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Publication numberUS847345 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 19, 1907
Filing dateSep 24, 1906
Priority dateSep 24, 1906
Publication numberUS 847345 A, US 847345A, US-A-847345, US847345 A, US847345A
InventorsCharles Leach
Original AssigneeCharles Leach
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US 847345 A
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. Application filed B epteiiibe: 24, 1906. .Serial No. 835.860.

which the followin is a specification.

My'invention re ates to improvements in sash-fasteners, and relates more particularly to that style adapted to be secured to the top of the lower window-Sash and bear againstthe adjacent side of the'. window-case in such a manner as to prevent the Sash from being raised until the fastener is disengaged from the case. y

The invention consists in the novel lconstruction, arrangement, and combination of parts hereinafter described, ointed out in the claims, and illustrated in t e accompanyigure 1 represents a side elevation ofthe 1 fastener in an ,operative position. 2 represents a plan view of the fastener. ig.

- 3 is a vertical central section taken on line III III of Fig. 2.

In' said drawing, l designates the windowcase, and 2 and 3 the upper and lower window-sashes, respectively, slidablyK arranged in the case in the customary manner.

4 designates a baselate secured to the top of the lower vsash a jacent to one side of the case. Said plate is provided with a pair of centrally-disposed ears 5 and a rearwardlydisposed lip 6.

7 designates a wedge adjustably mounted upon the base-plate and provided with a 'stem 8, extending loosely through the lip and provided at its rear terminal with a knob 9,

'whereby the wedge may be slid backward or Specification of Letters Iiatent.

Patented March ie i9o7.

sible to disengage head 13 from the case untilA the wedge is withdrawn from contact with said eccentric portion. between ears 5, which, in conjunction with lip 6 and stein 8, act as guides for the wedge and prevent it from shifting laterally. beneath the rear portion of the cam. By forcing the wedge forward into contact with rear portion 14 through the instrumentality of spring 10 all wear on said terminal, the wedge, and the pin will be taken up. Hence the cam will be' reliably held in contact the case. This form of adjustment also per'- mits the cam to accommodate itself -to any irre ularities which may exist in the surface of t ecase.

The rear terminal of the cani is beveled, as shown at 15, so that when it is desired to hold head 13 out of engagement with the case pre aratory to raising the sash the cam is raise to the position indicated by dotted lines, Fig. 1, where it is retained by the wedge engaging the beveled terminal 15.

From the above description it is apparent that I have produced a sash-fastener which is simple in construction, may be manufacwith Wedge 7 fits snugly turedat small cost, and is well adapted for s thpurpose intended.

aving thus described my invention, what I claim, and desire'to secure by Letters Patelli), lsf- 1. A sash-fastener consisting of 'a baseplate,. a cam pivotally secured to said baseplate, provided with a beveled rear terminal and aneccentric rear portion, and a Wedge adapted to engage either the beveled end or the eccentric portion and lock the cani in an inoperative or operative position respectively.

2. A sashfastener consisting of. a base-- plate, a cam pivotally secured to said base plate provided with a beveled rear terminal and an eccentric rear portieri, and a springactuated Wedge adapted to engage either the beveled end or the eccentric portion, for the purpose described.

In testimony whereof I aiiix my signature in the presence of 'tWo witnesses..

- CHARLES LEACH Witnesses:

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Cooperative ClassificationE05B15/0093