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Publication numberUS84763 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 8, 1868
Publication numberUS 84763 A, US 84763A, US-A-84763, US84763 A, US84763A
InventorsC. Rhinehart
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Improvement in corn-plows
US 84763 A
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Wheel Cultivator. r l No. 84,763. Patented Dec. B; 1868.v

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W. C. RHI-NEHRT AND ROBERT GASTON, OF OSKALOSA, OWA. Letters Patent No. 84,7 63, dated December 8, 1868.


The Schedule referred'to in these Letters Patent and making part ofthe same.

To all 'whom it may concern thereon, which form a part of this speciiication, and in which- Figure l represents a side elevation of our plow, and

Figure 2, a plan view of the same.

The nature vof our invention consists in the peculiar arrangement of the frame to which the tongue and wheels are attached, and also.' in hinging the plowbeams, provided with the inclined plow-points or standards, to said frame, so that they may have both a vertical and lateral motion, in combination with such other i devices as will be hereinafter set forth.

To enable others skilled in the art to which our invention appertains, to make and use the same', we will now describe its construction and operation.

In the accompanying drawings- A represents the tongue, to the rear end of which is secured the upper bar of the frame B, which is made to incline inwardly at -an'- angle of about forty-five degrees from the tongue.

The bar of frame B, to which the tongue is attached,

' is supplied at each end with a fender, b, which is made to extend out therefrom directly over the wheels of the machine, toprevent the drivel-s reins from coming in contact with the said wheels.

At the point where these fenders are secured and bent overthe upper part of the frame B, and extending outwards at an acute angle therefrom, are arms or.

supports c c, provided or formed at their lower ends with hooks; the object of said supports being to hold the beams of the plows in an elevated position when not in use.

C C designate theY axles, which are secured to each side of the frame B, and provided with the wheels D D.

F F' are the plow-beams, the beam F being hinged to the inner side of the lower end of one of the pendent bars of frame B, and beam F being hinged to the outer side of the other pendent bar of said frame, directly opposite beam F.

The means employed in hinging these beams consists in a plate, f, made horizontal on a portion of its surface, and its remaining portionv placed or twisted edgewise therewith, which is pivoted to thel frame B, the former part being pivoted to the beams F and F', and by so hinging saidbeams they are permitted to have both avertical and lateral motion, in order to allow them to be placed nearer or further apart, or be thrown up out of the way when not in use.

q g are the plow-handles, which are secured to the plow-beams, and made to extend out therefrom somewhat longer than the ordinary plow-handles, for the purpose of assisting the driver in working the plows. v

g y2 are plow-standards, placedin an inclined position, as seen in iig. l.

The standards g g are bolted out a short distance from and to the beams F F', and thus held more iirmly by.: braces Ich', while thestandards g2 g2 are secured in like manner a short distance inwardly from the standards gl g, on the opposite side of the plow-beams.

'lhe standards g g2 are also supplied, at their lower extremities, with the shovels or plow-points g3 and g4.

The shovels g3 g3 are made so as to throw the dirt inwardly,- while the shovels g* g4 are made to throw it in the opposite direction.

'i is the double-tree, to each end of which is loosely secured, in avertical position, a metal bar, jj, which is formed at its lower end with a hook, 'into which the trace on the horse catches, and thus acting as a singletree.

The bars or single-trees jj are secured to the frame B by means of metal barsor rods t It. A

7e k are other metal rods, secured at one end to the tongue A, and fastened at its opposite ends to the frame B.

Having thus described our invention,

TWhat weclaim, and desire to secure by LettersY Patent, is-

Ihe inclinedfenders b b, for protecting the reins of the driver from the action of thewheels, in combination with the inclined frame B, substantially as set forth.

In testimony that we claim the foregoing as our own, we ahx our signatures, in 'presence of two witnesses.



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Cooperative ClassificationA01B35/08