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Publication numberUS846683 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 12, 1907
Filing dateMay 3, 1906
Priority dateMay 3, 1906
Publication numberUS 846683 A, US 846683A, US-A-846683, US846683 A, US846683A
InventorsGeorge H Moore, William C Moore
Original AssigneeGeorge H Moore, William C Moore
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Match-dispensing box.
US 846683 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

UNITED srnrnswrnwrnnr OFFICE.'



vmarc;r-i-neselNslNc-i Box.

Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed May 3,1906. Serial No. 315,077.

- To all whom t muy concern:


` Be it known that we, GEORGE H. Moons and WILLIAM C; MOORE, citizens of the United States, residing at Morgantown, in the county of Monongalia and State of West Virginia, have invented certain new and useful Improvementsin Match Dispensing Boxes; and we do hereby declare the following to be a fall, clear, and exact description of' the invention, such as will enable others skilled in'the Vart to which it appertains to make and use the same.

Our invention relates to new and usefulim rovements in matoh-dispensin boxes; and our object is to provide an artic e of this class whereby the matches will be delivered one at a time.

A farther` object is to provide a rece tacle of this class whereby a ycommon match-box may be placed therein by removing one end thereof'and disposing the matchesin position y to be'readily removed therefrom.

Other obfects "and advantages'will be hereinafter made clearlyapparent in the specificationI and pointed out inthe claims.

In thefaccompanying drawings we have shown the referred form of our invention.

In saidy diawings, ,Figure 1 is av perspective piete.I "F1 .Zis asimilar view of the opposite side t ereoff ai perspective view of a portion of a match.- box adapted to be used in connection with our improved receptacle, and Fig. 5 is a diagrammatic vienr of a blank which when folded tooether forms the box shown in `Fig. 4.

eferring to the iigures by numerals of reference, 1 indicates the face of our improved receptacle, to the edges of which are secured the side members 2, said side members developing into sections 3, which when properly folded form the back section of our improved receptacle. The face 1 is provided at its lower edge with a central notch 4 and side notches 5 for a purpose to be hereinafter set forth. The sections 3 are extended beyond the lower ends of the side members 2 and are of sufficient length to extend diagonelly 'to the lower end of the face f1, so that when the receptacle is assembled said depending ends will form a floor or bottom 6 for the receptacle, while the lower ends of the Fig. Bis a diagrammatic. view'of the blanlrfromwhich oir improved rechptacle is fornnd when folded. Fig. Ltis .view of our improvedmatch-receptacle com-` f side sections are cnt away at an acute angle and are provided with flap-sections 7, which Patented March 1s, 1907. t

when the receptacle is assembled are folded below the floor-section 6, thereby reinforcing the Hoor and tending to hold the samein place.

with a notch 8, which is similar to and is The floor-section 6 is also provided' adapted to register with the central notch 4 in the face portion 1, softhat when a match is 'deposited in the lower end of the receptacle i the thumb and finger may be inserted in said notches and .the natch readily grasped. The notches 5 are so locatedV that when the match is removed from the receptacle the head thereof will freely pass through 'one of the notches, so that there 1s no pressure uponsaid heads and the possibility of ignition removed. It will be 'seen that Yby having the Hoor 6 of the receptacle at an angle all of the matches will be in turn moved .to the lower edge of the facev 1 and in juxtaposition to the notches therein. 1

In constructing our improved receptacle .theparts thereof are first made in blank, as

shown 1n Fig. 3 of the drawings, when the side members `2 are bent at right angles to the face l, as indicated by the dotted lines 9 in Fig. 3, after which the sections 3 are disosed at right an les to the side members 2 y folding on the otted lines 10, the meeting edges of said sections overlapping each other to form a complete union. lhe lower ends ofthe sections 3 are then folded on the dotted lineal 1 to form the floor-section 6, after which the flaps 7 are folded on the lines 12 and disposed below the. floor-section. After the structure is thus folded matches may be deposited therein and fed out between the meet-A ing edges of the Hoor-section 6 and the lower end ofthe face'l, said meeting edges being'in such close proximity that but one match can be delivered at a` time. If desired, however, the rece tacle may be provided with a telescoping ox 13, said box being composed of a base-section 14, to the edges of which are secured walls 15, one end of said walls being cut,

at an acute angle while the opposite ends thereof are provided with Hap-sections 16. One end of the base 14 is provided with an extension 17, which when roperly folded forms oneend of the box. n constructing this box the same is formed from a blank, the walls 15 being folded on the dotted lines 18 while the extension 17 is folded on the line 19 Ioo , serted into the box 13 After the extension 17 and Walls 15 are disposed at right an les to the base 14 the lapsections 16 are foiled over the end section 17 and serve to reinforce said end section and hold the same in place.

While we have shown a special form of box coperating with the receptacle, it will be understood that the usual form of match-bore may be utilized by removing one end thereof and allowing the matches contained therein to move downwardly into the receptacle, or the box containing the and both boxes then inserted into the receptacle. For matter of convenience a piece of sandpaper 20 or other materialhaving a roughe'ned surface is se cured to the face lof the receptacle, so that the matches may be lighted thereon aft-er the 'are removed from the box, and the rece ptaclseJ is also provided with suitable means for hanging the same on-a wall.

By this construction it will be seen that We have provided a very cheap and durable structure and one which can be constructed,

from sheet-tin, cardboard, or other like material and all the parts thereof stamped out at one operation, when the same may readily be folded together.

What we claim as new is- 1. A blank for a box comprising a face-section having notches in its lower end, side members integral with said face member, the lower end of said side members being at an acute angle to the longitudinal plane of the side members, fiaps at the angular ends of said side members, sections integral with the matches may be irllongitudinal'edges of saidside members and adapted to be directedV at right angles thereto to form the rear wall of the box, and an exten.- sion, on each of said last-named sections adapted to be slanted and directed into enf gagement with the lower end oie-said facesection, said arts forming a receptacle when properly fo ded.

2. A receptacle of the class described oom- Frising a face member having notches at the ower edge thereof, side members integral of said side mem ers, sections integral with said side members and at right angles thereto,

said sections, and at an angle thereto.

3. A receptacle of the class described com prising a receptacle rectangular in crosasec I tion and having a plurality of notches in one end of the face thereof, a bottom section at an angle to the longitudinal axial plane of the i receptacle, said bottom section having a i notch therein registering with one ,of the l' notches in the face of said receptacle, whereby when the matches are de osited in said receptlacle, they may be readi ygrasped and-removed therefrom. e

In testimony whereof we have signed our names to this specication in the presence of two subscribing Witnesses.

I l l Geo. H. Moose.

, WILLIAM e. Moena. l



with said face, flag-sections at the lowe'r ends,

a Hoor-section integral with the lower ends of

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