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Publication numberUS847785 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 19, 1907
Filing dateFeb 26, 1906
Priority dateFeb 26, 1906
Publication numberUS 847785 A, US 847785A, US-A-847785, US847785 A, US847785A
InventorsPaul E Kleineberg
Original AssigneePaul E Kleineberg
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US 847785 A
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No. 847,785.. 'PATBNTED MAR. 19, 1907.

- 1=. B. KLB-INEBERG. y


Fig. E..

Secam Af B.


x5, a very simple durable air-pump of t e type' i 1nNiTEn sTATEs rATENf-rA OFETOE. y



Tov all whom it may concern: v

Be it known that I, PAUL E. KLEINEBERG, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Croton Falls, in the county of Westchester --and State of New York, have invented certain new and. useful Improvements in Air- Pumps, of which the following is a specification., l i

The invention relates to improvements in` air-pumps..foninflatingtires and other pur poses; vanduit consists in the novel features, construction, arrangement, and combinations of parts hereinafter described, and particularly pointed out inthe claims..

The object of the inventien is to rovide passes to the space within the outer tube below the piston, and during the downstroke of the inner tube the air below said l piston is compressed and forced into an annular chamber between the inner and outer tubes andwhich connects with,v the tire to be inflated. Upon'thesucceeding upstroke its upper end and, receives, an externallythreaded dependin hollow hub 21 formed of the inner-tube airis again admitted to the space within the lower end/of the outer tube.

and the air which was partly compressed on the preceding downstroke andentered the annular chamber between the tubes becomes furthe r compressed and forced along to the tire.

Thus during eachupstroke of the innertube additional airis suppliedl to the .chamber and duringeach downstroke of the inner tube the fresh air admitted during the upstroke thereof is placed under compression and forced intov the said annular space between `the tubes pre aratory to being further compressed upon t e succeeding upstroke 4of the inner tube. A.

The-invention willv be fully understood from the detailed description hereinafter pre- Specification ofLetters Patent.

Patented March 19, 1907.

. Application nea rebaryz, 190e.. Serin Nacoaezo.

sented, reference begin had to the accompanying drawings, in whichf Figure 1 is a central vertical'sect-ion of an air-pump constructed in accordance with and embodying theinvention Fig. V2 ris a-de- -tached central vertical transverse section vof the. handle and 4means lthereon forconnecting the same with the inner tube'of the pump', Fig.; 3 a detached end view ofthe lower end of the inner tubewith the cup piston thereon. Fig. 4 is a detached side view of a portion of the upper end 'of the outer tubeof the pump. Figi `5 yis a detached view o f a' portion of the lower end of -the v,pump construction and illustrates morepar'- ticularlythe supportingrbaseof same. ,Fig. l,

6 is adetached loweryendviewgofthe cuppiston, .Fig .7 is a detached4 vertical section `of the cap on thejoutertube. FiguS is alike View of .the packing used. inzsaid cap, and

Fig. 9 vis a central,vertical section .showing e modified methodof applyingpampa at .the upper end of the outer tubje.

In the drawing s, 1l designates the outer tubeor barrel'of the lump ;.2, tl1e,i.1`11.1er tube" thereof; 3, the hand e Aconnectedwith said inner tube, and 4;. the l ase uponV which the pum structure is supportedand Ytio/Which the ower end of the outer .tube is secured,

.said base'being preferably in one integral casting and, of elongated outline and having at its centeran internally-threaded vertical hub 20, receiving' and engaging la screwthread on the lowerendof said outer tube.

The inner tube 2 is internally threadedat integrally with the and-le 3, whic h is preferably inthe form of lan integral casting; of elongated outline, comprising a vertical web portion 22 and transversel anges 23 atgthe i edges thereof, said handle thus being of. I-y shape in cross-section and while possessing the requisite strength is of minimum Weight and capable of being economically ymanuff'actured. The hub 21 is formed at the center of -the lower .edge of the handle 3 in the formof IOO a hollow plug,whos'e upper end s'erves as a cap for the upper. end ofthe inner tube 2,

'this'cap being formed at its center with an opening 13,. whosediameter is reater than the thickness of the .web 22 as 's own in Fig. ,A

iheinsrtub'elz' is I .is

compression' chamber 27, Isaid innertube A Avhavingfat its outer end a handle and an airinlet and at its inner end a cup-piston, an airoutlet opening and a valve therefor, said pis# .ton havin its vertical yieldin sides extended upwar ly into the lower en of said chainber 27. around. the lower end of Asaid inner tube, and said'outer tub'ehaving any outletuoz'zle leading from' said chamber, 4the conlo struction described permitting the air under compression below said piston 'during the downstroke of said inner tubey to force its way into said' chamber., where it is further compressed during the succeeding -upstroke of saidinner tnbe,while,at the same time an additionall supply, of air passes through said -valvedfoutletfopenng to "theys ace below saidpiston; substantially as s et orthfr 2.,4 1 ump comprising the inner and outer "tubes, t e former having at'its outer end a handle and an air-inlet and at. its inner end 'a piston, an outletopening and a valve'there, for, anden-id outer tube' being sel'iaratedl by a chamberfro'm said inner tube and having upon its upper end the ca and packing, said I cap havinga space forme in it in communication with s'aid chamber and a nozzle leading from' said spacci-land said chamber around a the lower end of t e inner tube being. occubyfth'evertical yieldin- 'portion of said piston; substantially .as set orth.

prising t e inner and outer tubes 1. 2 separated y rom eachother by an air recei ving and compression chamber 27 said inner tubehay;sry s ing at its outer end a handle and an airgiiilt and at its inner end .the plu v.52cmniaimng an j air-outlet, `the c'upiston, t e'ring 7 securing said cu piston a yond tiie sides 'ofsaid innertube and not to the inner walls of said outer tube, and a valve for said outlet, said piston havin its vertical vielding. sides extendedupwar lyinto'the lower4 end ofv said chamber 27 around the lower end of said inner tube and said outer tube having an outlet-nozzleI leading from i saidV chamber, the construction described permitting theair under compression below said piston during the downstroke of said 'in- 5o 'ner tube to force itsfwayl into' said chamber,

extending outwardly 'be-4 where itis further compressed during the sue"le needing upstroke of sand inner tube, while atthe Sametime an additional supply of air 'passes tlju'ouvh said valved- Qutlet-openngtethe space belbw said piston; substantially as `55 set forth.'

A pump of the compound type com-` prising an outer tube, au inner reciprooatory 'member having a land-'le at its outerend and a cup-piston at 'i sV walls of said tubean fsa d inner member be ing separatedby a che ber from said outer.- tube, an outlet-'nozale vv,for coinpelssed air-. from said` chamber, and means' forsazdmitting f said inner member, whereby. duringeach' downstrke of said inner memfesfhn, "rad-g, Inittedibelow the piston is"compressed?'andH forces pssage around said piston into said y chamber, and duringV each upstrokeeof said-1o piston the air .invsaid chamber is further comy pressed and additional air is admitted 'below said piston.;l substantially as set forth..

. 5. A pump of the compound type comprising an outer tube, an in nerreciprocato member having a handle .at its outer end an a piston at itsvnner end engaging the walls of said-tube and said inner memberbeing sepa-y rated by a chamber from said outer tube, an outlet-nozzle for com ressed air from said chamber, means for a mitting air below said iston during the upstroke of said inner memer, and means. for admitting the air under compression below said piston to said Chani- ,ber and reventing the return of saine,

whereby drilring eachdownstroke of s'aid inner member the air admitted below the pis-4 ton compressed and -forced into said chamber, and during each upstroke of said pistonthe air in said chamber is further compressed and additional air is admitted below said piston; substantially as set forth.

Signed'at NewYork cit in'the county of New York and State of l\ew York, this 23d .day of February, A.4 D. 1906.

ARTHUR llialnorn CHAS. C. GILL.

' 'air below-saidpiston 'during the .,upstroke "of 6 5y

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