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Publication numberUS845341 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 26, 1907
Filing dateMay 19, 1906
Priority dateMay 19, 1906
Publication numberUS 845341 A, US 845341A, US-A-845341, US845341 A, US845341A
InventorsJohn S Dunlap
Original AssigneeJohn S Dunlap
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Combined egg and cake beater.
US 845341 A
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No. 845,341.l PATBNTE FEB. 26, 1907.



kauwgum Umrnnfsr TES' ramena einen.

Jo-H'N s. Dimmi, oir cnreaeo, iLLrNoi-s.

COMBINED eee. man CAKE eeeree.

ne: Seas-11.

Specification of Letters Patent.

rammed Feb. 26,1907.

Application led May 19, 1905. Serial No. 317,774.

To all it may con/cern: v @Bie it known that I, JOHN S. DUNLAP, a

'citizen of the United States, residing at Chimaterial as the latter is thrown outwardly by centrifugal force in contact with the side walls of said vessel,

A further obj ect ofthe invention is to form the operating-shaft with a swivel plate or disk adapted to bear against the bottom of the containing vessel, thereby to permit free rotation of the dasher or blade without undue friction between the shaft and vessel.

A Jfurther object is to provide a drivinggear adapted to engage a pinion on the operatingshaft for rotating the latter and means for locking the driving-gear in engagement with said pinion.

A still further obiect ot the invention is to provide a detachable dasher or cutting-blade the opposite ends ol' which may be deiiected upwardly to conform to the interior walls of the containing vessel and means for retaining the dasher in position on the operatingtions, and minor details of construction may be resorted to within the scope ol the append-- 4 ed claims.

ln the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification, Figure 1 isa-perspective Viewl of a beater constructed in accordance with my invention, Fig. 2 is a detail sectional view of the lower end of the op erating-shatt, showing the construction of the flasher and swivel hearing-plate. detail side elevation of the pinion and a p0rtion of the driving-gear.

Fig. 3 is a Fig. 4 is a perspective view illustrating a modiiied Jform oi dasher.

Similar numerals ol reference indicate corresponding parts in all of the figures of the drawings. A

The improved device com rises a supporting-frame, preferably forme of a single strip of metal, one end of which is bent laterally to produce an angularly-disposed bracket 5, while the opposite end thereoi` terminates in a vertically-disposed arm 6 for attachment to a handle 7. f

Mounted for rotation in the bracket 5 is an'v operating-shaft 8, the upper end of which is threaded at 9 for engagement with a pinion 10, the latter being interposed between the arms of the bracket 5 for engagement with teeth 11, formed in the marginal edge of a master-gear. 12. The master-gear 12 is mounted for rotation on a pin or stud 13, carried by the arm 6, and is provided with a smooth peripheral edge 14, adapted to engage a transverse groove or recess 15, formed in one of the arms of the bracket 5, thereby `to lock said master-gear in engagement with the teeth on the pinion, and thus prevent accidental slipping of said teeth.

The free end of the shaft 8 is threaded at 16 for engagement with a sleeve 17, and bear- -ing against said sleeve is a Hat relatively stiff dasher or cutting-blade 18, having its ymajor axis substantially parallel with the plane of its movement and provided with a plurality of spaced perforations 19, the Walls of which 'form cutting edges for engagement with the creaxm, cake, or other material when the shaft 8 is rotated.

Engaging the interior threads 20 of the sleeve 17 is a depending pinll provided with a terminal head 22, defininga reduced neck 23, upon which is swiveled a bearing plate or disk 24, adapted to bear against the bottom 'of the containing vessel, so as to permit the dasher to rotate freely thereinwithout danger oi` friction between the shaft and the walls of said receptacle. The disk 24 is preferably circular in shape and the central portion thereof concaved, as shown, so as to permit the peri iheral edge of the plate to boar against the bottom of the receptacle and snstain the weightot the dasher and at the same time permit the head 22 to rotate within the concavity of the disk.

'lhe dasher 18 is detachably secured to the operating-sh aft by means of a, nut 2\5, adapted to engage the threads on the pin 2l, so



that when the nut is tightened the dasher will Abe forced' upwardl into engagement with the sleeve`17, and t us effectually prevent independent rotation of the dasher on theo erating-shaft. j l

Vl en the `beater is used for Whip ing or 'agitating cream, eggs, and similar lig t sub.-

stances,`a relatively thin dasher will be employed to permit the same to conform to the interior walls -of a containing vessel; but

when the device is used for Whipping cake,

batter, and similar heavy materia the dasher will be made relatively stiH and non-iiexible, so as to permit' the latter to readily cut the material as the' dasher isrotated.

j As a means for deecting the free ends of the 'dasher'upwardly, so vas to permit the same to conform to the interior walls of the containing vessel', there vis provided a collar 26, mounted for sliding movement on the,

shaft` 8 and provided with op ositely-disposedlugs or pins 27. Secure to each of .the lugs on the collar 26 is one end of a wire `or other flexible medium 28, the opposite end of which is detachably secured to the .free

end of the dasher, so that by adjusting the i collar 26 vertically on theshaft 8 the free present instance a crank or handle 31 is em-` ployed, the latterbeing riveted or otherwise rigidly secured to the 'driving-gear 12, as shown.

In Fignl: of the drawings there is illustrated a modified form of the invention in which the dasher is constructed in the form of an imperforate bar or blade 32, which may be relatlvely thin and vfiexible or stiff and non-flexible, according to the use for which it is designed.

From the foregoing description it will j be seen that there is provided an extremely simpleand inexpensive device admirably adapted for Ithe attainment of the ends in View.

Having thus described the invention, what is claimed is- 1. A beater including a shaft, a dasher de tachably secured to the shaft, a threaded pin carried by the shaft, a bearing-plate swiveled on the pin, and a nut engaging the threads on the pinl and bearing against the dasher. v

i 2. A beater including a shaft, a dasher securedto the shaft, -a threaded pinl carried b the shaft and provided with a terminal hea a conical'bearing-plate swiveled on the head of the pin, and a nut engaging the threads on the pin and bearing against thadas'laer.

3. A beater including a terminal, a dasher bearing against theslee fre, a pin threaded in the sleeve, a bearingfplafte swiveled on the pin and having its central portion concaved, and a nut engaging. the threads on the in for locking the dasher in engagement wit the sleeve. 'i

4. A beater including a shafthavmg a threaded terminal, a relatively.' `stiff` flat dasher detachably secured to the shaft and provided with cutting edges, a sleeve engag the shaft for deflecting the ends of the dasher, p

means for lockingthe deflecting means in adjusted position, ,and means for Operating the shaft. Y

y6. A beater including a shaft, a dasher secured to theshaft, means adjustable `longitushaft havingla. threaded terminal, a sleeve engaging'. saidl dinally of the shaft Aand operatively connected with the dasher for deecting the free ends thereof upwardly, and means for rotate ing the shaft.

7, A beater including a shaft, a dashersecured to the shaft, 'a collar slidably mounted on the shaft, a flexible connection between the dasher and collafor deliecting the free ends of the latter upwardly; means for locking the collar in adjusted position, .and'means for rotating the shaft. l.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as IOO los

my own Ihave hereto aflixed my signature in y the presence of two witnesses.


Witnesses: i i" JOHN B. VAN GEO. H. PArNE

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