attached nne'nlnr ours or lugs l) l), wln'ell nro sdnpted lo slide lengthwise of the arms and lntve portions which bear upon theinneredpes oi'ftlnarms to prej Vent horizontal displacement of the table crosswise of the arms, and pm tions whnh l vent upward displacement of the table,

YIt will be seen that the tnhle muy be grasped by 'the hands of a person sitting in the @heir and moved hsokwsrdly until it is engaged withine extensions e2 of the arms, 1

" ehniresent when ,not in use.

f 'for sewing nntl'erinls, or the tsl) as shown in the drawings, the engagement being suoli as to firmly support the table in a. horizontal position in 'front of the ooonpant. The table may be readily removed by pushing it 'forward until the lugs are disengaged from the arm extensions.

The reni' lugs l) nre arranged to shut against the nrnrsupports o when the table hits been. snitnhly engaged with the arms; the .lugs being thus prevented from being pushed hoek into eontnot with the swinging trays e e. These trays or connected hy hinges ci with the oook portion of the choir and formed und arranged, so "that they nny be swung n- Wnrdly 'onder the infin," nnd e1 iti "elfv covered thereby, or swung cnltwnrdly, so that their eontenls will he expos When i'. e trays ure swnngi n'zndly, the.

forward ends are in lose pI'oXnnty to the front n1nl-sln' ports ct :and nre seperated from the reni ings l by snfd supports. v

f/ f! (I g represent bars or strips nlliviedto the legs ol.' the chair under the senil :1nd forming n rectangular frame or ensfrng' lnelosing s space winch is covered nt the top hy the elisir-sent and is open at the bottoni.

ff :represent cnrs which nre nllixed to one4 ol the pieeos g, sn.' d ezn's projecting under the sind spnee. f represents :t snnlnr enr which pyol'ed ntf? to the peee opposite the piece lo which the enrsjlfnro nttaohfd. The enrj is :nlnpted to be swung inwnrdly under the s: d space and also to he swung outwardly, ns indi sled in Fig. l..

The pieces f/ und the ezns ff zn'nilj" Constitnte inc-,ams for roniining the tnhle 2 under tl lvlnfn the enr f is displaced, as shown in Figi'. l. the eeen pant of the elisir nnty plnoe one end of the tn-hle on the. mnsfffnnl then secure the tnhle hy swinging tln` enr f imvzn'dly under Vthe inhle, the pieces g forming' walls which, snri'onnd the tnhle ond prevent it from heine moved edgen'ise in. any direetirm.

lt will he seen that the elmh' shove dey ,se ihed s adapted to be used im' 'mrions pnrposes. For exnnnile, the tnhle c nmy he nsed ns n sipport for .lnhries und the ti'sys e le nnty loe used ns n hook-rest :1nd the tray for the re option of writnlg nxnteriels; smoking ninterinlsJ oie.

The elisir may 1oe of an y suitable construe.-

tion, excepting in the partieular above "l oted ear adapted to coperatewth the xed ro specfled, and 'lts legs may be prowdc'd 1th ears in supporting a table m said space.

rockers, 1f desired. In t.est mo11y whereof I have :mixed my I 012kmn t s;gnature 1n presence of tW 0 Witnesses. An arm-chair having fixed framepieces MARY L DAVID.

below its seat, forming the Walls of anopenbottomed storage-space, one f the sii-ld Wtnesses:

pieces having fixed ears projecting under C. F. BROWN, Said space, WhAle an opposite piece has a pv- E. BATCHELDER.

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