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Publication numberUS845792 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 5, 1907
Filing dateDec 3, 1906
Priority dateDec 3, 1906
Publication numberUS 845792 A, US 845792A, US-A-845792, US845792 A, US845792A
InventorsLuther Edward Jenkins
Original AssigneeLuther Edward Jenkins
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US 845792 A
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No. 845,792. Y PATBNTED MAR. 5, 1907. L. E. JENKINS KNIFE.


n l MMU. l I I Il I I LUTHER ifiiniotiin JENKINS, or Cioiiiitk, KENTUCKY.


Specification of Letters atent.

Patented March 5, 1907.

Anolicetion tiled December 3,1906. Serial Nn. 346.090.

T a/Z Lu/wm, il' lli/ffy #mmm/111,:

Be it known that l, kunnen EDWARD "JENKINS, a citizen of the United Sta-tes, rel siding at Ceeihen, in Athe count;Iv of Hardin i the parts in another position.

and State ol 'lte'ntuckr` have invented new and useful. linproveinents in Knives. of which the following is a. specification.

. the blade is not interfered with.

This invention is a knife, and inore partieularl'T that kind having a hollow handle l v i and e retrectile blade which is thrown out lengthwise from the handle into position for` i use by a spring.

The object ol the invention is to provide an improved knife of this kind embodying siniphcity of construction and one which can be easily operated.

A further object is to provide a handguard which. will be extended when the blade 1s proieeted from the handle and folded when l outward inovrnient, it coines into position the blade is retracted.

In the accompanying drawing, Figure 1 1s an elevation. V'Fig. 2 is a loiigitudinal seetional View. Figf is a sectional View with Fig. 4 is a perpective View of one ol thehanchguard me1ners.

`Relerring speeiitioelljyv to the drawin denotes e hollow handle which is closed at one end and open at the other end to receive the longitudinally-sliding blade 6. On the inner end of the blade is a block 7, which. may be formedntegral with the blade. The block fits snugly inside the handle, and between the block and the Closed end of the handle is i placed a spring 8, which hears on the block endis of sulhcient strength to throw the blade'out oi the handle when .it is released. The block 4is recessed, as :it t), to forni a sent for the end` oi the spring.

The block 7 carries a pin and said lends also have a toe 1S, .i'iiioh extends into the hollow olE the bundle when the guards are folded. The toes are in the path of the block 7 and. are notched, :is :it lll.

' through which notches the cutting edges olI the blade extend, so that the nioveibenti. ot'

The operation ol the liaiidgiiards is as lollows. Upon releasing the blade by withdrawing the pin l() l'roin the notch 123 it'. thrown outwardliiv by the spring 2s, and when. the liront end oi the blot-.k 7 strikes the toes 18 the guards are swungr outwardly lroin the recesses 1li into the position shown in Figs. l and '.2 against the action ol the spi-ings 17. When the pin rent-lies the l'i'ont end ol' the slot 11, it is pushed into the note-h l2, Whereb)T the libido is looked in. extended posi t n. VVhoii the block is at 'the ond ol its dentallyfolded and seeurelyholds theni inextended position. lpon retraetiiig the blade `the block 7 is withdrawn lroin behind the guards, whereupon they are returned to the recesses 14 by the rlosing-springs 17, as shown in Fig'. 3. rlhe i'ront end olA the block 7 is beveled, as at 20, so that the guards are not Strunk squarely, thus saving wear oll the parts. The blade is retracted by inoviiigl the pin from the notch l2 an( into the noteh 13.

The advantages ol' the knife herein de scribed are its'autoniatit. action and simplicity of construction., there boing iio complicated parts to get outy oll` ord'ei', and the folded handsguards enable the knil'o to bo i more eon'vonientlir carried.

1.0, whichlextends l into a slot 11 in one side of the handle. At the ends of the slot ere locking-notches 12 and 13, respectively, into which the pin can be extended for the purpose of holding the blade in position. The pin is mounted in the block in such a manner tl .erally 'from the slots into thelooking-notches.

Ati the open end of the handle recesses 14 are inedein opposite sides of the handle, in

5 hand-guard Y retractile blade, and ioldable haiid-guards which recesses are pivoted at 1 1G, which enter the recesses when the bla-de is retracted and extend laterally therefrom when the blade is open. When the handguards are folded, they extend 'flush with the outside of the handle. Closingsprings" 17 are attached to they inner ends of-.the guards,

I claiin--- A 1. A knife comprisinga hollow handle` a retraetileblede, 'and loldable hand-guards extensible by the bladewhen it is projected l from the handle.

iat it can be sl itl-lat 2. knife t'oniprising a hollow handle, a retraetile blade, loldable hand-guards extensible by the blade when it is projected from the handle, and i'neans l'or folding the handguards when the blade retracted.

3. A knile comprising a hollow handle, a

having projections at onefend extending into the pat ol the blade when the hond-guards and Yfold/fiole lmnd-gu-ards'pvoted in the rei are in folded cesses, and having projeotlons at one end eX- tending into the lepath of the blade when the 5. knife comprising ahollow. handle recessed on opposite sides, :i retraotile blade having a sliding block at its inner end, foldable hand-guerds pvoted in the recesses, and having projections at one end extending into 1o the path of the block When the hand-guards for the hand-guards.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence o'f two subscribing Witnesses.


position, and a closing-sping

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International ClassificationB26B1/08
Cooperative ClassificationB26B1/08
European ClassificationB26B1/08