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Publication numberUS847270 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 12, 1907
Filing dateNov 23, 1905
Priority dateNov 23, 1905
Publication numberUS 847270 A, US 847270A, US-A-847270, US847270 A, US847270A
InventorsFranklyn M Wise
Original AssigneeAmerican Diamond Blast Company
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Sand-blast apparatus.
US 847270 A
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.1.. ,IJ/Wmv m E. WNNAUI'EH n@ QA Mb m19 Nb m SWJW SAW Sw KNS, H SS, .M

No. 847,270. PATENTBD MAR. 12, 1907.

l P. M. WISE.


PATBNTED M1111. 12, 1907.


APPLICATION :FILED 11011.23. 1905.


a, E. YF

No. 847,270. PATENTED MAR. l2, 1907. F. M: WISE.




ff' l@ v to t .withl sand is -provided` for 'bymea'ns ofa UNITED sTATEs APATENT OFFICE.

vlaRANKLYN M. wise, or Newv YORK,


'citizen of the United Sta s, residing 1n the borough of Manhattan,

ty, county, and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Sand-Blast Apparatus, of which the following is a specii'ication.

4 My invention relates to improvements in sand-blast machines of that class particularly adapted for cleaning the surfaces of stone, metal, Wood, &c.', and has as its obj ect the providing of means for automatically controlling the discharge of sand from the reservoir, means for collecting and returning the sand used to the reservoir, and means for A operating the air compression and suction umps.

In the following I have described, in connection with the accompanying drawings,y

one form of device illustrating my invention, the features thereofbeing more particularly pointed out hereinafter in the claims.

In the drawings, Figure 1 is a side elevation, partly in longitudinal section, of a sand-- blast machine illustrating one form of my invention, the respective parts thereof being adapted to be fastened to the platform of a wagon. Fig. 2 isa side elevation ofthe sand.-

containing reservoiry and its connections, partsbelngbroken away. Fig. 3 is," a vertical sectional view of the valvev controlling the admission of sand into the mixing-chamber. Fig. -4 is alongitudi'nal sectional vie`w ofthe, sand-discharge hose-nozzle and the sand-collector, parts being broken away; 4'and Fig. i', is a front elevation ofthe collector and nozz e. f

Similar numerals of 'reference indicate.

similar parts throughout the several views. 1 designates a wagon-platforml suitably mountedon wheels 2.

- 'Sis a sand-containing reservoir, prefer-4 ably of sheet metal provided with a concaveshap'led bottom 4 and a, cover or lid 5'.` Access e sand-reservoir in order to replenish rit vpermit the inspection ofthe contents'thereof. A suitable pressure-gage 9 maybe provided' to indicate the air-,pressure in said reservoir."

Speecation of Letters Patent. l Application liled November 23, 1905. Serial. No. 288,641. i

portion N. Y., AssIeNoR To AMEnrcAN 'DTA- SAN D-BLAST" APPARATUS'.

Patented. March 12,1907.

10 is a valve-casing, preferably centrally located in the sand-reservoir, having a series of vertically-arranged apertures 11 therein.

Valve-casing l() extends below the bottom 4l of the sand-reservoir, and has formed thereon threads 12, adapted'to receive tho threaded portion 13 of the mixing-chamber 14, said mixing-chamber comprising a sand-passage 15. and a compressed-.air passage 16, separated from each other by a deiector-plate 17.

18 is a pipe connecting the mixing-chamber 14 with the compressed-air supply, said connection being adapted to be controlled by a valve 19. To draw oli what little moisture that ma be in the air before it reaches lilamber, a gooseneck-bend 20 is provided, avmg a draw-OH pet-cock 21.

To regulate tie admission-of sand to the mixing-chamber, valve-casing 10 is provided with a vertically-adjustable valve, said valve comprising a plunger-head 22, adapted to be held closed by means of a`retract1on-spring 23, said plunger-headbeing provided with apertures 24, which apertures when the valve is openregister with apertures 1 1 in the valvei casm 10.

v25 1s a pipe through which air under pressure is admitted into chamber 26 in the valvecasing 10, as hereinafter set forth, said pipe 25 bei of a va ve 27. Pipe 25 is extended downward'into valve-casing 10 by meansof a suitable extension act' plunger-head 22, an comprlsing a tubular 28, .having an outlet-port 29 into hamber 26, and a discharge-jet 30,v havinga port 31', acting as an inlet-port from chamber 26 when plunger-head 22 isin its lowest position. Tubular (portion 28'and`jet 30 are separated by a soli portion 32, as shown. Out-l let-port. 29 is adapted to admit suiiiclent air from pipe 25 into 'chamber 26 to force the head 22 downward, causing apertures 24 in the plunger-head to registerwith apertures 11 in valve-casing 10 and permitting san/dto o'w from reservoir 3 into the mixing-chamber 14, forming at this point `a secondary mixing-chamber. VWhen pl er-head 22 is in this position, port 31 will a mit sulicient air from chamber 26 into discharge-jet 30 to tend to`force the sand flowing from the sandreservoif downward into mixing-chamber 14. In order'to hold pipe 25 'in the valve-casing 10 and makechamber 26 air-tight, a stuffingadapted to be controlled by means l as a slide-bearing for passes.

box 33 is rovided, through which said pipe stuffing-box 34 isprovided to prevent air from entering plunger-head .22 from chamber26, -`except through port 31, as described. v

An engine-.comprising c linders 35 and 36 is mounted upon a suita le base-plate 37,

" r The air compressed `said'base-plate 37 being adaptedeto be fastened to the platform o f the Wagon.

38 is a piston-rod having mounted thereon heads 39 and 40, said heads 39and 40 being adapted to operate in cylinders 35 and 36,y respectively. At the outerfen'd of piston 38 a sliding block 41 is provided, adapted to slide in guide-rods 42, said guide-rods being suit- 'ably mounted on base-plate 37.

43 is a connectingelink connecting sliding block 41 withl cranlr-arm''44 on flywheel45,

mounted on shaft 46. Shaft 46 is actuated by any/suitable means, as byaJ motor 47, By reciprocating piston-heads 39 and 40 it lwill begseen that-on the backward-.stroke of the'pis'ton air will .be drawn inte vcylinders 35 pipe connection 18, which leads to the .valve controlling the admission of sand tothe -rnixingchamber'and to the mixing-chamber itself.

and 5'6 into suction-chamber 57 'i Suctionlchamber 57 isprovided With a 'sandassage 58, receiving sandl from pipe 59, disc argi'ng! into funnel-shaped pipe v60 anddelivering f sand into ipe 61:, saidpipes and 4 sand-pas'-` sage being ined with any suitable material to action of the .sand-,such "as resist the cutti y paper fiber. T egfsand -pasysagejfis so mounted'in suctinf'chamber .57 thatrzthe suction in the vsuction-chamber creates ,a double.

vacuum thereirnas at 62 and 63.l s

hose v64 for conveying air and sand to the ob-y 'Y ject to b e operatedupon, such 'as the Wall 6,6 is a discharge-nozzle comprising a 'metaljacket 67 and a filling' member 68, having a vcentral bore 69 and extending la little beyond the casing 67, as at 70. The metal jacket 67 carries collector-ribs 71, preferably cast there with and is provided with a nipple 72, adaptvWhenyvorn thereby may be replaced by aed to -receive the end of hose 64. Theobject of filling member 68 is to provide a 'means'I Which Will'resist the action lof sand and which new one. The filling member may bemade 74 to ribs 71.

-is providedto receive the sand from the `reservoir37 said pipe being controlled-bya istbni J Ahead40 in the cylinder '36 exhausts t roughi spring-controlled valves 52 and 53,-'Which in tur'n. exhaust into` passage 54,-thence into l on each Side tf nien-g 'head 39 1n cylinder 35 exhausts throug ports action of sand, preferably Well-finished paper 6 fiber. The nozzle 66 has mounted thereon suitable handles 73. I y

- Asand-collector is formed on the dischargey nozzle 66 by rivetin flexible canvas sheets The co lector may be provided with a sight/or Window 75 in orderto permit the'operator to readily observe the object o y verated onf "A bag 76, provided with a nipp e 77 to receive the return-pipe connection 78, co

lector. 1 f

79 is a pipe connection adapted tobe fastened to the under .portion of theA Wagonplatform and to receive the'return .connec-l tion 78 at one end, the other end thereof be. ing connected with pipe 59 of the sand-suction means, as at 80.

81 is a pipe donnecting pipe 61 andsand- Il' valve 82. i e i The operation of the device isas follows The.l reservoir having .been lilledwith sand y andthe cover 7 of the hopper 6 being closed,

.valve 20 is opened and t e lair'under pressure4 from the compression-cyhnde'r 36 '1s .permitted vto pass' through the pipe `18 to),

the mixing-chamber 1.4.v Valve 27 is now. opened, permittingair to pass through Lpipe 25 and port 29 into chamber 26, forcing t e plunger-head 22Qdownward, so that aperl tures 24 register With apertures 11 in valve# casing; 10, at which point port 36 admits air from chamber 26 into dischargefjet 32, as de'-V scribed.y The air admitted intothe sand-` passage through the discharge-jet 32 forces roo the sandv flowing Ifrom the sand-reservoir downward into the mixingechamben `Where gitfisVdeilected by deilector-plate 17, then' u l v assage. 16, carried throughhose 64, and forcifn) :jected against the falce of the Wall-.65`- The lyproa ,sandv after being" forcibly .projected against"-4 wall 6 5 f allsback in to bag 76 of the collector.

,'Ifhis latter voperation is generally assisted by gravity, aslthe nozzle 66. and the'c'ollector are .i

frequently in use at a level higherythan'the I tion of the lair lfrom cylinder 35 causing thez 4voilx `The air 4accompanying the sandl l n y t reservoir. Valve 83 is then opened,"the.suci l Mixlng-chamberllitapers at itsjouter end. to form anippl'e adapted to receive thev end of 1 through pipe l82 afterthe valve 83 is'opened y also enters the sand-reservoir and createsl contained therein downward.thns assisting the sand. to ',foizifliout through apertures 11in 1 the valve 1.0. By the means described little sand is lost and' e machine may be =used av of any suitable material adapted toyresist'the 1 ratus'described and the details thereof may `pressure'therein, tending to felice the sand for automatically be considerably varied without departing from the spirit of my invention, and I do not restrict myself to any of the details shown. What I claim, and desire to secure by Let- 4ters Patent, is-

1. An apparatus of the character described comprising a portable sand-reservoir, g controlling the dis- 1 means for automatically charge ofsand from. the sand-supply into a primary mixing-chamber, a secondary niixing-chamber, an air-passage adjacent thereto, means for automatically controlling said air-passage, and a sand-discharge pipe asso- -l ciated therewith having m inted on its ex- `treme end a sand collectin and retaining means.

2. An apparatus of the character described comprising a portable sand-reservoir, means of sand fronithe sand-supply into a primary mixing-chamber, a secondary mixing-chamber, an air-passage ad]acent thereto, means for automatically controlling said air-passage, a sand-discharge pipe associated there'- with having mounted on its sand-return pipe adapted to convey the main saiid-supply.

3. An apparatus of the character described comprising an air-tight portable sand-reservoir, an air-conipression indicator in conimunication therewith, a sight mounted there- 1 on, and an automatic controlling-valve adapted to control the passage of sand therevfrom into primary and secondary mixingchambers.

4. An apparatus of the character described including a sand-discharge nozzle detacliably mounted on a sand-discharge pipe, a sand collecting and retaining hopper frame cast therewith, a covering for said hopper-frame having mounted therein a transparent observance member, and a collecting-receptacle formed on 'said frame adapted to have fastened thereto a sand-return pipe.

5. An apparatus' of the character described comprising a sand-reservoir, aprimary mixing-chamber, a secondary mixingchamber, air-compression means in communication with said chambers, nie ans .for automatically controlling the discharge of `sand from said reservoir into said` secondary mix-v iiig-chaniber, a sand-discharge pipe connected thereto, -a discharge-nozzle on said sanddischarge pipe, means for collecting the sand discharged ltherefrom, and means for autoz matically exhausting said collector of the contents thereof.

6. An apparatus of the l character described comprising a sand-reservior, a miX- ing-chamber, air-compression means in coml for automaticf munication therewith, means controlling the discharge extreme end a 2 sand collecting and retaining means, and a the used f sand from said sand collector and retainer to i sand-'discharge pipe connected thereto, a discharge-nozzle in communication therewith,`

5 means for collecting the sand discharged l therefrom, and means for automatically returning the. sand collected by said sand-collectorto themain sand-su ply.

7. An apparatus of tie character described comprising a sand-reservoir, a mixing-chainber, air-'compressing means in coml munication therewith, means for automatically controlling the discharge of sand from i said reservoir into said mixing-chamber, a discharge-nozzle in communication with said mixing-chamber, a collector means adjacent thereto, and means for returning the sand from said collector means to the sand-reser- Voir. p 8. An apparatus of the character l scribed including a sand-reservoir and air'- compressing means comprising a plurality of cylinders, one of said cylinders being adapted to act as a sand-suction means.

9. An apparatus of the character described including a sand-reservoir, air-compressing means, a mixing-chamber, a valve connecting said'lreservoir and said chamber, y and a connection from said air-compressing means to said valve, said valve comprising a l casing, a plunger-head there-iii, and a spring, `the valve parts being so arranged that thi` air forces the plunger-head down to open l said valve and the spring closes said. valve when the air-pressure is released.

10. An' ap aratus of the character de-` l, scribed inclu ing a-sand-reservoir, outlet and i inlet connections to said reservoir and an aircompressing means comprising a plurality of cylinders, one of said cylinders being adapted to exhaust into thel outlet-pipe and another i to exhaust into the inlet-pipe.

i 1l. An apparatus of the character described including a saiid-reservoir, an outlet therefor, an inlet thereto, a suction-chamber in connection with said inlet and an air-coinpressing means comprising a plurality of cylinders, one of said cylinders boing adapted to l exhaust into said outlet and anothir to exhaust into said suction-chamber. l A 12. An apparatus of the character dc- I|.scribed including a sand-suction means coinprising a plurality of cylinders, a piston-rod l having mounted thereon piston-heads adapted to generate in each of the respective cylinders air suction and compression means.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto signed i my name in the presence of two subscribing .i witnesses.




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