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Publication numberUS847722 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 19, 1907
Filing dateMar 9, 1905
Priority dateMar 9, 1905
Publication numberUS 847722 A, US 847722A, US-A-847722, US847722 A, US847722A
InventorsEdward A Bender
Original AssigneeE A Bender & Company
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Liquid-soap cup.
US 847722 A
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PATENTED MAR. 19, 1.907. l


STATES PATEXT OFFICE. -iiDwiiRD BENDER, or lr'iiiLADELrni-ai, DENNsYLvANna Assieivon To n A. Bn/ NDER va COMPANY, A CORPORATION or PENNsviafi'iiuii.A

uomo-SOAP Que.'

No.' 847,722. Specficationof Letters Patent.. Patented March 19, 1907.

I application lecl March 9. 190B. Serial No. 305.028- v T (LIZ U'IUM- if 12m Z/.COllfCNllf tion with said cup. In the stopper C is also Be it kiiowntliat I, EDwARD A. BENDER, a i lthe port or duct L, which extends in angular 55 citizen of the Lnited States, residing in the direction and has one limb in communication Y cit-y and countv of" Philadelphial State of with the pipe'M, which is secured to saidl Pennsylvania, have invented anew and usei stopper and enters the cup A. Y

.' ul Liquid-Soap Cup, of which the following" X designates the discliarge-nozzle, which is a specification. is connected with the stopper and communi- My invention relates to a device adapted cates with the other limb of the port- L, .it .I to dispense liquid soap in -a predetermined now being noticedjtliat the pipe )l and noz-v lo quantity bv pneumatic action;v and it conzle X are in communication by means ofthe sists of a barrel containing a' piston operating duct L. f t v after the manner ot an air-pump, a cup or The barrel D is tiglitl)v connected with the vessel to be supplied with liquid'soap, and a stop er C, whereby no air can escape through stopper for said cup,` an air-duct in said stop'- the Joint between said parts at the place of per leading. fromsaid barrel to said cup, a junction of the ductsJ K. v discharge-pipe leading from said cup and 'ithin the barrel D 'is a spring P, which is communicating throufrli a duct in said stopadapted to bear against the piston E for re- 7o per with an exterior discharge-nozzle and a turning the same in its normal position. support for the device, said stopper sustainl The operation is as follows: The cup A is ing said barrel and carrying said pipe and i unscrewed from the stopper Cand supplied nozzle and also providing theineans for susi with liquid soap, when said vessel is reap-Y pending the cup, thusproducing a siinp'lvplied to tlie stopper `and iirinly connected 75- constructed, easily-operated, Vand inexpentherewith, it being evident that the pipe M :sivegdevic-e for'tliepur ose intended. dips into vsaid soap to .sufficient extent tovvItalso'consists in a a `ting the soa in the i ward the bottoni of the cup A. 'The piston discharge-nozzle to be rained into t ie supi E is now forced in, whereby'a volume of air plyr cup o r vessel, thus preventing subseis directed from the barrel D through ducts 8o quent dripping of the same and loss of the J K, and so exerts pressure onthe soap inthe 'soapcup, causing a certain quantity of the .sanie' igure l represents a erspective view of a l in a stream to be forced through the pipe M n liquid-soap cup einboV ying my. invention. and duc-t L into the discliarge-nozzle.l\, at

..1 2 represents avertical section thereof. the outer end of which it may be received on 25 5 imilarletters of reference indicate correthe hand 'or elsewhere, and so used for washuing purposes. The piston E is then let go,

whereby it returns to its first position,when

l and coinv sponding parts in the iigu-res.

35 Referring to the drawings, A designates a cup or vessel foi' containing liquid soa to -air is drawn through the nozzle N the use of which I do notlimit myseli, as municating pipe )I into the soap, through 9o othefluidsmay be placed 'in said c up. B 'i'wliich it Works itself into the ductsKJ ,and so designates the neck of said cup, to which is l renters the barrel D, when the device is 4o scre'Wedor-Otherwi-se secured the nozzle 0,011 i readv for further use:v The nozzle is which is supported the barrel D, Whchconplaced in inclined position, its highest point tains the. iston E, with which is connected l being at its outer end portion,bywhich pro- 95 the'sten for operating said piston after the vision any soap primarily remaining in sai i manner of an airump, said stem having a nozzle will be returnedinto the cup, and thus 45 butt-on or head G or evident purposes. dripping of the soap at the discharge end of Connected with the neck of the barrel Op- Y said nozzle-is prevented. For inost convenosite to the button G ist-he arm or bracket iently operating the puni and lpcating the roo whereby the device mayr be securedto a discharge end of the nozze N Asaid parts are Wall, frame, or otherdesired place. In thei placed in horizontal position, it being no- 5o side of the barrel D is a port or duc-t J, and ticed that the barrel carries the sto per C, the sto per C is the portor duct K, it being and the latter sustains the pipe )l an( nozzle notice that said ducts J K are in communi- N and provides the necessary ports or ducts cation, and soplace the barrel in eommunicafor the operation of the device, While' the cup or vessel A is suspended fromsaid stopper, other port of said stopper, and a bracket for the device as such being nicely retained in sustaining and suspending the entire device, place by the bracket or arm H. the same extending from and being secured It Will also be noticed that the terminal of i to said barrel and provided with means for 3o 5 the discharge-nozzle N and the head G of the attachment to a place of suspension.

' 'horizontally-arranged piston-rod F are adja- 2. A soap-cup of the character stated, coiicent to cach other on the same side of the desisting of a receiving vessel, a ported stopper vice, said nozzle being below said head, 'by therefor, and from which said vessel is sus- Which provision the thumb or other finger pended, a barrel on said stopper, :i piston in v1o mt y press said head 'to operate the piston, said barrel, a rod for said piston. said barrel .While the same hand 'may be placed under and vessel being in coinnninieaiion through the outlet of said nozzle to receive the stream said stopper, a fluid-conveyinpr pipe dependof soap flowing from the latter. ing from said stopper into said vessel, a di Having thus described my invention, what charge-nozzle on the exterior of said stopper, 4o

I5 l claim as new, and desire to secure by Letsaid pipe and n'ozzle beiner in eommiiniea! ion ters Patent, is` throug i said stopper, and a bracket, ine said 1. `4In a soap-cup of the character stated, a piston-rod and said diseliarge-nozzle-exiendreceiving vessel, a. ported stopper therefor ing laterally from their respective eoiiiieeted i said vessel being suspended therefrom, a bar members, the terminal of said nozzle and the 45 2o rel superimposed onsaid stopper and comhead of said rod beiner adjacent, and -said 'f `munie-ating' with said vessel through a port bracket extending laterally fromsaid barrel in said stopper, a piston in said barrel, a disand adapted to sustain the entire device.v

charge-nozzle on the exterior of said stopper,

, EDWARD A. BENDEK. a fluid-conveying pipe depending from the Witnesses: z 5 latter and entering said Vessel, said pipe yand JOHN A. WIEDEnsiIEIM,

nozzle being vin communication through the S. R. CARR.

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