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Publication numberUS845902 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 5, 1907
Filing dateNov 26, 1906
Priority dateNov 26, 1906
Publication numberUS 845902 A, US 845902A, US-A-845902, US845902 A, US845902A
InventorsCharles S Sharp
Original AssigneeInt Harvester Co
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Disk harrow.
US 845902 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

No. 845,902. PATBNTED MAR. 5, 1907.




4 simmwsnzm 1.


I NYE N T 1: R.-- Z 0/1565 S/zaz z- "Afczamrsvz PATENTED MAR. 5, 1907. 0. s. SHARP.


I NYE N T :1 EL UfilesS-Sfiar z- K W1 TNESEEE- 'No. 345,902. PATENTED MAR. 5, 1907'. 0. s. SHARP.




Wrrmrssza INVENT'DR v a (J/Ew 46 3m ATTRNE'YI No. 845,902 PATENTEDMAR. 5, 1907. c. s. SHARP. DISK HARROW.



a mi: In.

i I NVENT DE. OfzmsSS/fi'azy'z- WI TNE' SEE 5'- N0. 84:5,LG52. Specification of Kiet'bers Paitent. iza-tez-ineci. march 93, 5.1) :sion filed Eiovember 26, lQ'SCx Serial No. 545,347:

INTI/J1 if; HI Ki t (manna/w fizimus winprisiiig v'vi'ti fiiiV-iiiiiii'ifii U- '5 K v Quit-l, CI xRLEs fr) SHARP, slumped lliiali'lillh 2 mid L SiLfiAPGLi members T i Smtcs, residing at Au 13, SHGUl'QLi at, their lower ends in shave: hcounty of Cayuga mid State oi m which fhv jUlH'lliiJt; oi

i (i with are immii 5 we 1 muted car Vain new and mi, and w; tiieizupyw m minim in Disk iiiri'mvs, of arranged il011i-1 3U(i(:: l5,

s v i rms sea-u ed 1 in iTLLC- tuthe T0211 raisin-liars i2 and Pi if? [110mm 01" My coi'iimits VJ mini 21; passing the sinus draft-41mm: in a manner par and the intervening ,1 "he cross 6 ml giings to be turned aimui :1, bars, the Emits 1%; ben L i1: 31

i1- mhmmm Wag" and aisu per" in die zumi: that are coiiccntiiic (vii/i. i i:

iiig segmmi-e gangs; 0; iiis smm mi i pendent frames than; are ad ust in ii wit/ti; mi adjustment: of the of the wits 2i and the face of Kim ELTIMF: at 1": relative to (iiai t-fraimi the 0b exit of mv 0 )HOE-ililfi :1 Q05 01' Um sioi's baiiw )iOVSLiQti u 7 x r h I invention Wing is pro ide means Wiiei-eby Wibhi'miizi cm'i'i' qatiomi :Miljfilti to i'eceiw'e 7c the draft-Evan? may we adjusted to a, higher ori'uga'ted W:

r lower pian e' relative L0 the dis- "mes. The disk gzuii s nmy be adjusted iatamiiy i attain this object by the inechainiiun iilusalong the frames in iz'iaxniim' t0 vary their 20 fink/Mid in the drawing in whichn-(r-e apzwt. '"l my may be bui'nmi about iigmiei. represems a real eiavatien of a iiiizvoiiaiczii pivots, or the pivotn'iziybe an 75 comma-n rmf'oi' disk harrov'imving 2M1 an? gulwiy arranged. relative in tim verti M.

disk gangs ad I To tin-'13. the disk (sir vertical ju'stabiy mounted thereon and to which my. ices, they are: comiepmd in (10231111011way to illVG-Ii'iiliGIl may ha applied. i ig. is a rear hand-levers Z3, fivotaiiy mounted on sector elevation 0 T, .representing; {U11 embodi nicks 24%, secured to the fi'filIIC-i'lil 5, the 80 merit of in Fig. 3 is detached. 10W reads (iftiliilL11d-i6 9ISiJQiHgOOHHGCiid de'bsiii. of m ck" i rmaket, iii Fig. -1- with the il'iQ flfiiilGS i1 imamis of iinks 5 to tha fi'zinie-iizir :1 13V 11 vation 0 nectmns' be miiuzaim iw'eon and than 8 y I .i I 1 I J disk gan .i Z), ion- 01 11m; lie :i'cu u the sieevas shawmg; the ac-g "fig ILGCiHzJEiSID in it dr- 1% of the gaingd'rames. ferem posl'bioil; Fig. I" IS a, side new of a The mrrow as so far (i-QSU'lbQdlS oncimv- 5 common fi-mof sector-rack forming a part ingzicoimnun form, and myinven'tionconsists of the ad iusting mechanism. Fig; 8 is mm" in providing means whereby the iraft-1m1m c View simiiar to Fig. 2, showing the manner of may be adjusted to a higher pizma 11 1mm Ye to adjusting the gangs miative to the d fiziftthe g:ingfmiiies without iiisariang ing the 0pframe, and. Fig. 9 is a sec'i'ional detail show-- eizitiveipai'ts of the iXZ LYUW and such immis c ing'iihe mannerinwhichtheextension-brackt consists,essentially, iivoriv a.i'\* u'riingcd U is secured to the draft-frame bars. simpmi 0Atension-brsmkets having fix-air 9 5 imiiar refel'enc'e-iiumerais dew-111e like uppei ends secured 110 the muss-inns 2 (i parts throughout the several views. by mvafis 0f i'ifiiiii rassiiig through the bra k 1 renreseiits U'he draft-tongue, having 011s and H101 intervening space imtween the f cured thereto at its rear end this Crossbars 2 bus-vs and the clip 12-9, shown in Fig. J -in a and 3 (if the (iraihfmme, wlth an, n'itervemanna]: perml'btmg the brackets to be 1(i- I00 inenlbers S-G11Wii to the outefends of ir wing space 42 between the bars, :nuiiorvard of justed imfieiaiiy upon the and flu; lower said bars is a, cross-bai- 5, secii ed 1p the ends ofivhebras \liZS pi'nvided witimpenings to tongue, mid 6 and. 7 yepresent draft fi'zmm receive the bolts 1%? and 20 by which the arms 1%? of the head-moms i5 beamed bars .2 and 3 and. the ZIOSS--i)i'i' 5, form 0 ii arei'u, the arms )Qi XLLijUStflbiQ recizmguim" iiiai't i 'i'mzm to which are sun-- if time nested right and his gangs of disks and wile mounted in suimhia fi'mnes 3.0 m A! 1.1, 1 tin.

021i the 30-" tical axes also by means of the link connectmns with the lHUlLl-lGVOTS.

What I elarm as my n'rvention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

prising ve tiwilly-arranged stems secured in said 1ll\gfl'i-LIX'1(R, sleeves in which said stems are jourmiled, laterally-extending a1 ms in tegxal with said sleeves, means for securing said arms to the rear members of said draftirames, em'nprisin; extensioil-brackets adapiied to be secured at their upper and lower ends respeetivelytn the rear memhers of said draftl'rame, and said arms.

2. A disk harrow mnmwrising, in eemhination, a draft-frame substantially rectangular in form comprising front and rear'memhers, independent disk gangs, suitable frames in which said disk gangs are mounted, means for connecting said gang-frames with the rear members of said draft-frame, said means comprising vertically-arranged stems secured to said gangirames, sleeves in which said stems are journaled, laterally extending arms integral with said sleeves, means for securing said arms to the rear members of said draitirames,eomprising U-shaped extensionhraelgets adapted to he secured at their upper ends to therear members of said draft-frame, and l'iave their ln'wer ends adjust-ably secured 1.0 said arms.

ELMER W. S'rUPr, (la names W. EMn0nY.

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