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Publication numberUS84587 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 1, 1868
Publication numberUS 84587 A, US 84587A, US-A-84587, US84587 A, US84587A
InventorsV. Sloat
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Improvement in boiler-flue cleaners
US 84587 A
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y The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making part of thesama.

.To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, GEORGE V. SLOAT, of Moi-11's ania, in the ,county of Vestchester, and State of New York, have invented a new and useful Improvement 'in Scaling-Tools; and I do hereby declare that'the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, which will enable those skilled in the art to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification.

This invention relates to tools which are designed for use in the operation of clearing the tire-dues of steam-boilers of the scale or hardened sediment which is depsited'on the'outer surface of such dues; and

It consists in the construction of tools or instruments whereby access is obtained to both the upper and lower portions of .the flue, as will be hereinafter more fully described.

In carrying out my invention, it is necessary to prois used to good advantage where such a tool is appli-` cable.-

Wherever the scale can be reached by the chisel, it will be out and the chips loosened.

But as the flues. invmost marine boilers of the present day are placed in horizontal rows, forming large clusters or sections, one ue directly' above another, it is evident that the chisel could not reach the scale on the upper and the lower sides of the ues. Consequently the scaling or chipping of the flues has been an incomplete operation.,

' The object of my invention'is to provide means for perfecting it, thereby not only preserving the steamgenerating surface due tothe boiler, but Aprotecting the ilues from injury from the Apresence of a non-conductor of heat.

Figure 1 is a tool folicuttiug the scale on the upper sides of the lues.

Figure 2 is made to operate on the scale on the un der sides of the iiues. Y

Figure 3 is for the sa'me purpose, to be appliedV tothe outer tier of lues.

Figure 4 is a cross-section through the line x x.

Figure 5 is a longitudinal view of the head of the tool, looking in the .direction of the arrow of iig. 2, from theline y y.

ASimilar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts. Y s, The tools are in the r -form.

A is the steel head, with one or more cutting-edges marked B.

C represents the iron Shanks, which may be of any desired length and size.

vTo operate with the tool, the headAis passed down between the ilues, and parallel therewith, to any desired space between two horizontal rows of tubes, when it is turned so that it will stand transversely thereto. When a hammer is used on the eudof the shank O, the edges B will penetrate and loosen the scale.

In operating with iig. 2, on the under side ot the ues, lthe hammer is used on the imder side of the cross-piece D, when the eileot is the same.

The loosened scale is scraped oi from the upper sides of the lues, and falls down into the body of the boiler, from whence it is readily removed.

The ends of the head A are also brought to an edge in the form of cold-chisels, as seen at e and f, for using on the heads of the boiler, or on other surfaces, for removing the scale.

I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent- The chipping-head A, with one or more cuttingedges B, on either side of head B, when arranged in reference to the shank() and cross-piece D, substan- Witnesses:


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Cooperative ClassificationB08B9/023