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Publication numberUS846100 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 5, 1907
Filing dateJun 22, 1905
Priority dateJun 22, 1905
Publication numberUS 846100 A, US 846100A, US-A-846100, US846100 A, US846100A
InventorsBlair A Estep
Original AssigneeBlair A Estep
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Attachment for steam-boilers.
US 846100 A
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No. 846,100. PATENTED MAR. 5, 1907. B. A. ESTEP.




Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented March 5, 1907.

Application filed June 22,1905. Serial No. 266,392.

feed of such com ound to the boiler.

For a full un ersta'nding of the construction, merits, and advantages of my invention reference is to be had to the following description and to the. accompanying drawmg,-

which illustrates the feedin apparatus by a view in longitudinal vertica section.

Making renewed reference to the drawin 1 designates a' boiler feed-pipe, which lea s from a pump or irfector andconnects at the end '2 with a bo' er. (Not shown.) This pipe is preferably made in sections by interposing suitable couplings 3 and 4 between the ends of several ipe-sections, although these couplings maylbe dispensed with and the pipe 1 tapped in several places.

5 designates a tank or reservoir into which the liquid boiler compound is introduced, as by removing the screw-plug 6 at the top. From the lower end of this tank extends an intake-pipe 7, in which is a suitable stopcock 8. The end of the pipe is threaded and screwed within the coupling 3, although it may be screwed directly within the pipe 1. Its lower end 9 projects a considerable distance within the feed-pipe and is preferably cut at anangle, so as to provide a take-up for some of the water assing through the feed-pipe, as indicated y the arrowsin the drawing.

From near the top of the "reservoir 5; ex-

tends an escape-pipe 10. This pi e hasa suitable valve 11, and its lower en j is fitted into the coupling 4 and projects in'tothe feedpipe 1, being preferably cut so as to deliver the boiler-compound into the f -pi e, but not take up an of the water passing t ough the ipe, as in icated by the arrows.

en the reservoir 5 has been filled with a suitable liquid boiler com ound, some of he water passing through t e feed-pipe 1 will enter the reservoir 5 through the intake-pipe 7, the opening of which faces in a direction opposite to the flow of-the water through the feed-pipe to receive the im act of the water therein, causing some of t e water flowing through the feed-pipe to enter the said intake'pipe 7 and force the compound in the reservoir 5 out through the escape-pipe 10 and down to the feed-pipe again, where it is carried forward by the force of the "water intake-pipe, the openin of the esca e-pipe 10 being turned in the irection of t e flow of the water, so as not to receive the impact thereof. Thus it will be seen that there 1s an in'ection action at the take-up end of the inta e-pipe and an ejection action at the delivery end of the escape-pipe 10. A valve 8 may regulatethe flow of Water into the reservoir, and the valve 11 may regulate the discharge of the compound from the reservoir,- while the water in the reservoir may be drawn olf throu h the petcock 12.

Having thus escribed my invention, what I claim, and desire to secure by Letters'Patcut, is

In an apparatus of the class described, the combination with the boiler feed-pipe, and the reservoir, of means for forcin a boiler compound from the reservoir by t e flow of water through the feed-pipe, com rising an intake-pipe communicating with t e bottom of the reservoir and with the feed-pipe and having its end that enters the feed-plpe out obliquely with its opening facing in a direction opposite to the. flow of the water, where- BLAIR A. ESTEP.

Witnesses I GEORGE OLTSOH, G. M. OoLn.

which escapes past the take-up end 9 of the

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