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Publication numberUS846758 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 12, 1907
Filing dateDec 18, 1906
Priority dateDec 18, 1906
Publication numberUS 846758 A, US 846758A, US-A-846758, US846758 A, US846758A
InventorsMorris Pike
Original AssigneeMorris Pike
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Holder for domestic articles.
US 846758 A
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A Trek/v22 1 5-,

.the hooks 4 are formed at the lower ends of nrrn s'ra'rns rrrr rrrcn. .MORRIS PIKE, 0F WFiSTitIOlYT, NEW JERSEY.


Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed December '18, 1906. Serial No. 348.4%.

To all whom it nub concern: tions 8 8, but is not grasped between said Be it known that I, iMORRIS PIKE, acitizen sections as it is by the loop 13. Conseof the United States, residing atW estmont, in i quently. in orderto remove the broom-hanthe county of Camden and btate of New Jer- I dle from the loop 13 it will have to be moved say, have invented a new and useful Holder i laterally in a forward direction directly for Domestic Articles, of which the followaway from the same, as the sections 8 8 ing is a specification. would interfere with its removal in any 'Ihis invention has relation to holders for other manner. Consequently the loop 13 domestic articles; anditconsists-in the novel is not liable to be twisted out of shape by construction and arrangement of its parts, as the removal from or insertion of the broomhereinafter shown and described. I handle therein. Furthermore, as the loop The, object of the invention is to provide a i 9 is located directly at the ends'of the secholder adapted to sustain and support a va I tions 8 8 the holder is braced at an interriety of household articles, such as a broom, mediate point, and swaying of the broombrushes, clusters, dust-pans, and similar artihandle is prevented in the loop 13 and its cles. 1 consequent damage is avoided. The space It consists, primarily, of a single wire or between the sections 3 and 5 may receive rod formed up in such configuration as to be brushes or similar articles, while dust pans readily attached to a vertical surface and or cloths may be hung upon the hooks 4. which is provided with bonds, hooks, forks, Also in1plementssuch as pokers, dustand Outstanding sections upon which the pans, and the like-inay be hung upon the articles as above described are hung or susi transversely-extending sections 7 7. pended. I llaving described my invention, what I In the accompanying drawing the figure is claim as new, and desire to secure by Leta perspective view of the holder. in ters Patent, is-

The holder consists of a single piece of wire 1. A holder such described formed from having, the loops 1 formed at the upper cor a single wire, said holder having loops formed ners ol the holder. Said loops are adapted at its upper corners and sections extending to receive the securing-screws 2. The vertitoward each other from said loops, with seccal sections 3 depend from the loops 1 and tions extendingforwardly row the last said sections and a U-shaped loop located between the forwardly-extending sections, sec- No. 846,788. :a'cemec'. March 12, 1907.

the sections 3 by bending the wire back, then twisting the same, and curving the ends of tions depending from said corner-loops and the twisted portions up. Just abovethe said connecting with torwardly-extending sechooks the wire is carried up into the short tions,transversely-cxtcndingsections formed sections 5, which are parallel with the secat the ends of said forwardly-extending sec tions 3, but spaced from the same. At the tions, rearworally-extending sections formed upper ends of sections 5 the wire is carried at the inner ends of the transversely-extendjnto the l'orwzn'dly-cxtending sections '6, ing sections, said U-shaped loop being loand at the outer ends oi the said sections 6 cated vertically above the rearwardly-exthe transwisely-extending sections 7 are tending section formed, at the ends of which are formed the 2. A holder such as described com rising rearwardIv-cxtcnding sections The loop a continuous wire rod having loops ormed .9 is located at the rear end of the sections 8 at the corners and sections extending toward and receives a securing-screw 10. The upeach other therefrom, forwardly-extending per sections 11 extend toward each other sections located at the inner ends of the first from the loops 2 and merge into ,the forsaid sections, and a U-shapcd loop located wardly-extcnding sections 12, which in turn between said forwardly-extending sections, merge into the substantially U-shaped loop sections depending from said corner-loo s, 13. The loop 13 is horizontally disposed and hooks formed at the. lower ends of said eis located vertically above the .pace between pending sections, vertically-extending secthe sections 8 S. tions located at the upper ends of said ooks The loop 13 is adapted to embrace the and being spaced from the depending sec upper portion of a. broom-handle and has tions, forwardly-extending sections located frictional contact with the same. The hanat the upper ends of the vertically-extending die lies within the space between the secsections, transversely-extending sections logated at the ends of said fogward1y-extend- In testi m on t hst l qfi' i'mtheforegoing as mg sections, rearwardly-extending sections my own I hav'e hereto aflixed my signature in lcmatmi at the ends of sand transversely-exthe presence of Wm wltnesses.

.' tending sections and a loop located between f MORRIS PIKE; -the rearwardly-extending sections, the U-| Witnesses:

shaped 100p being located vertically above ALBERT GRIEBSOH, the said rearWardly-extending sections. HARRY C. GREENFIELD.

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Cooperative ClassificationA47K1/09